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​​​​Builderall vs Clickfunnels | Who’s Right Fit For You?

Is it difficult to decide which one to buy: Builderall vs ClickFunnels? There is no doubt that both are phenomenal marketing tools to promote your business. Getting the right one depends on your business, your requirements and budget.

The following write-up consists of detailed features of these two products along with the comparison. After reading it, you will understand which one is better for your business and how.  

The given table shows the direct comparisons between Builderall and ClickFunnels.




Best for

Budget-friendly sales funnel builders

Funnel builders with consistency and market leadership

Trial Pack

7 Days

14 Days

Drag and Drop Funnel Builder



Landing Page Builder



A/B Split Testing



Sales Funnels



Optin Funnels



Quiz Funnels



Membership Funnel



Email Autoresponder


Available only in $297 plan

Custom Domains







Replicas of ClickFunnels

Library of Templates


It is a new and popular business promoting tool with over 67,000 hosted domains and 20,000 satisfied customers worldwide. The application with great tools is available at an affordable price. 

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is another internet marketing software that helps in generating sales from your online business.

It was started in 2014, and since then, it is helping many businesses worldwide to get more sales, lead, and increment their revenue. You can create and customize a highly-efficient sales and marketing funnel with the help of this tool.

Features of Builderall

  • Dedicated Servers: The software offers some dedicated local servers that help in hosting your sales funnel, websites, webinars, video, and other things. The CDN network of the tool boasts the servers to ensure high uptime as well as fast loading speeds. It provides high security, backup, and maintenance solutions for promoting your business. You can register for unlimited bandwidth and up to 15 domains.
  •  Drag-and-Drop Website Builders: The software offers three types of website builders.
  1. Pixel Perfect Website Builder: It helps you to design and create the website for your business in three different formats. You can format the appearance of your site on mobile, tab, and desktop. You need to focus on the layout or design of the website for every device.
  2. Responsive Website Builder: If you want to design a responsive website, then you can use the Responsive builder. The style, colors, text, page elements, etc., will remain the same in all types of devices.
  3. Mobile Website Builder: The builder is used to create a mobile-friendly website without changing a single code.  
  • Templates: Builderall offers a variety of templates to its users. You can develop a complete website, a landing page, a sales funnel, etc., with the help of optimized templates. You can get templates on every niche, including music, news, design, travel, education, health and beauty, and many more. After choosing an appropriate template, you can customize it and add your content. You can create landing pages with your creativity and promote your business website.
  • Sales Funnel: The application offers templates for creating a sales funnel. You can increase your company’s sales and conversions by using various templates. The tool can also integrate cross and upsells at checkouts.
  • Design: There are various design tools along with media and visual elements on Builderall.
  1.  Design Studio: You can create impressive videos and images for your courses, ebooks, products, social media, websites, and many more.
  2. Video Editor: It is easy to develop animated text, videos, audios, etc., to publish on your channels.
  3. Photo Studio: You can customize images by adding text and effects, resize it, and change the backgrounds.
  4. Floating Videos: It is easy to attract the audience by posting floating videos on the webpages. You can design a video and install the pixel on your web page to display the video.
  5. Image Spinner: 3D images are easy to create for your products and services. It helps in increasing sales and business revenue.
  1. eCommerce: If you have an eCommerce store and you want an online platform to sell your products, the Builderall provides the marketplace. You are free to select the delivery and payment options. The application allows you to add pop-ups, coupons, checkout process, and a lot more. You can also add an affiliate program so that other people can also sell their products on your website. In this way, you are promoting your products as well as earning commissions.
  • eLearning: The tool offers an eLearning app to develop courses and lessons. All the teachers and students can manage the platform by creating videos, designing quizzes, uploading courses, and generating product tests. The students can easily access every part of the course without skipping any section by using triggers. You can include unlimited online eLearning courses to grow your business.
  • Membership Sites: You can create membership sites and restrict some of the areas of the website. The tool allows you to add and configure the registration and login settings. It can be free of cost or charge for a premium plan. It will help you to monetize your business website and get monthly fees from registered members.
  • Webinars: If you run webinars, then you can attract your targeted audience. The tool helps you in developing webinars with high-quality videos and images. You can also enable chat and password for safe access. It is easy to monitor webinar statistics.

  • Email Marketing: The tool offers a built-in autoresponder for email marketing. There are no limits to email campaigns and sending emails to unlimited recipients. You can add new subscribers manually and track them on your landing pages. You can create email campaigns and monitor stats and analytics.

  • Split Testing: You can split test the designs of your websites, sales funnel, and landing page. With this feature, you can find out which landing page seems to be appealing to the customer. You can also track your audience and their activities on your page.

  • Integration of Other Platforms: The tool supports different platforms like PayPal, Shopify, Stripe, Amazon S3, Aweber, Cloudinary, etc.
  • SEO Tool: It comes with a built-in SEO tool that helps in optimizing your website. It will help your business to rank on Google or other browsers. 

Features of ClickFunnels

  • Funnel Templates: There are plenty of free and paid templates that are available to create 22 landing pages. There are four general categories of funnels like lead capture, event, sales page and membership funnels. You can create professional pages within a few hours. You can edit and customize the templates to get the desired web pages. It can attract your audience and helps in promoting business.
  • Drag and Drop Editor: It helps you to design all the pages of your website’s sales funnel. The templates are highly customizable within a few clicks. It comes with a launch checklist to mark everything before going live. You can design and create beautiful landing pages easily and quickly.
  • Funnel Sharing: You can also share your sales funnel with any other person. The tool generates a link and can be sent to them. There is no need to exchange logins or upload any files. Funnel sharing is fast and seamless. There is a group of ClickFunnels on Facebook to get great ideas for promoting your business.
  • Tutorials: After signing up, you can indulge in a 7-day onboarding process, which includes tutorials and four different games. The user will be assigned different tasks while playing the game. All the tutorials are available in the form of videos to teach the process of creating a sales funnel. The software is easy to use and develop landing pages. You can take help from the extensive help documents and excellent customer service.
  • Integrated with Shopping Cart: This feature helps in tracking the customer’s buying habits. There is no need for additional programs if you are using ClickFunnels. If you have an existing software then also, you can integrate the shopping cart from ClickFunnels.
  • Payment Process: This marketing funnel tool has collaborated with Stripe and PayPal. It can access and process customer’s payments easily by credit or debit cards.
  • Affiliate Management: It is easy to handle affiliates. There are different accounts of affiliates, and a dashboard to access the website’s links. ClickFunnels application can track the entire sales and commissions so that you can pay the correct amount to affiliates.

Builderall vs ClickFunnels: Feature by Feature Detailed Comparison

Let us compare these two effective marketing tools in detail.

Sales Funnels

Every business either small-scale or large-scale should have a sales funnel to generate awareness of your company or brand. A good sales funnel converts visitors into customers and helps in selling your products and services. The tool makes a customer walk through brand awareness to the purchase of the offered product.

  • BuilderallThere are over 20 templates to create professional sales funnels. Some of the included funnel templates are Survey, Webinar, Membership, Product Launch, Ebook Magnet, Bridge, etc. You can easily edit them and add your content as well as connect the pages. The app has a tutorial that helps you to customize the templates.
  • ClickFunnels: The application offers funnel templates for every type of business like info product, membership, etc. You can run any campaign or event, sell any service or product, or capture leads and many more. The software will make your funnel live in 10 minutes. It is easy to customize the templates by adding your content and editing pages. You can add your products and set up split testing that helps in conversions and make it live along with an effective tracking process. 

Email Marketing Automation

Both software comes with a built-in email marketing tool to send and handle unlimited emails to customers. It is an effective way to connect and interact with visitors. You can share exclusive offers and discounts on your products through emails and much more.

  • BuilderallMailingBoss is the autoresponder and email marketing platform of this application. The tool can send unlimited emails to almost 10,000 contacts in your list. It is easy to drag and drop specific features in the template, and the layout of the email sequence can be customized. You can develop autoresponder campaigns and handle your leads by using triggers and tags. The tool can be integrated with over 1000 apps like Facebook, WordPress, MailChimp, Gmail, Shopify, etc., by Zapier.
  • ClickFunnelsIt uses the tool, “Actionetics” to develop, handle, schedule and deliver unlimited emails with ease. It is not an email autoresponder, but you can convert visitors into your paying customers. You can market your brand by certain characteristics and actions within the funnel. The customers will get the exact messages they need at the right time. 

After creating a list, you can develop registration pages or forms along with a multi-dimensional follow-up channel. It will help you to reach the audience via Facebooks, SMS, email, etc. The tool will send the broadcast message to all the subscribers. You can track your audience by checking opened emails, visited landing pages, purchases, etc.

Easy to Use

All the business owners are quite busy, and they have no time to understand complicated technology for marketing. Therefore, such marketing tools must be easy and user-friendly.

  • Builderall: The interface of the software is easy to use. If you are a non-coder, then also you can design the templates in a few minutes. The business owner will spend most of their time on designing sales and marketing campaigns and other promotion tasks.
  • ClickFunnels: Like Builderall, there is no need to be a coder to design and build sales funnel templates. ClickFunnels is a user-friendly application that helps in creating effective web pages and sales funnels to reach targeted customers. 

Landing Page Builder

A landing page is a web page where a visitor comes initially to explore your brand and offer products and services. Let us compare, which software is effective enough to build impressive landing pages.

  • Builderall: The application helps in creating professional web pages by its effective landing page builder. The drag and drop feature is used to customize and add new content. It is easy to build a web page from scratch without any code. There are thousands of templates, from which you can choose one. You can also watch the training video if you find any difficulty.
  • ClickFunnels: The software comes with Etison Suite Editor that helps you to build efficient and professional web pages. You can work on the offered templates, even if you are not a programmer or designer. All templates are customizable and can be edited in the desired way. You can also make your landing page responsive to target mobile users.

Split Testing

It is also known as A/B testing to make your sales funnel perfect enough to convert sales. You have to create two versions of the landing pages to track the customer’s performance. For example, two pages A and B of category A and B are created to measure which page will perform better. 

  • Builderall: The software provides powerful analytics for testing your sales funnel and landing pages. You can track and monitor the attracting sale pages, which are converting sales within a few clicks.
  • ClickFunnels: You can see the test result by the side of the landing page. You can test the funnel at every stage consistently to optimize the page for better conversions and revenue. It is necessary to split test your website’s headline, offered products and prices, layouts and call to actions. 

Affiliate Programs

Such programs help businesses to make money through commissions. Let us compare these two products based on this feature.  

  • BuilderallThe software helps in building your business along with generating commissions from selling products. The affiliate programs let you earn great commissions on the sales. You can earn a good monthly income when the client pays for the monthly hosting bill.
  • ClickFunnels: If you have an account on ClickFunnels, then you are already an affiliate. You can earn 40% of commissions on every sale and 40% on every product. The application uses a sticky cookie to make sure that a customer will click on the link generated by you. This is how you will get commissions on every product through your sales funnel. There is a 100% commission on every purchase and 30% when you stay active every month.


A good sales funnel with impressive features must be offered to business owners at a reasonable price. Let us compare the pricing of Builderall and ClickFunnels.

Builderall vs Clikcfunnels: Pros and Cons



  • The business, funnel, and site builders along with email service provider are offered in this tool to promote your online business.
  • It offers a template library with a variety of impressive templates to create the landing pages.
  • You can watch tutorial videos to learn and understand the tool and run your marketing campaigns.
  • The two-tiered affiliate program helps you to earn commissions through sales. 
  • It is an affordable marketing sales funnel tool.


  • The platform is less user-friendly if you want to create responsive landing pages.
  • Builderall’s support channels are quite slow.



  • You can choose any type of template from the funnel library.
  • It is a user-friendly platform that helps in creating simple as well as complex sales funnels. You can customize the landing page easily.
  • It is an excellent marketing application that offers Etison Suite, email autoresponder - Actionetics, and affiliate program - Backpack. 
  • You can elevate your business and your products effectively. 


  • It is an expensive sales and marketing tool that cannot be afforded by every business owner.

Builderall vs Clikcfunnels: Conclusion

After understanding the complete picture of the Builderall vs ClickFunnels, you can decide which one to buy. After comparing, we have found that ClickFunnels offer fewer features at a high price as compared to Builderall. But, the provided features in ClickFunnels are efficient enough to generate impressive revenue. But if you don't need them then you go with buiderall. Check your business needs and buy the right one.

Why Builderall?

Budget-friendly sales funnel builders. Builderall offers a template library with a variety of impressive templates to create the landing pages. 

Though if you are looking for a platform to create responsive landing pages, Builderall isn't for you.

Why Clickfunnels?

Funnel builders with consistency and market leadership.

If you are a marketer who wishes to promote an event, sell his product, or market any of your services, ClickFunnels will show you the easy route to achieving it all.

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