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​​​​SamCart vs ClickFunnels | Who’s Right for You?

Do your customers come to your website and not purchase any product?

Have you ever wondered why it happens?

There may be a lack of marketing strategies, or your checkout page might not be simple to customers for transactions. It is essential to find out why your online business is not getting enough sales.

You might have heard about SamCart and ClickFunnels. Both tools are helpful enough to increase the number of sales and potential customers. The goal of these tools is the same, but they work differently.

SamCart is one of the best checkout page builders, and ClickFunnels is the sales funnel builder. Both are different applications with a few similarities.

You should check what tools are available with you to market your company’s products and services. After analyzing it, you can opt for the best one.

Make sure that you buy the right product and get the suitable software for your online e-commerce business.

Now, let us discuss how these applications are different and unique to increase your business sales and help your brand to grow at a rapid speed.

The comparison table shows the basic differences between SamCart and ClickFunnels in brief.






Marketers, Course developers, and beginners

Free Trial

14 Days

14 Days

Money-back Guarantee

45 Days

30 Days

Split Testing



Set-Up Fee



Landing Page Builder



Zapier Integration



Type of Application

Checkout cart

Sales Funnel

Drag and Drop Functionality



In-built Email Marketing



In-build Marketing Automation




Samcart homepage

SamCart is an e-commerce platform that allows shop owners to develop professional web pages of the shopping cart.

It is necessary to have an online shopping cart to help customers buying products from your e-commerce website.

SamCart is a necessary business to bring up a quick and trustworthy online shop.

According to many e-commerce website owners, a mind-blowing website with fantastic SEO strategies is enough to attract visitors. It is necessary to have an excellent social presence of your business for better marketing. Online shoppers add different products from the website into the online shopping cart and then proceed to the payment section.

It is also known as shopping cart abandonment, and every online shop owner goes through such experience.

If the shopping cart abandonment rate is high, then all the marketing strategies and efforts on product development will not bear expected results.

According to statistics, the rate of shopping cart abandonment lies between 55% to 80%. There are at least ¾ of customers that leave an online e-commerce website before making any product purchase.

There is a reason why most customers show interest in the product but leave before making any purchase.

Some shopping carts are quite messy, and all the information regarding the products is not mentioned on a single page. The customer moves out of the website as he loses interest in it.

Make sure that the language used on the website must be simple. SamCart is a fantastic solution to this problem.

It provides a cart builder that helps entrepreneurs to establish their online e-commerce website. It is also used to develop a sales funnel with high conversion rates.

There is no need to be an expert to operate the SamCart application. In some simple steps, you can build your shopping cart. There is no need to type HTML or CSS codes.

The software offers a variety of templates that suits every type of shopping cart.

It is easy to create a checkout page by using the streamlined process. You can add different upsells, downsells, coupons, integrations, and apply a split test on them.

About ClickFunnels


ClickFunnels work similarly to SamCart, but other differences make it a unique application for marketing your products. The app is designed to create a sales funnel.

It is quite much more than developing a shopping cart builder. You can get a variety of templates to design unique sales funnels on your choice. It helps you to create optimized landing pages to convert visitors into potential customers.

It is a complete marketing package that helps you to sell your products and services online. You need to understand the sales funnel and how it is effective to attract customers and convert sales.

A sales funnel helps in setting up the path to move a customer to the purchase page. It is a great way to approach your customers and market your products and services efficiently.

The customers bring revenue to your business. Optimized sales funnel can increase sales and customer engagement. Every business must have a sales funnel to influence the entire journey of their customers.

There are 95% chances that buyers can purchase items at every stage of the purchase process.

If you put some SEO strategies, then your website will get visible on Google or other browsers. You can contact your customers through emails and push product notification to engage with them.

It comes with built-in email marketing and other automation tools.

SamCart vs. ClickFunnels: Feature Comparison

Let us compare SamCart and ClickFunnels by features in detail. It will help you to understand better that your business needs.

Indeed both applications are amazing for sales and marketing purposes. But let us check how they are different and serve your purpose.

Sales Process

Every business owner has a single goal of creating sales and customers. It requires simple and attractive landing pages, simplified shopping carts, and much more.

Both software work similarly but are slightly different in some ways. Let us differentiate a feature of the Sales process.

  • SamCart: It is a checkout page and cart builder application, which helps a customer to purchase products from the website easily and safely. It helps in handling the final stage of product purchase. You can integrate all types of payment modes to the application.
Sales funnel
  • ClickFunnels: On the other hand, it is a sales funnel builder and product marketing tool. It helps in building the interest stage in customers to purchase the products.
Clicfunnels funnel builder
  • Result: The sales process is entirely different in both products. ClickFunnels is leading in the feature by its ability to create sales funnel. Whereas SamCart is an excellent tool when you need a sturdy cart and checkout pages.

Checkout Pages

It is a final page in an e-commerce website from where a customer purchases products and services. As you know that many customers lost at the time of the checkout process.

It is necessary to develop the purchase stage as a chokepoint for businesses. But many of the checkout pages are built without thinking about conversions.

Therefore, it should be simple and well-integrated with payment modes for easy and convenient transactions.

  • SamCart: It is one of the powerful tools to create high-quality checkout pages, which are appealing and more intuitive. There are 18 templates to create checkout pages in the application. The design of the pages varies from multiple columns to vertical layout. If you want to create responsive pages, then you should use vertical designs for consuming less space. You can easily customize the templates by adding your content, images, products, and much more. You can also add pop-up pages to decrease the page abandonments by increasing engagement. It is easy to enhance the purchase process by adding a pop-up window on your checkout page.
Samcart checkout pages
  • ClickFunnels: In this application, you can also create checkout pages. Such pages are also known as Order Pages. There are thousands of templates available in ClickFunnels. You can choose any landing page to create optimized landing pages. If you want to reduce the shopping cart abandonment, then ClickFunnels is less preferable than SamCart.
  • Result: SamCart is comparatively more effective than ClickFunnels for creating checkout pages. There are limited designs in SamCart but provides more features to create an appealing and seamless purchase process page.

Upsell Pages

The upsell pages are used to attract customers to purchase more products and services. It comes with an add-on to upgrade, buy any items from the website. 30% of revenue is generated from upselling pages and 70% from leads.

Both applications help you to create upsell pages. These pages are quite critical to add to get positive results.

  • SamCart: The upsell pages in SamCart are easy to create, and it also allows shoppers to change the product purchases in a few clicks.
  • ClickFunnels: It offers a one-click page feature like SamCart and works not well like SamCart. It does not provide an exit pop up element, which makes it function well.
  • Result: If we compare the quality of upsell pages, then SamCart is more preferable than ClickFunnels.

Affiliate Marketing

The term means that some people will help your business in selling your products and services to the customers. The affiliate management feature is available on both platforms, along with well-assisted affiliate accounts.

  • SamCart: The affiliate center of the application is quite intuitive and well-designed. It is accessible to affiliate market your products and earns money through commissions. Any number of agents can join your business and help in selling your products and services. There is a bar chart feature through which you can track referrals and earnings.
  • ClickFunnels: It has a powerful affiliate management feature, which is known as Backpack. It offers a wide range of features like affiliate analytics, management services, and two-tiered programs. The Etison Suite plan of ClickFunnels provides such a feature.
Samcart affiliate
  • Result: ClickFunnels offers great affiliate management features as compared to SamCart. It is easy to connect people with your website and earn commissions through selling products from your website.

Email Marketing and Automation

Email marketing is an efficient marketing strategy to sell your products and services on an online platform.

  • SamCart: There are no email marketing tools in this application. It is challenging to integrate with marketing tools like GetResponse, ConvertKit, MailChimp, Drip, Aweber, etc.
Email marketing
  • ClickFunnels: If you want to market your products, then ClickFunnels is the best one to choose from. It is easy to set up email marketing campaigns with the help of smart lists. You can also design a sales funnel for your online e-commerce store.
  • Result: ClickFunnels rules over SamCart in this feature. The platform provides all the effective features to optimize marketing campaigns.

Different Features of SamCart

  1. Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Checkout Pages: You can create excellent and responsive check out pages for your website. It means that your page will look the same in every device. It helps in attracting all types of customers.
  2. A/B Testing: You can test your checkout page after creating to verify its performance. It is important to analyze every aspect of the page before releasing it online.

Different Features of ClickFunnels

  1. Create Sales Funnel: You can create a sales funnel to market your products and services. It helps in converting visitors into potential customers with ease.
  2. A/B Testing: It is a similar feature as SamCart. You can test every component of the landing page before making it online.
  3. Unlimited Leads: Your online business can get unlimited leads if you use ClickFunnels application. 

Pros and Cons



  • It is a useful checkout page builder application that helps you to sell your products online efficiently.
  • The application offers features like order bumps, one-click upsells, and prevention from abandoned carts.
  • The tool helps in improving the conversion rates and generates more business revenue.
  • It comes with an affiliate marketing system to manage your affiliate accounts and track the entire earnings.
  • It is quite cheaper than ClickFunnels because the price of the basic is $19 per month, with 1% of processing commission.


  • The tool does not provide any email marketing tools like in ClickFunnels.
  • It is difficult to integrate third-party software for marketing and other operations with this application.
  • Some features, like split testing and one-click upsells, are available in its expensive plans.



  • It is a comprehensive sales funnel builder tool with a wide range of features. It covers everything from creating landing pages to managing the sales funnel.
  • You can create checkout pages and integrate different payment modes on it.
  • There is no requirement of any third-party applications to sell or market your product.
  • It provides ready-made and customizable templates to create sales funnels.
  • The email marketing feature helps you to generate email campaigns and connect with your customers. You can develop email sequences for the subscribers in a few clicks.
  • Any beginner can also use this marketing application because it is easy and intuitive to use.
  • The upsell and downsell pages help add items quickly to the checkout page and increase the earnings rate.


  • It is challenging to create quality check out pages as in SamCart.
  • The design customization is quite limited in ClickFunnels.
  • The affiliate marketing feature is available in the premium plan, i.e., $297 per month.



There are three plans in the SamCart application. You can buy any of them according to your business requirements.

Samcart Pricing plans
  • Basic Plan: The price of the Basic Plan is $19 per month. You can include up to 5 products on your page. The included features are coupons, pop-ups in checkout pages, free SSL, and integrations with membership sites. The plan does not include one-click upsells, cart abandonments, webhooks, split testing, and subscriptions. There is no feature of affiliate marketing and accounts. You cannot integrate third-party tools with the application. There is an additional 1% processing fee for all the transactions.
  • Pro Plan: The price of the second plan is $99 per month. There are no additional processing fees. The other features include email integrations, live chat support, complete template library, subscriptions, advanced statistics and reports, webhooks, and much more.
  • Premium Plan: The price of the third plan is $199 per month. It supports all the features in the Basic and Pro plans. The additional features are email integrations, affiliate marketing accounts and campaigns, subscription savers, secure payment modes, and much more.


ClickFunnels offers two plans, i.e., Standard and Premium. Go through every feature the application is providing in each plan.

Clickfunnels pricing plans
  1. Standard Plan: The price of the plan is $97 per month. You can create a sales funnel with the help of templates and management tools. The basic plan provides 100 separate pages, 20 funnels, and 20,000 visitors per month.
  2. Premium Plan: It will cost $297 per month, which includes Backpack and Actionetics. It supports email marketing and automation tools, affiliate management, and priority support.

Who Should Prefer Using SamCart?

If you only want to create outstanding checkout pages, then this application works great for you.

If you already have an email marketing application, you only need a mind-blowing checkout platform to accept payments and manage sales by carefully delivering products.

SamCart is a specialized standalone tool that allows you to control checkout and cart pages with ease.

Who Should Prefer Using ClickFunnels?

If you want an all-in-one development and marketing tool, then you must prefer ClickFunnels. You can easily create landing pages and market all your products and services by using a sales funnel.

You can communicate with your customers via email campaigns and marketing strategies.

It is easy to integrate a variety of third-party applications. You can handle all the sales operations of your online business. Many features are not even available in SamCart.  


There is no doubt that both ClickFunnels and SamCart are fantastic tools to sell your products and services on an online platform.

These applications can be used for different purposes. In brief, SamCart is a checkout page builder tool, and ClickFunnels is a sales management and marketing tool.

Before choosing anyone out of it, you need to determine what your business requires. Choosing marketing software is quite challenging, but if you know about your business, it is an easy job.

Make sure that you purchase the right product and get all the benefits out of it.

After getting detailed differences between these tools, you can easily recognize which one is better for your online business.

Why SamCart?

If you only want to create outstanding checkout pages, then this application works great for you.

With SamCart, you can control checkout and cart pages. It is a mind-blowing tool to accept payments and manage sales for your business.

If you have a tool for email marketing, landing page builder, affiliate accounts manager, etc., you should focus on SamCart.

For beginners, SamCart won't be an user-friendly platform as it doesn't provide tutorials.

Why Clickfunnels?

If you want an all-in-one development and marketing tool, then you must prefer ClickFunnels.

You can easily create landing pages and market all your products and services by using a sales funnel.

But if you are a beginner and have to start marketing your online business, you must prefer ClickFunnels. You can use the tool easily because it comes with tutorials.

It comes with a library of templates, themes, training videos, etc., to educate you about the tool and create outstanding landing pages. 

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