How To Find Best Sales Funnels Builder For Your Business?

Have you ever wondered how a sales funnel can grow your business? Do you know a few things to consider before buying the best sales funnel tools?

First of all, it is a must to understand the purpose of a sales funnel and how it can help you in growing your business.

A sales funnel provides a marketing process to attract customers and make him purchase your products and services. The software is quite helpful for the sales team to connect and communicate with your customers.


They can manage new customers as well as attract new visitors to your business website.

The tool minimizes manual work of managing customer and sales information on spreadsheets. It provides a great way to build a robust network with your audience.

Many sales funnel software are available in the market. But these applications do not offer all the features they mention and promise while displaying it.

You must think of your requirements with the software and then consider things you are getting in a product.

You should invest money in the right product so that your business grows efficiently without wasting time and resources.

We will discuss various factors to consider while buying the best sales funnel software. It has a list of great sales funnel builders to connect customers to your business.

We will also know the types and features of the funnel.

Stages of Sales Funnel

Generally, there are three stages of approaching and engaging with a customer according to the sales funnel model:

  1. Foundation:

It is the initial stage where a customer gets a pop-up or a landing page. It has an exciting and attractive message for the visitor so that the user will enter his email address or contact details. After getting the customer’s contact details, you can reach them later at any time.

2. Follow-up:

In the second stage, you will follow your customer via retargeting and email automation. When you contact them to share your products and services, they will show some interest and may proceed for further details.

3. Traffic Flow:

In the final stage, you can get notified whether a customer has decided to purchase your products via the flow of traffic. The customer will be directed towards the product-buying process and you will be notified after purchasing it.

The sales funnel can be simple or complex. A simple version comes in two stages, where you can get customer contact details by exchanging an offer or gift.

In the end, the tool will flash the Thank You message to download the free version of the product.

It can prove to the best for businesses that offer free trials and demos to test the product and services. One can easily shift from two-stage to three-stage models.

A complex sales funnel consists of many steps for a customer to walk-

  • Through towards your business items. But it works automatically so that it can save the user’s time and effort.
  • The application understands the needs of the customer and makes him follow the route to your business products and services.
  • In the end, the visitor starts taking an interest in your business and purchase without facing any difficulty.

Benefits of Sales Funnel Software

It is necessary to know the advantages of a specific tool before buying it.

You must understand how it is beneficial for your business growth. So, let us consider the benefits of purchasing a sales funnel tool:

  1. Resolve the communication gap between customers and your company
  2. Easy to store valuable customer information
  3. Tracking of the sales pipeline to know the stage of improvement
  4. Easy to manage websites and landing pages
  5. Allows you to compete with similar-product companies
  6. Reduce hassle to manage customer records

Understand Your business

If you want to choose the specific type of sales funnel tool for your business, then you must know what exactly you do. Before buying the sales management software, you have to realize whether there is any need or not. Therefore, we have a list of things that you must think about your business.

  1. Is your business B2C or B2B?
  2. What is the size of your business?
  3. Can you afford extra applications as a small business company?
  4. What are the best tools for your business?
  5. Do you have too many things to manage?
  6. Who will be using the software?
  7. Do you have a software developer in your team?

If your business is based on B2C (Business-to-Customer) model, then you need software that can manage and track the purchases. On the other hand, the B2B (Business-to-Business) model requires a tracking and managing application that deals with other companies or businesses.

These two models are quite different, and it is a must to choose the tool wisely.

Recognize your business model and choose the appropriate application. The right software will focus on targeted customers or companies and attract them to your business. Therefore, get the best sales funnel builder for your business.

Aim of Operating Team and Software Developer in Business

The team that works on the sales funnel tool must have hands-on training on it. After that, they can operate the software and manage the purchases and business. If you have a software developer in your company, then you can construct new landing pages instead of ready-made templates.

A unique landing page will seek the attention of customers in a better way. You can also edit the templates to get the same you want.

A developer can customize the landing pages of sales funnel software. You can get a ready-made sales funnel to save the designing time from the beginning. You can start working with it and redesign or customize the template if required.

Features to Consider Before Buying a Sales Funnel Tool

After knowing your business and available resources, you need to determine what features are necessary for your desired software.

You must know compulsory, not mandatory, and never use features for your business. You must not invest money in something that is not required to grow your business and customers. Check out some of the exciting features that you must look for in your application.

#1. Compatibility With Other Business Applications

The sales funnel must be compatible with your business. It should be synced in such a way that it does not affect your existing records.

For example, if your business is based on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), then you do not need any CRM-based sales funnel software.

You require a compatible software that gets synced with your business and manages your customers and purchases efficiently.

#2. Landing page Templates and Creation

Source: Unbounce

Sales funnel software provides templates that are easy to edit. Many companies do not have any developer or designer that can create new and unique templates. A landing page consists of the product description, promotional video, and a form to receive the customer’s email address.

You can add image pop-ups, multimedia, and desired content. The landing page must be attractive enough so that the customer leaves his email address or any contact information.

You can tempt them by offering exciting gifts or discounts on your products and services on the first landing page. Whenever the visitor comes to your landing page and fills the form, and then he must receive a Thank You page. A good sales funnel software helps you to customize the pages from where you can get the traffic. It is easy to pull the customers from an ad to the first landing page of your website.

You can add a welcome page for your customers. If you have more personalized content on your landing page, there are higher chances to make them purchase your products.

A software with ready-made templates helps in designing the landing pages easily without wasting time. You can prefer to funnel up and run the application quickly and explore other features. It is useful if you test the application by a free trial.

If your business requires getting the customer’s email address to sell him your product, then software must have plenty of templates. The best applications come with fantastic designs on each page.

It will help in brand recognition and save a customer from any confusion. The main aim is to create complementary pages to lead visitors via a funnel without losing them.

#3. Deadline Feature

Source: Leadpages

If you aim your customers to act instantly instead of bookmarking your page, then the deadline feature in the software is a must.

You can add a time limit or counter on the landing page and close all the discounts and offers when it reaches the deadline.

When your customer realizes that he needs to purchase the product in less time and money, then he can act quickly. It is a great way to bind the customer with your business.

#4. Email Marketing

Nowadays, email marketing is a great way to communicate with customers. Many sales funnel software offers a variety of email collection and marketing tools like:

  • Email collection in-article or in the middle of landing page
  • Top or bottom of the page with CTA (Call-to-Action)
  • Smart bar on the top of your landing web page
  • Click pop-up or trigger email collection
  • Streamlined email marketing by an auto-responder
  • Segmentation of email list to generate personalized experiences
  • Follow-up automatically if the customer sticks to one page.

The software provides an option to segment audiences for personalized experiences. It means that if any customer comes to your website’s landing page, you can keep them on a specific path.

We can also say that a customer, i.e., interested in a particular product or service, will be directed to a customized route. Similarly, emails can also be customized according to different customers.

Get a sales funnel software with an in-built email marketing system and CRM.

#5. Payment Process

If any customer comes to your landing page, he might be interested in your products or services. You must have a tool to process customer’s payment. It should collect a list of shopping items and shoppers to the cart and then allows payment via different modes. You can also encourage your customers to make an incomplete purchase.

#6. Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Application

Many people are mobile users, and they visit most of the websites via their mobiles. Nowadays, businesses must have this functionality. If you travel frequently, then you need to access your sales funnel. Therefore, it should be used in mobile devices. It must allow you to design your landing page via a drag-and-drop editor. You must purchase the software by considering the compatibility.

#7. Analyzing of Data

If you want to have a sales funnel software, then you consider the analytics and statistics factor. It will be good if you can analyze and manage the data. It is difficult to know what’s going in the business and further improvements. You must consider some of the analytics features:

  • Alpha and Beta testing to check the performance of buttons, pages, and other features. You must know what is affecting your website and why customers are not approaching your website.
  • It should calculate the number of clicks, visitors, and the amount of generated revenue.
  • There should be an in-built plugin to track and integrate the analytics.
  • It should have a feature of site tracking through which you can market on the pages visited by users.
  • Every page must have a tracker to check the performance of the funnel every time.
  • The performance graphs must be released at a certain time.
  • A synopsis must be generated on a recurring schedule.

#8. Easy to Use

A business software must be user-friendly so that your team can manage the sales funnel easily and effectively. The ongoing processes must not slow down, and it should not affect the performance of the business.

Make sure that you purchase a tool that can easily streamline the processes and also improve business productivity. Therefore, it should be simple to learn and execute.

#9. Training

Your team can use the sales funnel software only when they will be trained to use the application. Therefore, it is a must to have a specific training program along with the software that can easily train you and your team. The application must be easy to use so that it takes very little time to process operations.

Consider one important thing that any training given to your team can cost an amount to your business. Therefore, you can save your money if the purchased software comes with a training program.

You must get a quality application that gives free training to your staff without any hassles. If you buy software without any training program, then you can hire a consultant with hands-on experience in sales, marketing, and the software.

#10. Support

Buy software that can provide extra support when you face any issue later. Nobody wants to spend their money again on such types of applications to understand and resolve the issue. Make sure that you must buy software with a support team.

While searching for vendors, you should look for the support facilities they are offering. It can be a chat, call, email, or 24×7 accessible support desk.

You should check the number of support hours in different locations and time zones. You can opt for the software with the self-service database to know available information while troubleshooting.

#11. Miscellaneous Features

There are other minute features that you must consider while buying sales funnel software. Listed features are:

  • Contest and promo assistance to create social media sweepstakes campaign
  • Design and build simple forms to get customer’s information
  • Tag contacts with the help of advanced CRM functionality
  • Create pop-ups for basic things
  • Follow-up the customer by sending emails and messages
  • Create campaigns and guide you to reach the customer at every step
  • Give complete insight from the beginning of your business

Top 7 Best Sales Funnel Tools

Following is the list of top seven sales funnel tools that help in promoting your business efficiently:

#1. HubSpot Business Growth Platform

It is an effective software to maintain a healthy and functional sales process.

The HubSpot application can deliver the desired results that your business requires. It is a robust platform which offers a variety of features, including, email automation, easy templates for landing pages, and excellent infrastructure to create and circulate content offers.

The platform provides certain features that meet your needs regarding sales and marketing by its exceptional CRM.

A company of any size can operate the software. It can build a sturdy and sustainable base to attract, engage, and delight customers.

The software is suitable for any business, from small to large enterprises. The price of the starting plan is $113 per month. It is a perfect platform to manage sales and marketing activities in your business.

Explore Hubspot Growth Platform

#2. WishPond

It is a complete campaign toolkit for sales and automation marketing users. PlusThis platform helps your business in developing and promoting content.

It can market your products and services seamlessly. It offers a variety of features to generate and sustain prospect interests in your business. PlusThis sales funnel application helps in automating customer registration and follow-up for webinars.

You can create fantastic content on the landing page templates. It is possible to sync the content with Facebook to show ads to your targeted leads.

You can set up campaigns to attract and follow-up visitors. It is an affordable sales funnel tool at $39 per month. Small businesses are suitable for using this application to grow their business. Your sales team can manage thousands of customers by using this effective application.

Explore WishPond

#3. PlusThis

It is a complete campaign toolkit for sales and automation marketing users. PlusThis platform helps your business in developing and promoting content. It can market your products and services seamlessly.

It offers a variety of features to generate and sustain prospect interests in your business. PlusThis sales funnel application helps in automating customer registration and follow-up for webinars.

You can create fantastic content on the landing page templates. It is possible to sync the content with Facebook to show ads to your targeted leads.

You can set up campaigns to attract and follow-up visitors. It is an affordable sales funnel tool at $39 per month. Small businesses are suitable for using this application to grow their business.

Your sales team can manage thousands of customers by using this effective application.

Explore Plusthis


#4. Clickfunnels

It is an outstanding sales funnel application, i.e., easy to use. The tool offers many features and guides the users at every step of the sales procedure.

It provides a smooth and accessible web page editor, email, and Facebook marketing automation. Any small business owner who requires a simple, and easy-to-operate platform to convert the prospect into real sales, can buy it. The price of the starting plan is $97.

It is a one-click upsell platform that baits the shopper to purchase from your website. This feature helps in increasing the company’s revenue from the customer base.

The buyers take an interest in your products and services. They will be directed to the payment options automatically. The platform offers a seamless process to manage the sales of the company.

Your sales team can easily understand the working of the application and track everything happening in your business.

Explore ClickFunnels


#5. Leadpages

It is a cost-effective sales funnel application that helps small businesses to create high-visual landing pages, alert bars, websites, and many more.

It is easy to manage and reconcile fun and customer engagement professionally with available templates. The user interface of the software is easy to understand and operate.

The sales team of your company can operate the application with ease. If your company does not have a web designer, then also, it also works effectively.

The price of this software is very nominal. Small business owners can also afford this tool to promote their products and services. Its starting plant costs $25 per month. It is a great decision to buy this application by startups, entrepreneurs, small to midsize companies, etc.

If you are looking for the best accessible and affordable sales funnel application, then you can go for LeadPages.

Explore Leadpages

#6. Kajabi

Kajabi is a professional, and highly-effective sales funnel software for large businesses. It provides sales and marketing solutions to make the customer interested in your products and services. It can engage new customers and direct them automatically to purchase the product.

The application is entirely code-free and integrated with aesthetic landing pages so that you can easily edit or add the required information in the available templates without any setups.

The software offers certain features like zero transaction fees, shopping cart, customizable ecommerce checkouts, etc.

The platform can manage the customer’s records and provide accessible payment modes.

It is not a suitable application for small companies or startups. It helps big businesses to accelerate and facilitate their sales funnel strategy. The price of the starting plans is $119 per month.

Explore Kajabi


#7. GetResponse Autofunnel

The Autofunnel tool by GetResponse is a fabulous sales funnel software to automate all the sales operations. If you are an entrepreneur or start a business with less staff, then it is the best application to manage your sales.

It offers a wide range of features like in-built webinar tool, conversion sale template pages, and Facebook and Instagram ads.

You can get all the features at a very cheap price, i.e., $15 per month.

The application is perfect to operate and handle sales processes in small companies. It also offers an option of plug and play.

The automation capabilities in the software help users to fill the content in the available blank places. After that, the software itself manages other operations.

Sales management will become easy and cost-effective with the help of this tool.

Explore Getresponse

Final Thoughts on How To Choose Sales Funnel For Your Business

Sales funnel application is a great way to promote your business. It involves effective strategies to connect and engage with customers by an attractive landing page.

The software is smart enough to tempt the visitor and engage in a business’s products and services to make an appropriate purchase. The online market is full of sales funnel software, but it is hard to get the best according to your business needs.

The linear sales funnels have starts and endpoints. The customer takes complete support of the sales funnel application to manage sales and marketing processes.

There is no need for additional efforts by the company owner and his team to develop exceptional landing pages and run the process. It works automatically and reduces your effort and time.

Getting a sales funnel builder for your business is an excellent investment. The application can excel your business to the next level.

You can work consistently and effectively without taking much stress about sales management. Before buying the appropriate tool, you must focus on features, pricing, popularity, and other facilities.

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