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​​​​Kajabi vs ClickFunnels | Who’s Right for You?

Many people are confused between Kajabi vs ClickFunnels. Both applications work similarly but still offer different features. 

It is necessary to invest your money on the right product. The following write-up tells everything about these tools in detail. You have to go through all the features, pros and cons of the products. In the end, you will be able to decide which one to buy and why. and here's detailed guide on How To Find Best Sales Funnels Builder For Your Business?

Before proceeding with the tools, you must know about your business and its needs. You have to create some marketing strategies before buying any marketing tool. In addition, you have to consider the budget. It is essential to look at how much your pocket allows while buying a marketing tool for business promotion. So, let us start with Kajabi vs ClickFunnels

The table shows a direct comparison between Kajabi and ClickFunnels





3 Plans

3 Plans

Affiliate Marketing



Drag and Drop Integrations



Sales Funnel


Customized Funnel Templates

Membership Sites




Courses only

Courses and Physical Products


Kajabi vs ClickFunnels: What are the Differences Between Kajabi and ClickFunnels?

Kajabi and ClickFunnels marketing platforms come with similarities as well as certain differences. Check out some of the differences between them. 

  1. Types of Users: Kajabi is a unique digital platform for monetization and course creation. It is easy to deliver different types of online courses and get a more interactive membership site. It supports various features like video hosting, surveys, quizzes and student community forums. 

On the other hand, ClickFunnels is a complete digital marketing application that helps a business owner to sell your products online. It is a suitable platform for entrepreneurs, freelancers, e-commerce, coaching, B2B, affiliate marketing, blogging, etc. 

  1. Price: There is a big difference in the pricing of these two products. Kajabi is quite more expensive than ClickFunnels. There are two plans in ClickFunnels and three plans in Kajabi

  2. Blogging: Kajabi does not offer much blogging features than ClickFunnels, but it has a good text editor, SEO settings, adding categories, etc. ClickFunnels lacks such features. Both platforms are best to serve your purpose and needs. 

  3. Email Marketing Solution: Both platforms offer effective email marketing platforms. In Kajabi, it is known as Pipelines, which can develop a completely-automated sales funnel to convert visitors into customers. You can choose a prebuilt pipeline to include sales funnels for reports, professional offers, etc. You can edit the funnels with your content, images and videos. 

On the other hand, email marketing in ClickFunnels is slightly different as compared to Kajabi. The platform helps in capturing the leads from the sales funnel. It helps you to keep in contact with the audience and update them with your products and services. The email marketing service is also known as Actionetics. It supports contact profiles, email lists, broadcasts, action funnels, etc.

We Prefer Clickfunnels

What is Kajabi?

It is a useful online platform to build online courses in the world of digital marketing.

It works a bit differently than ClickFunnels. It comes with a feature of a membership site builder that allows users to develop, promote and sell their digital products and services.

The application supports a wide range of features that make it an outstanding competitor. The platform helps users to create online courses to provide an exceptional learning experience to subscribers. 

The essential content is delivered without any limitation. 

What is ClickFunnels?

It is a sales and marketing application to create a unique and effective sales funnel. The software helps different businesses to market, sell and deliver products and services.

You can use customized sales funnel templates to create attractive landing pages. It contains various interactive tools that help users to automate sales and gain leads.

There is no need to learn code for creating marketing funnels. The tool helps you to develop digital courses, high-ticket coaching programs, etc. It is an excellent choice for business owners. The users can watch training programs to learn how to use the software. 

What are the Features of Kajabi?

Kajabi is a great tool to develop and sell your digital products. Check out some of the essential features of Kajabi to increase your company’s sales. 

Easy to Create All Types of Courses: A user can create all kinds of engaging online courses in different formats like PDF, quizzes, videos, etc. The application delivers content professionally into a fantastic product with the help of membership site features. It offers unlimited hosting service, i.e., Wistia to develop videos.

Develop Community Form: The Kajabi application helps in creating interactive forums. The students can easily communicate and discuss their problems with their teachers. The community forum is also used to build a strong network of people together. 

Affiliate Management: You can develop an affiliate program to earn commissions and increase your product sales. You can hire many people to promote your products and services and provide enough commissions to you. The application helps in scaling your company’s sales at a rapid pace. 

Create Sales Funnels: It comes with a pipeline builder that helps you to build all kinds of sales funnels. You can develop landing pages to market your digital product. The tool is not that powerful than ClickFunnels. 

Email Automation: Kajabi supports email automation like ClickFunnels’s Actionetics. It is easy to create automated email sequences based on the actions of the users. You can easily automate all your email marketing campaigns and engage thousands of members.

Integrations: If you have an existing email marketing tool, then you can also integrate that application with Kajabi. You can also incorporate other essential tools to get successful courses. 

Drag and Drop Builder: You can customize the theme of your website with the help of the drag and drop feature. It is easy to make changes on your website by using the editor. You can add hundreds of products and services on your website.

Blogging: Kajabi application allows you to start blogs by your account. You can promote your products with the help of content marketing. It works but not much effectively than WordPress, a dedicated CMS platform. 

What are the Features of ClickFunnels?

Some of the highlighted features of ClickFunnels are:

  1. Drag and Drop Editor: Like Kajabi, ClickFunnels also offer drag and drop editor to create sales funnel landing pages. It has a powerful editor than the Kajabi marketing platform.
  2. Easy Customizable Templates: The funnel templates, as well as pages, are easy to customize. The users can change the elements, and content to create unique and attractive landing pages. The templates are suitable for both physical and digital products. 
  1. Membership Sites: This feature is the same on the Kajabi platform. The feature helps in delivering your company’s digital products to students. All types of courses are available to the students.
  2. Inbuilt Autoresponder: This automation tool helps you to follow up the prospects with ease. You can convert and manage all the tasks. 
  3. Upsell and Downsell: It is easy to sell your products and services within a single click of a button. When a customer lands on your page, he will directly drive to the sales page. The interested customer will automatically buy your products.
  4. Backpack System: The affiliate program of ClickFunnels helps marketers to promote your business, products and services to the audience. It will help in bringing up sales and earning commissions. 
  5. Integrations: The tool can integrate with many third-party tools like payment gateways, SMTP, email marketing applications, webinar, etc. You can also incorporate ClickFunnels with Kajabi. 

Pricing of Kajabi

There are three pricing plans offered by Kajabi:

  1. Basic Plan: This package is suitable for beginners. It is available at $149 per month and $119 annually. 
  2. Growth Plan: It is available at $199 per month and $159 annually.
  3. Pro Plan: This package comes with all the features of Kajabi. It is available at $399 per month and $319 annually. 

Pricing of ClickFunnels

There are two plans offered by ClickFunnels. The price of the Basic plan is $97 per month, and the Pro plan is $297. You can purchase the application after trying it for 14 days. There is no need to pay money while trying the software. 

In the Basic plan, you will get 100 landing pages, 20 sales funnels, 20000 visitors per month, three domains and other features. The Etison Suite plan comes with unlimited landing pages, sales funnels, domains and visitors. You will also get the inbuilt responder, Actionetics, and affiliate management platform. 

What Features are Same in Kajabi and ClickFunnels?

Both applications are good enough to help online business owners. The platforms can promote your businesses through different features:

  1. Membership Site: The user can create online courses on both platforms and give access to the members. Students can access the courses, and the interacting platform helps in communicating with the teachers. 
  2. Sales Funnels: You can create impressive landing pages to drive customers to the sales pages and webinar funnels. The feature known as Pipelines in Kajabi helps you to create a sales funnel. The sales funnel of Kajabi is not that powerful than ClickFunnels.
  3. Affiliate Management: The inbuilt affiliate management feature is available on both platforms. You can create a completely-functional affiliate program to get enough commissions.
  4. Automation Tool: The email automation tool is available on both platforms. You can send emails to your customers and release promotion campaigns. 
  5. Drag and Drop Editor: The templates are highly customizable with the help of drag and drop integration. It is easy to use third-party tools on this platform.

How to Integrate Kajabi with ClickFunnels?

Many people want to know whether these two platforms are easy to combine or not. Kajabi and ClickFunnels can indeed be integrated into many ways. You can use ClickFunnels to build a sales funnel and Kajabi as an engine to deliver excellent content. There are two options to combine these two applications. 

  1. It is suggested to use ClickFunnels to create a sales funnel and order different processes like payment, lead generation, automation, etc. After that, you can deliver the product to Kajabi. It will give membership access to paid students after completing transactions. 

  2. In another way, you can use ClickFunnels for front-end sales. Kajabi provides content delivery and payment processing features. ClickFunnels handles the complete journey of entire prospects. 

Kajabi vs ClickFunnels: Pros and Cons



  1. Kajabi offers a wide range of features. You can build a complete website, landing pages, blog pages, etc. There are different customizations that you can make to create a website. You can match the theme and design according to your business. Different types of themes are available to create outstanding and fully-responsive websites. 

  2. The website is completely responsive and can be used on any device like mobiles, tabs, desktop, etc. 

  3. It supports a feature, known as Drip Content. The Kajabi application is quite handy if you want to write blogs. You can schedule the time to live the blogs, in a week or a month. It is a great way to tease the audience by letting them know that you are releasing content.

  4. Kajabi is an e-commerce platform that helps in selling online courses. You can create course assessments to indulge with people. 

  5. You can run digital events with recorded content. It is a great way to share your knowledge with your audience.

  6. Kajabi offers live chat, i.e., available for 24 hours. You will get excellent customer service with all the answers to your queries. 


  1. Kajabi platform is quite expensive and contains a small audience. All the offered plans by the platform are costly. You have to consider the needs of your business before Kajabi.

  2. It offers a few domains as compared to ClickFunnels. The price is also high for less number of domains. 

  3. It targets a limited audience and does not allow your website to reach every person. Many entrepreneurs want to sell physical products along with digital products. Whereas ClickFunnels helps you to sell every type of products and services. 

  4. The software is not much user-friendly as compared to ClickFunnels.



  1. The application is suitable for beginners, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Any person can use this interface because it is quite user-friendly. 

  2. You can reach a wide audience and convert visitors into customers. It is a deep marketing sales funnel application, which is missing in Kajabi.

  3. Users can sell all types of products and services. There is no need to have coding experience because it contains tutorials to create landing pages and sell different products on the platform. 

  4. The software focuses on sales funnels and tackles different marketing tasks. The results are more favourable than Kajabi.

  5. The application is available at a lower rate than Kajabi. It offers more features as compared to Kajabi. There are two plans, Basic and Pro, in which you can get features that your business needs. 

  6. You can get more opportunities to sell your products and services because it offers more domains. 

  7. The software allows you to create unlimited members, even in the basic plan. On the other hand, Kajabi provides only 1000 members. You have to pay $899 per month to get unlimited members in Kajabi. Therefore, ClickFunnels is quite better than the Kajabi.

  8. The software is available with a 14-day trial pack. You can try the application before purchasing it. There are no such features in Kajabi.


  1. The application is less customizable as compared to Kajabi. It is easier to edit the templates by using Kajabi, but ClickFunnels is more restricted. You need to add unique content and other elements in existing templates. 

  2. You need to test the funnel before making it live. You cannot risk your business. 

  3. It does not offer live chat services like Kajabi

  4. The customer service is not that good as compared to Kajabi because the team does not offer enough guidance. 

Kajabi vs ClickFunnels: Conclusion

Both Kajabi and ClickFunnels are amazing marketing software to promote your business to the next level. Before considering any tool, you have to understand the needs of your business and what is required to attract customers. We want to buy a useful tool that provides thousands of ready-made templates, sales funnel marketing strategies, unlimited members and much more. Both applications work similarly but are quite different in some features. 

After reading the detailed comparison between Kajabi vs ClickFunnels, you will understand which software is best enough for your business. A small business owner cannot waste money on the wrong product.

Think before making a one-time investment and get the right application. If you are considering a cost-effective marketing software, then you should buy ClickFunnels because it offers more features in less price. 

It is easy to integrate both platforms and use all the features effectively for your business growth. ClickFunnels offer unlimited members, thousands of ready-made sales funnel templates, email and affiliate marketing features.

Whereas, Kajabi also provides the same affiliate and email marketing tools along with pipelines and much more. Choose the right product that satisfies your business needs. 

Why Clickfunnels?

Final Verdict

If you are considering a cost-effective marketing software, then you should buy ClickFunnels because it offers more features in less price.

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