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​​​​ClickFunnels Pricing | Which Plan Suits You? Do You Really Need this?

Every business owner wants an outstanding marketing tool to promote his business growth. ClickFunnels application is one of the preferable choices for many company owners.

Before getting the application, it is essential to know everything about the software in detail. Marketing is an essential stage of a business to increase the sales of a company's products and services.

If you want to invest in ClickFunnels, then you check out some of its exciting features that you will get when you purchase the plan. Any beginner or professional can use this application for creating sales funnels.

 It is easy to develop exciting and attractive landing pages by using thousands of templates. You can learn how to operate the application by watching tutorial videos and other important information.

Existing users can use this application with other software for better output. In the following write-up, get detailed information about ClickFunnels, features, and other pricing details.

You can explore all the features available in every plan. Let us get started and understand effective strategies for your business.

Impressive Features of ClickFunnels

Downloading and Sharing Sales Funnels

If you own the ClickFunnels account, you can download any number of sales funnels without paying a single penny. You can also share the sales funnels with others.

 A user can access unlimited templates of sales funnel if he buys the Advanced plan. Anyone can create the sales funnel and market all the products and services of their business.

Developing Sales Funnel

It is the primary feature offered by ClickFunnels. A business owner can create an appealing website with fantastic landing pages.

The sales funnel can attract customers to purchase your company’s products and services with ease. They will reach directly to the checkout page for making the purchase.

The sales funnel is an effective marketing scheme, i.e., essential for every business. It helps in increasing the sales of your business.

There will be a higher rise in the productivity and growth of the company. There is no need to learn to code or become a programming expert to operate this application.

The tutorials can guide you to develop unique and outstanding sales funnel for your website. It is a high sales and marketing strategy that you can use to take more leads.

Easy to Follow Up Your Sales Funnel

There is an in-built tool in ClickFunnels that allows you to follow your visitors. The application tracks their nature by their actions. Everything happens automatically, and the term used is Actionetics.

It is easy to connect or reconnect with your customers through emails or other things, whenever they leave your sales funnel. The main aim of the software is to convert visitors into potential customers in every possible way.

Any action to attract customers can only be done if you are aware of what they want. The application helps monitor every step of the visitor and enables you to edit changes on the sales funnel.

 Customers love customization, and they can tempt even small modifications on your website. The applications automatically help customers to purchase your products.

Affiliate Management Tool

Many people do not spend much on having an affiliate program. But they do not know that it is another source of their sales income. BackPack in ClickFunnels is a fantastic affiliate program that helps in promoting your business growth.

 Many affiliate marketers will work under you to sell your products and services through their sources. You can get the right amount of commissions without wasting your extra money and effort.

There is no need to spend much on advertisements because an affiliate marketing system will help you to do such things.

 It will increase your company’s sales and also connect many agents with your business. In another way, you will have a big network to handle customers across the globe.

 You can also use the application with your existing marketing application because it has an in-built feature of the affiliate marketing program.

Functional and User-friendly Interface

The feature, known as Drag and Drop Editor in ClickFunnels, helps you to create landing pages and sales funnel with ease. The interface is quite easy and user-friendly that anyone can understand the operations of the tool.

It takes around 10 minutes to create an outstanding landing page without any need for programmers or web designers. The templates are easy to modify and can work great in scaling your business.

Develop Shopping Cart

If you own ClickFunnels, there is no need for additional plug-in or software to create and operate shopping carts on your website. The applications automatically convert visitors into potential customers.

It can be combined with many secure payment providers. A customer can buy your products and services seamlessly and safely.

The payment process is smooth enough that your customers will not get any problem and can also track their orders.

Email Marketing

A business owner can connect with his customers by using an in-built email marketing feature. You can send emails with promotional content, discounts, product awareness, and much more to your customers.

The customers will stay tuned to your company and get the latest updates. If they find anything interesting, they will soon contact you or visit your website.

It is a great feature to increase traffic on your website.

The sales funnel will automatically drive your visitors to the checkout page and let them purchase products from your website. This feature is quite useful for your business growth.

Is ClickFunnels the Right Tool for Your Business?

It is essential to buy a marketing tool that suits your business. You must determine what is required to market your products.

 Many people think whether ClickFunnels is the right application for their company’s online website or not. You should consider the following things before buying this tool:

Conversion of Idea and Plans into Actions

Whenever you feel confident about your idea or plan to make money, do not come under the influence of others. The time is to think big and do something.

 ClickFunnels provides a better opportunity to start your online business by creating a responsive and effective website.

You can kickstart your dream by building landing pages of your website with ease. It is a great platform to start your dream without any expertise.

Having an Existing Website for Online Business

If you have an online store, but the conversion rate is quite poor, you need ClickFunnels to enhance the site. The application will help in making more money by converting visitors into customers automatically.

 Your business may rank on browsers like Google by applying some SEO strategies. You can get every possible solution to improve the growth of your business and also increase sales.

Having a Successful Website and Sales System

If you have an existing website that is quite successful, then you must take it to the next level.

Business growth becomes stagnant with time. It is essential to increase the revenue by making some useful changes to the website.

 You need to stress on sales so that dreams of your business come true.

Free Trial of ClickFunnels

The application comes with a 14-day trial before buying the plans. You need to sign up by including details of the credit card. There is no trouble canceling the subscription if you check the working of the application before buying it.​

There are two plans offered by ClickFunnels, i.e., Starter and Platinum.

The table shows the differences between the two plans of ClickFunnels in brief.


Starter Plan

Platinum Plan


$97 per month

$297 per month




Number of Funnels






Landing Pages



Live Chat


Based on Priority

Payment Gateways






Follow-up Funnels



Email Marketing






Lead Scoring



Affiliate Program



Subscription Plans




Let us discuss these plans and included features of ClickFunnels plans in detail.

About Starter Plan

It is a standard plan of ClickFunnels at $97 per month. It is best for business owners who only want thousands of visitors and develop a few sales funnels.

As you see in the above table, you can access a few things in the Starter Pack. For example, you can develop only 20 sales funnels, with fewer payment gateways, users, domains, and much more.

 But if you want to know and work on the abstract of the application, then it is the best application you can buy.

You can get an idea of everything available in the Advanced plan and check whether it is suitable for your business or not. This plan does not offer 100% valuable services but helps you to reach a halfway to success.

Indeed, investing $97 is a significant amount for a small business, but it can be used with other existing applications.

Here is a list of features that you will get when you purchase the Starter plan of ClickFunnels.

  • 20 Sales Funnels
  • A/B or Split Testing
  • Limited to 100 landing pages only
  • 20,000 unlimited visitors
  • Auto-webinar funnels
  • Optin Funnels
  • 3 Custom Domains
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Integration of Emails
  • 3 Payment Gateways
  • Membership Funnels
  • Integration of 1 SMTP
  • Limited Access to FunnelFlix
  • Funnel Sharing
  • Live Chat
  • Private Funnel Hacker Forum
  • Upsell, Downsell, and Order Pages

Advanced Plan

In the Advanced or Platinum plan of ClickFunnels, you can access every feature and market your products and services.

 It provides unlimited leads, visitors, sales funnels, landing pages, and much more. Other in-built tools like email marketing, affiliate program, BackPack, Actionetics, etc., are also available in this plan.

 You can manage nine domains with ease on your account.

You can earn money through direct and indirect selling of products with the Affiliate Management program's help. Get commissions by allowing your agents to sell your products and services.

 There is a wide range of email marketing features in the Platinum plan with amazing email templates.

Here is the list of all the features available in the Advanced plan:

  • All the Features of the Starter Plan
  • 9 Gateways for Payment
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • 9 Domain
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Unlimited Customized Domains
  • BackPack Affiliate Program
  • Unlimited Sales Funnels
  • Priority Based Chat Support
  • Follow-up Funnels
  • All Courses of FunnelFlix
  • Hackathons

How Can You Save Your Money Through ClickFunnels?

There are lesser chances of discounts on the Standard plan. But if you want to switch from the Basic to the Advanced plan, you can save a lot of money while upgrading it.

The upfront cost of the ClickFunnels Platinum plan through the Secrets Masterclass funnel is $997. You will get free access to the One Funnel Away Challenge and Platinum plan for six months.

There is a saving of 44% on the Advanced plan, i.e., $166 per month. You can also purchase the Funnel Builder Secrets for 12 months at $2,997 per month.

It can save up to 15.9% on the Platinum plan, i.e., $249.75. Some of the additional features in training are:

  • Free access to Funnel Scripts for 12 months
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training
  • Funnels Hacks Master Class
  • Traffic Secrets Membership

A business owner can also buy Funnel Builder Secrets at $1,997 for six months. Each month, it costs $332.83, and you save a lot of money.

You can get more discounts if you access a 12-month version. It is easy to renew it whenever the plan expires.

Is it Worth to Buy ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is comparatively cheaper and more effective than other alternatives. It can elevate your online business to the next level and increase your company’s sales.

 Many applications come at less price than ClickFunnels but do not offer much that you get in this software. It is a highly recommendable application that can scale up your business by paying less amount.

Pricing of Other Products of ClickFunnels

There are other tools offered with ClickFunnels. Such as:

DotCom Secrets Book

It is one of the best marketing books that explains sales and marketing strategies in detail.

You will learn how to create a sales funnel to grow your business efficiently and get profitable leads. The book price is $19.95, but you only have to pay the shipping cost, i.e., $7.95.

10X Secrets

It is a Masterclass or a marketing training program by Russell Brunson. You can get entire processes, tips, scripts, and strategies of the author who made $3 million in 2018.

The price of the 10X Secrets is $297, in which you will get training on selling the products and services effectively. The right technique will bring a significant impact on your business.

Experts Secrets Book

It is another exciting book by Russell, which helps you develop a platform to target a massive audience. You will learn how to become a marketing expert by monetizing your expertise and skills.

The actual price of the book is $19.95, but the shipping price is $7.95. 

Funnel Scripts

It is an application for email copy, bridge page, webinar scripts, and product sales copy.

It teaches copywriting to business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers. The price of the software is $797 to get unlimited access.

Funnel Hackers CookBook

The book is a complete guide on funnel building that helps in scaling and optimizing your business's sales.

It consists of all the tips and tricks to promote a successful business.

Funnel University

It is a training program, i.e., suitable for funnel builders and business owners. A user can learn techniques to create a sales funnel and optimize it to make maximum revenue. It is a useful program for dynamic business growth.

Marketing in Your Car

You must listen to this marketing podcast, which consists of all the tips and tricks to grow your business. It is free, but the shipping cost of the podcast sessions is $9.95.

Funnel Hacker TV

It is a YouTube channel that shows Russell Brunson and his business growth. You can observe all the strategies that he approached to drive traffic and make money from his online business.

You will get all the ideas and strategies to enhance your online business. It is entirely free, but you will get bonuses worth $900 after subscribing to it.

Network Marketing Secrets Book

It is another book by Russell, which is suitable for network marketers. You can learn the complete guide to build a sales funnel.

 You can use online marketing tactics for developing and recruiting MLM teams and businesses. It is also free but comes with a shipping price of $7.95

Marketing Secrets BlackBook

It is a PDF file of 291 pages full of 99 marketing secrets that help you effectively shape your business. You can get Russell’s stories and marketing strategies to develop a successful online business.

One Funnel Away Challenge

It is an effective coaching program that can cost you $100. It is a 30-day program that will teach you how to become the best marketer. The program will help in launching your online dream business with the help of sales funnels.

Copywriting Secrets Book

The book consists of a variety of copywriting secrets that every business owner must require. Jim Edwards, the creator of Funnel Scripts, has written this book.

Perfect Webinar

The training program, Perfect Webinar, contains all the ideas and information for creating a sales funnel with a high generation of leads and sales. You can also access webinar scripts by Russell.

Software Secrets

If you want to develop a software company, this book must get a complete guide on it. Garret Pierson and Scott Bradley created this book, but ClickFunnels marketed it. The cost of the book is $27 with Secret Masterclass that costs $1997.


Invest in the right plan of ClickFunnels according to your business needs. It is important to analyze why your business is unable to make leads.

After going through all the problems, you need to create strategies to promote your business growth.

ClickFunnels is a useful tool that enhances your business efficiency and contributes to increased sales.

Every business owner must think of developing a sales funnel to convert visitors into potential customers and improve sales. Choose any of the available plans for your business.

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