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​​​​Ontraport vs ClickFunnels | Who’s Right Fit for You?

Online marketing software is the perfect tool which helps you to communicate the core idea behind your brand to your visitors. They can be perceived as your best chance of converting visitors into your customers.

As they say, first impressions matter. The saying holds for digital brands as well.  

The landing pages created by these online marketing tools give valuable insight into your brand to the visitors. With so many benefits, these tools can be safely called one of the most important assets of a brand’s website.

Online marketing is not easy. However, with the correct marketing tools, you will be able to ace the strategy.

Ontraport and ClickFunnels are two tools that help create perfect landing pages While Ontraport is responsible for creating the entire marketing automation process.

Right from the creation of landing pages, to generating leads, Ontraport is responsible for the entire lead management process.  Whereas ClickFunnels looks after the entire sales funnel process.

We understand that you are confused about choosing between the two. To help you in your venture, we have provided a detailed comparison of Ontraport vs ClickFunnels.







Trial Period

No trial

14-days trial period

Funnel Templates



Landing Page Builder



Coupon Codes


Yes, but doesn’t work sometimes

Payment Integrations


 Present, but not as high as Ontraport




Email Automations

Included and very powerful

Included but not very powerful

Membership Sites



Salesforce Automation


Not Included

PostCards and Text messages


Not Included


To compare Ontraport with ClickFunnels, we will take a detailed look at the features offered by both applications. By looking at the features, pros and cons, and the pricing of the two, you can decide which one is better for you.

Let us first have a look at the difference of Ontraport and ClickFunnels to help you gauge adequately.

Significant Differences Between Ontraport and ClickFunnels


With Ontraport, you can send marketing messages and even postcards to your customers. On the contrary, this feature is not available in ClickFunnels.

Ontraport is an all-in-one solution with the entire marketing automation toolkit and CRM. Whereas, ClickFunnels is primarily a sales funnel building software and is also helpful in building websites.

Ontraport is successfully used by all kinds of small and large businesses. Marketers and business owners can use this software handily for all their sales and marketing processes. ClickFunnels suits online entrepreneurs better.

Ontraport has automation processes for businesses. This feature enables you to connect several areas of your business, either offline or online. ClickFunnels doesn't have this capability.

These were just the fundamental differences of Ontraport vs ClickFunnels. Let us compare both in dept concerning their features and pricing.

Ontraport vs. ClickFunnels - In Detail Comparison

Ontraport is a top-rated swiss army knife for automating your online enterprise. It is a potent and helpful tool that allows you to create robust marketing campaigns.

This application has several tools contained, and you can easily manage different parts of your business. The various aspects include finances, sales, campaigns, and many more.

On the contrary, ClickFunnels has all its accompanying features revolve around one thing only. It helps you create attractive and fully-functional sales funnels.

The funnels convert your traffic successfully, and they buy your products and services.

Furthermore, none of these tools is concluded as one size fits all solution. Both the tools cater to different needs of the business enterprises.

It merely means that the decision regarding which tool will fit perfectly well depends totally on you. Make the right decision by concluding how complicated the internal workings of your online business is.

If you have a small business with a handy team that is into selling products, services, and memberships, then look further and go for ClickFunnels.

It is a potent, no-nonsense tool with an easy-to-use interface. ClickFunnels is an ideal choice for such businesses.

But, if your business is complex and significant with large team size, you need a different tool. Ontraport can manage several aspects of your business.

For an army of salespeople and marketers hired to manage your customers, you need a better fit. With Ontraport, you can also manage your several marketing campaigns all at once. Ontraport is a better fit for larger businesses.

We will have a closer look at the varied features of both applications and compare them to gauge it better. We will also look at the pricing and their pros and cons.

Which One is Right for You?

Know the specific point of differences between Ontraport and ClickFunnels to know which one will cater to your needs.

  • Appropriate for whom - ClickFunnels is suitable for marketers or product and course developers. ClickFunnels is a complete sales and marketing funnel system that helps in better conversions. Develop one of the best sales funnels and successfully convert your visitors into prospects. On the other hand, Ontraport is suitable for businesses of all sizes with established marketing and sales processes. Moreover, firms with a revenue of $100,000 or more are recommended to use Ontraport for a better experience.
  • Email Marketing System - When it comes to Ontraport, the number of emails available depends on the plan a business picks. Unlimited emails are offered in the Basic Plan, whereas up to 100,000 emails on Team and Pro plan. Ontraport also provides the feature of opting for additional emails by paying $99 extra for every 100,000 emails. While choosing ClickFunnels, you will get access to unlimited emails on all the varied plans offered.
  • Contacts provided - ClickFunnels permits unlimited contacts on all the plans offered. But, Ontraport has some limitations on the access of contacts. Up to 1000 contacts are offered on the most affordable plans. However, based on the plans, up 100,000 contacts are provided. It also offers the convenience of accessing additional contacts in return for extra charges. 100,000 contacts are available for $99.
  • Email courses - ClickFunnels offers two significant plans. Unlimited autoresponder for emails is provided in ClickFunnels. However, it is provided only in one of its plans that costs $297/month. As far as Ontraport is concerned, it offers unlimited email courses on all its projects.
  • Email split testing - With Ontraport, you have the opportunity for 1-4 email variations for each split test. ClickFunnels do not offer this feature. ClickFunnels cannot support direct mail automation, and this feature is excluded from the software. On the contrary, Ontraport supports postcard marketing as well. It is also endorsed by direct mail automation.
  • Workflow builder - The kind of workflow automation depends on the purchasing behavior of the prospects. Furthermore, the automation workflow builder is set up by ClickFunnels itself. On the contrary, no programming is required by the Ontraport automation workflow builder. You can easily create multi-channel automation.
  • UI and usability - ClickFunnels has an easy to use interface, and it is designed explicitly for non-techy users. Marketers find using this tool very easy. The interface is very logical, and you can make the most of it with little presence of mind. Ontraport is designed for experienced marketers and alike beginners. It offers a variety of features and is packed with an intuitive and sensible interface.
Clickfunnels ui

Clickfunnels UI

Ontraport UI

Ontraport UI

  • Form Builder - No embeddable forms, but you can use the landing page builder to create simple opt-in pages. On the contrary, Ontraport offers form creation. You can create a wide variety of fully customizable web forms. It also has the feature of lightbox lead capture forms.

Let us know a few other factors based on which the two applications are differentiated from one another.

Landing Pages


Ontraport Landing Page Templates

With Ontraport, you can build responsive landing pages that are very beautiful. It also allows you to sack in content blocks on your landing pages to come up with the desired look.

Ontraport has several templates that are professionally designed and available for free as well. You can either choose to build a landing page from scratch or use a pre-built template.

Choose from a plethora of elements available to integrate them on your landing page. It includes pricing options, coupon offers, slideshows, etc.

Ontraport also has an excellent setting page with which it can set different features and control things. You can control everything thoroughly, including what happens when someone submits a form.

Ontraport is very powerful and accessible; it is an integrated system with all-in-one solutions. You will also get unlimited page views with Ontraport.

It means that you can send as much traffic as you want to your webpages and you will not have to pay extra.

Clickfunnels Landing Page Templates

Coming to ClickFunnels, this application cannot build standalone pages. The wizard guides its users through the process of building an entire sales funnel fast. It automatically connects the thank you and optin pages. This makes the creation of a sales funnel simple and on point. ClickFunnels has excellent looking templates that were created by marketers. They were created to convert the visitors effortlessly.

Some extra elements are included in ClickFunnels for the creation of web pages. These elements include countdown timers, bulleted lists, and the capability to insert custom HTML code onto the page.

However, ClickFunnels doesn't have the feature of controlling the prospects, i.e., what happens when they opt-in. The most you can do with ClickFunnels is sending them to a particular page or adding them to a specific list.

Furthermore, ClickFunnels also has limitations on page views depending on the level of the package.

Hence, consider opting for the upgraded package, if you work with a lot of traffic. ClickFunnels offers an additional feature; it is its ability to integrate to connect with an autoresponder.

Marketing Automation

Ontraport email marketing software is by far the best in the industry. It has the capability of sending more than 45 million emails every week too, from their servers.

Ontraport automated campaigns

Its delivery rate is also the best as compared to other applications. A pro Ontraport account user can have 25,000 contacts and email quota of 100,000 emails every month.

This makes the email services of Ontraport one of the most affordable as well.

The same content block is used as their landing page. Hence, it is recommended that you should learn to navigate it. You can also set automated rules, and Ontraport can segment the users' list based on their interests.

 It depends on the Actions of the website visitors that include visiting the website, link clicks, purchases, or any other general behavior.

For instance, if your visitor reaches the checkout page but doesn't make a sale. The system will automatically send them a follow-up to recover the sale.

Ontramail has dozens of email templates to choose from. You can further sort them by industry, type, author, tags, etc.

The essential feature of ClickFunnels has email follow-ups that are built in the application.


Users can use them for options, but ClickFunnels doesn't have the function of sending broadcasts or segmenting the list. You will have to take the help of a third party autoresponder to do that.

The integration of a third-party autoresponder software is needed to send emails to the masses. It is because ClickFunnels doesn't send messages from its server.

However, integrating external software is not a great deal, but you will need to spend additional money to do so. Hence, you can see that ClickFunnels is not ready for primetime.

Ontraport is believed to circle ClickFunnels when emails are concerned. Ontraport turns out to be more powerful and successful as compared to ClickFunnels.

Pricing plans


Ontraport offers four plans for its users. Individual prices are listed below. 

  • Basic Plan: The basic plan costs $79. In this plan, you will have access to store 1000 contacts and unlimited emails as well.
  • Plus Plan: This plan costs $147, and in this plan, you can store 2500 contacts and access unlimited emails.
  • Pro Plan: Valued at $297 per month, you can store 10,000 contacts and send unlimited emails.
  • Enterprise: This plan costs $497, and in this plan, you can store 20,000 contacts. The number of emails allowed is 200,000.


Clickfunnels offers two plans. 

Clickfunnels pricing plans
  • Basic plan: This plan costs $97 per month. The application includes everything that is required to build a sales funnel. However, the number of funnels, emails, and traffic is limited.
  • Etison Suite: This is an upgraded plan offered by ClickFunnels. The plan costs $297 per month, and in this plan, you can unlock the actionetics bundle. The bundle has CRM, automation tools, and email marketing features. Also, the number of emails funnels created and traffic is unlimited in this plan.

Business owners and marketers should note that the basic plan of both Ontraport and ClickFunnels limits the capabilities of the applications.

Hence, it is recommended to choose upgraded plans for the application. This way, you can enjoy other features too offered by the application. The upgraded plans will unlock all the features of the tools, respectively.

Pros and Cons of Ontraport

The recent update of Ontraport has made the software bolder and a lot easier to navigate than its predecessors.  It is quite affordable and gives value for your money.


The price on the cheaper side. Many people might think that to account for the low price, the company must have compromised with the product quality.

But, the truth is quite the contrary. Ontraport is worth every penny you spend on buying it.  At this price, you will be able to use all the automation tools and customize your website accordingly.

You will be able to store 10,000 contacts and send over 25,000 emails with this software. It is easily scalable, which ensures the growth of your website.

Ontraport features an award-winning customer support service. Their staff is available for 24 hours for seven days a week, and they ensure to solve your query at the earliest.

They are highly dedicated to serve their customers and have a 97 percent customer satisfaction rate.

Having updated their servers to cover up the redundancy, Ontraport has also invested in a content delivery network that will ensure that their speed remains unaltered. 

This software is believed to have the fastest speed, and its software is quick and highly responsive.

Ontraport is capable of single-handedly managing marketing campaigns.  This software is capable of doing it all by creating beautiful and converting landing pages and seamlessly integrating your emails.

It is one central system that combines all your marketing efforts and delivers a perfect output.

You can easily create customized objects with this software. This feature is only available in enterprise-level software such as Eloqua, Marketo, and SalesForce.

Numerous eCommerce features are integrated into this software. Say, for example, this software is capable of collecting automatic credit card payments, adding upsells and cross-sells, etc. among numerous other features.


Although this software allows you to create almost any metric, the reporting dashboard of this software is not as appealing as its competitors.

Pros and Cons of ClickFunnels

It facilitates the option of creating a sales funnel where every step involved in the sales of a product can be managed with a single software.

From creating amazing landing pages to auto-responding to the emails, this software can do it all single-handedly.


This software provides ease of developing landing pages. It features a drag and drops feature with the help of which you can easily customize your landing page.

You need not be a developer to do that. Any person without possessing the knowledge of coding in CSS, HTML, or any other language can easily use this software.

It helps to generate leads easily. With this software, you can embed simple yet spectacular opt-in forms in the webpages present at the top of the landing pages.

 You can quite easily integrate them with your CRM such that it will keep track of the leads generated.  With the help of these opt-in forms, you can easily include a thank you page, a welcome page among many other similar pages on your landing page.

With ClickFunnels, you can easily create several continuous pages that will turn the visitors into a customer within no time.

In the absence of this software, you might be needed to integrate several software that deals with each aspect of the sales funnel process.

 ClickFunnels facilitates the option of churning out sales via a fully automated process.

The software can be easily optimized for mobile users and thus drives a lot of mobile traffic. You can change the font, the headings, and can customize any element that you want to.


It lacks the email blast functionality feature. Hence, it fails to fully replace an automated marketing tool like Ontraport or an email marketing tool such as MailChimp.

ClickFunnels will need a co-pilot to achieve success in the domain of online marketing.

It lacks CRM functionality, which its competitors possess.  It is capable of capturing the name of the customers and can behave like an auto-responder; however, it fails to generate mails.

The process of setting up funnels is quite tricky.

You need to change the URLs of numerous pages, which is quite confusing.  You need to create separate domains and subdomains for these pages; otherwise, weird URLs are generated for the ClickFunnels.


Choosing between Ontraport vs ClickFunnels can be quite tricky.

Both of these tools are excellent in their ways, yet they are very different and serve different purposes. To choose between the two, you need to consider your business requirements.

Why Ontraport?

Ontraport is the perfect online marketing tool for you if you are a business owner, and your business is both online as well as offline, and have a sales team.

If you are looking for automated solutions for your business enterprise then Ontraport is the solution. Automating basic tasks will free up hours of time each week. You can focus on other areas of your business and continue to grow it.

Why Clickfunnels?

ClickFunnels is the right marketing application for marketers, product developers, and big businesses. It comes with a library of templates, themes, training videos, etc., to educate you about the tool and create outstanding landing pages. 

If you are selling a course or a membership, then ClickFunnels is perfect for you. Although it is a bit expensive, it will look after every aspect of your sales process.

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