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​​​​ClickFunnels Alternatives | Which One Fits Almost All of Your Needs?

Clickfunnels is an all-encompassing software that is used for marketing and sales. In this context, it is important to be updated about a few features of this software.

It is one such software that manages the entire sales process. Right from building funnels for membership sites to creating individual affiliate programs, ClickFunnels does it all.

It also allows the user to select from a wide variety of ready to use templates, and create funnels for launching products. The best news is that no coding is required to use this software.

 It is extremely user-friendly and you need not know coding in HTML, CSS etc., to enjoy its benefits. Also, it converts those who attend webinars to warm leads and ultimately transforms them into interested buyers.

The question is, why do people look for alternatives when such an impressive tool is available?

 The answer is that people might feel overwhelmed by the versatility, plethora of features, and options for cataloging this software offers.

 In a nutshell, ClickFunnels tends to over-deliver some small businesses. Moreover, it offers some limitations which limit users who work for multiple clients.

Intelligent people tend to test the alternative software against the free 14-day trial Clickfunnels offers. Here are a few alternatives to Clickfunnels.

Now, it is only natural to ask why this software is considered worthy of alternatives to Clickfunnels.

We need to follow the discussion below to understand their worth against Clickfunnels. In this article we have made a detailed comparison among the top 10 alternatives of the software. Read the article to make an informed choice.

Top 10 Alternatives of ClickFunnels


Convertri is software that experts recommend as an alternative to ClickFunnels. It is one of the best funnel builders present in the market, and it also helps to create beautiful and accelerated landing pages.

It collects leads, converts them into your potential customers, and also helps in building beautiful websites.

Features of Convertri

  1. Code Shorten: It shortens unnecessarily long codes automatically, which makes it very user-friendly.
  2. Best Visual Effects: It allows the user to build unlimited layers on a particular page to provide the best effects.
  3. Economical: La, Convertri lets users use the tools and multiple features after the free trial period of 14 days. It is more economical than Clickfunnels software.
  4. Mobile Editor: A majority of the people these days use their mobile phone to surf the internet. With the help of Converti, you can create attractive landing pages that are mobile user-friendly. This way you can easily convert mobile users as well.

Convertri vs. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels offers sales funnels that are mobile-friendly. On the contrary, Convertri goes one step forward. Convertri has inbuilt, adjustable technology for image compression.

This technology works automatically after the user clicks the "Publish" button.

Clickfunnels limits the user to 20,000 visitors per month. On the contrary, Convertri allows up to 25,000 visitors for the basic plan.

Clickfunnels offers a host of more built-in features and more capacity for selling physical products than Convertri, which is focused on digital products.

Convertri is a genuinely clutter-free drag and drop builder and is easier to use than Clickfunnels.

It is only a matter of a few clicks to share funnels with partners. So, it is easier to operate than Clickfunnels.

Converti Pricing

It offers a 14 days free trial period. You will get a free domain, an SSL certificate, a page importer among various other features. Once the 14 days trial period is over, you can choose from the following two plans.

Monthly: $99 per month

You can create 25 funnels, and it gives you access to 25,000 impressions. You can use 400+ templates, and the company will provide you with a team of 10 members. 100GB of video hosting space is provided.

Annually: $75 per month

You can create 25 funnels and 250 pages with this plan. Like the monthly plan, it also offers 25,000 impressions. It offers an SSL certificate, and you can carry out A/B Split Testing easily.


Simvoly is modern as well as economical software that helps in the generation of beautiful landing pages. It is a user-friendly software that helps in the generation of sales funnel and helps build websites.

 This software is a modern alternative to Clickfunnel. It's easy to use drag and drop funnel builder and has the edge over Clickfunnels.

 Also, the plans offered by it are quite economical.

Features of Simvoly

  1. No Transaction Fees: It helps the user to design e-commerce sites without any transaction fees.
  2. 24/7 Customer Service: It has a prompt customer service department that is available over the phone 24/7, and they will readily solve all your problems.
  3. Simple Customization: It is an easy to use website builder, and you can easily edit, move, and customize your pages. You need not know any coding language to ace this software.
  4. Beautiful Themes: Simvoly offers numerous beautiful themes which can be easily downloaded and implemented in your landing pages.

Simvoly vs. ClickFunnels

Like Clickfunnel, it has generous and elegant looking templates. It allows the users to use a unique one-step checkout sales funnel tool to avoid cart abandonment.

It is more suitable for hosting companies, small/medium businesses, bloggers, and freelancers. On the contrary, Clickfunnels is a cloud-based platform for marketing.

The drag and drop feature of Clickfunnel is easy to use as well. However, Simvoly is faster than Clickfunnel and more economical.

Simvoly is more economical than Clickfunnels. The CRM OF Simvoly works with every website, unlike Clickfunnels.

Simvoly Pricing

You can easily create a free trial account on this site without giving your credit card details.

 The entry-level mini account of Simvoly will offer you a two-page site with a 500 MB storage and 2GB Bandwidth, along with one free product. The cost of this package is $5 per month.

The next package is the personal account plan that can be purchased at $9 per month, and it offers 20 pages and around 5gb of space with 10gb bandwidth. It offers up to five free products.

The business plan offers you unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, and up to 25 store products. All of this can be availed at $22 per month.


Keap is a powerful tool for marketing. ClickFunnels is a comprehensive sales funnel building tool. However, it has a less steep learning curve.

 It was formerly known as InfusionSoft. It is an ideal choice for businesses of medium size that require more customization, features and power functions. Request for a demo.

Keap Features

  1. CRM Tool: It has an elaborate CRM tool that lets the users see all their leads and customers at the same place.
  2. Suitable for already launched products: This powerful marketing tool is suitable for a product that has already been launched. The powerful landing page has a variety of features. It is very intuitive. It helps the user set up customized sales funnels that can be integrated with marketing campaigns.
  3. A/B Testing: Comprehensive A/B testing feature is provided by the platform. With this, users can test different versions of their landing pages to decide which one is the best.
  4. Extensive landing page designs: InfusionSoft has a strong landing page and opt-in form builder. Users can create high-quality and engaging content with the tools rapidly. The sales page builder has several tools and is instinctive as well.
  5. Email Marketing automation: InfusionSoft allows users to create campaigns easily by providing work areas the same as canvas. Automation tools are also included for a wide array of situations.

Keap vs ClickFunnels

If you are looking for a sales and marketing platform that provides all in one solution, then Keap is the solution. However, you should have the budget to back your wishes and Keap is a moving product.

 It has automation tools that are very powerful and they come into play in the sales pipeline product.

You can also expect to set up custom sales funnels that are easily integrated with your marketing campaigns. You can see all sales and marketing activities at one place.

 The CRM helps to capture leads, track their activities and also nurture them. This way the users will know when to send them the best offers. Convert your visitors into buying customers effectively.

The CRM tool of Keap is very elaborate that allows the users to see their leads and customers all at one place. Yet, ClickFunnels has more comprehensive tools that help to build sales funnels better than Keap.

Keap Pricing

Keap is available for $99 per month. There are limitations on the features on the number of emails or list size of contacts. With this plan, the users can include up to 2,500 emails per month. The list size of about 50 contacts are allowed in this plan.

Another complete plan is offered by Keap to the users with more features. It is offered for $379 a month. This plan includes 50,000 emails and 10,000 contacts.

You can choose to request a demo from Keap so that you can decide whether the application has everything that you require.

The learning curve of Keap is steep and you can do a lot more than you have imagined for your marketing campaign. Successfully convert all your visitors into potential customers.


SamCart is an impressive shopping cart and checkout page platform for the 21st century.

It is an e-commerce site for sellers who don't need a catalog. Being a web-based checkout platform, it is designed to maximize profits from every sale.

Also, it Is endowed with simple, state of the art features that helps the user to boost his sales. It helps people create coupon codes and run their affiliate program

Features of SamCart

It is the perfect platform for people who want to sell e-books, digital downloads, and physical products. It also offers upsells to reduce cart abandonment.

  1. A/B Testing: It is a fool-proof way to upsell products through A/b testing.
  2. Beautiful Landing Pages: It helps the user to create beautiful landing pages that can accept orders.
  3. AutoResponder: It integrates one autoresponder to the software.
  4. Affiliate Programs: It creates a custom sign up page for affiliates to join the program. It helps us view custom affiliate commissions and detailed crew stats like refunds.
  5. Mobile-Friendly: The checkout process is mobile- friendly. The terms and conditions are mind-boggling. The user may have only one membership site per account. In case the user has multiple sites, he will need multiple SamCart accounts. It accepts one currency throughout the account.

SamCart vs. ClickFunnels

While Clickfunnels offers a more advanced sales pipeline tool, SamCart has a good collection of conversion optimization tools designed for the sales page. It is more reasonably priced than Clickfunnel.

At all the pricing levels, SamCart is much cheaper and economical as compared to ClickFunnels.

 Also, SamCart is a stand-alone landing page builder checkout cart, unlike ClickFunnels, which looks after and manages the entire sales funnel process. Comparatively, ClickFunnels is easier to use as compared to SamCart.

SamCart Pricings

SamCart offers three types of plans. All three plans offer Unlimited pages and Unlimited templates. Also, all three plans come with a drag and drop feature. Along with custom domains, you will also get numerous unlimited products.

  1. Launch: The launch plan is available for $49 per month. You can launch your business with this plan and create an attractive one-page website and then showcase your products.
  2. Grow: This plan is available for $99 per month. It allows you to convert more leads and increase your customer base. Also, it boosts the value of each purchase.
  3. Scale: This plan is available for $199 per month. It offers numerous advanced features that are lacking in the other two plans. With this plan, you can readily attract more visitors and convert them into your potential customers more efficiently.


Unbounce is developed especially to help with the establishment of creation of beautiful landing pages. The landing pages built with the help of this software help to convert visitors to potential customers.

It also helps to enhance the marketing efforts of the marketers. The landing pages help businesses increase sales and revenue at the same time.​

Unbounce has established a force behind the revolutionization of experiences of building landing pages. Several features are offered that make the development procedure convenient.

Features of Unbounce

A vast array of features are offered with the help of users developing, integrating, and optimizing their landing pages. The pages developed help in maximum conversions, thus, driving more sales.

  • The Unbounce builder: This is a drag and drop editor, which makes the process of building landing pages convenient. It is also mile accessible, and you can customize the templates with the help of its editor. You can replace texts and targeted convertibles.
  •  Free Templates: Unbounce offers its users the freedom to create custom convertibles from more than 100 templates. You can either choose one of the readymade templates available or establish one from scratch.
  •  Unbounce Convertibles: The convertibles will help you target your visitors. Conveniently target the visitors that you get on your website. Also, integrate your pages with almost everything. You also have the option of setting custom templates for your pages.
  • Numerous Tools Available: Unbounce is a very flexible software, and you can easily integrate it with various other tools. The tools include Email and Analytics tools such as Zapier, WordPress, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and Marketo.
  •  Conversion Tools: Unbounce offers A/B testing features for your landing pages. With Unbounce, you get an unlimited amount of testing between different versions of your landing pages. Other tools are offered to generate leads, optimize conversions, etc. Unbounce also provides lightbox forms and lead notifications.

Unbounce vs. ClickFunnels

Unbounce has been helping the sales team to create compelling landing pages. They also help individuals who wish to develop considerable sales pages with greater ease.

 The sales funnels help visitors make a purchase, thus, making it easy for businesses to convert their visitors.

Unbounce is focussed more on the creation of landing pages, instead of sales funnels.

Over 100 templates are provided by Unbounce so that the users can create landing pages in just a few minutes. Your page can be online and live in no time.

For better results, you should use each dedicated landing page for different products. It will help you to have a better focus, and you can attain one objective at a time conveniently.

Convert visitors to one category on your page. If you wish to have more automation in your sales funnels and more sophisticated efforts, you will have to try another option.

 Or you can also choose to stick to using ClickFunnels.

Unbounce Pricing

There are three varied packages offered by Unbounce. Whether you choose to pay monthly or yearly, the prices are fixed depending on the frequency of payments made.

The first package is known as the essential package that comes at a monthly charge of $99. With this package, you can create 75 landing pages and eight convertibles.

The next package is the premium package for which the users will pay $199 a month. You can develop 16 convertibles, 150 landing pages, etc. Additionally, you get access to better conversion tools, and also the sub-accounts.

The third is the Enterprise package. It starts at $499 for a month. Moreover, the cost is determined based on the preferences of the users.

Members opting for this package will get every feature offered in the Essential and Premium package.

The Success Manager and Launch Specialist will also guide the users on ways of maximizing ROI. Over 375 landing pages are offered and almost 40 convertibles.


Instapage has a better level of sophistication than its competitor landing page builders. The members will get the freedom to create funnels in the group.

Instapage has a flaw in integrating with the membership platforms. The editor of Instapage is web-based, and it has the capability of beating several other funnel builders.

Instapage has over 200 sophisticated templates for creating the best sales funnels. It also has a drag and drops editor, which is easy to use and provides convenient customizability.

Instapage Features

Build Unlimited Pages: With Instapage, you can build unlimited pages. At the same time, it hosts almost 200,000 customers every month.

  1. A/B Testing: Offers A/B testing between varied landing page versions.
  2. Powerful analytics tools: They are in-built to analyze the performance of their sales funnels.
  3. Monitor Visitors’ Activity: Instapage has a unique ability that several sales funnel builders don't have. It has the potential to monitor the activity of the visitors on its landing pages. It means that you can track the activities and optimize your landing pages accordingly. Heat Maps will tell you every detail of where they are on your landing pages, and how far they scroll down.
  4. Numerous free templates: A vast library of different templates included and has over 5,000 web fonts. You can customize the templates further as per choice to suit your objectives, and brand the best.

Instapage vs. ClickFunnels

Instapage offers a free form editor. It merely means that unlike ClickFunnels, there is no need to add rows, sections, and columns.

You can readily create attractive landing pages. Such features make using Instapage and Leadpages easy for several users.

However, like ClickFunnels, you can choose to integrate Instapage with several marketing features. It includes CRM, ad stacks, etc.

You can conveniently incorporate WordPress, Zoho, Hubspot, Salesforce, InfusionSoft, etc. Other apps using Zapier are also integrated for the ease of users.

A sales team collaboration tool is also offered with the help of representatives that can brainstorm to follow up their potentials rapidly.

Instapage Pricing

There are three tiers of pricing plans offered by Instapage. The core plan is the basic plan offered for $68 a month. The optimizer plan costs $113 a month.

The team ad agency plan costs $203 a month. Check which plan works best for you and choose it accordingly.


Just like ThriveThemes, Optimizepress is a WordPress plugin.

However, it is a bit different from ThriveThemes because it was initially built to help people create membership sites, landing pages, sales funnels, etc.

Sales Funnels directly on WordPress websites and blogs are used for maximum conversions.

Features of Optimizepress

  1. Marketing Page builder: It is an innovative system that is a live editor as well. You can create sales pages and layout smoothly.
  2. Create Membership sites and custom product delivery sites: Easily create secured areas for some of the custom members of your website.
  3. Element Browsers: The users will get all required elements to build landing pages and also membership sites.
  4. Create new pages: With Optimizepress, you can create product launch funnels, webinar pages, simple landing pages, Thank you pages, etc. on your WordPress website.
  5. Launch Site: Users can create different funnels that they will require for the launch of their products.
  6. WordPress plugins and themes: OptimizePress has excellent compatibility with all WordPress sites. Users can create landing pages and design sales pages. These pages are easily added to the blogs on WordPress.

OptimizePress vs. ClickFunnels

Many small businesses conclude that they need more control over their sales pages, which is fine with fewer automation.

With Optimizepress, they can have better control over their entire sales processes and can make their campaigns scalable.

Just as Instapage and Unbounce, checkout page tools are offered by OptimizePress, which includes tools like countdown timers, etc. You can build almost 40 landing pages and 12 sales page templates.

However, OptimizePress is very affordable as compared to other similar software available. Its affordability makes the application accessible. You can choose from varied plans offered to suit different needs.

OptimizePress Pricing

The plans are offered with the support of one year and several updates. A payment of $39 is to be done to keep the updates and support maintained for the next year as well.

The core package is offered for a one-time fee. $97 is charged, and members get access to three sites. The publisher package is offered for $197. Features of the core plan are included, and much more is provided.

The pro plan is offered for small businesses, enterprises, and marketers. This plan is suitable for people who would like to own more than ten websites.

One-time fee of $297 is charged for this plan, and features of the other two packages are offered along with many others.


ThriveThemes is a WordPress plugin which is the most understandable drag and drop landing page builder. It has several users and is very popular for its affordability.

Over 160 templates are available in ThriveThemes for its users to choose from. ThriveThemes is thus an excellent option for entrepreneurs and small businesses who have just started.

Features of ThriveThemes

  1. Super affordable platform: Thrive Themes are quite economical as compared to the abundant features that it provides access to its users.
  2. On-page payment system: The pages created by Thrive Themes allow the visitors to make their payment then and there on the website.
  3. Easy To Optimize: Scarcity campaigns are quickly built with the help of Thrive Ultimatum offered to the users. They are made for easy conversions. Users can also optimize the content on their website with the help of Headline Optimizer.
  4. Additional Features: Opt-in forms are created with the help of Thrive leads. Landing pages are also built with the help of ThriveThemes on WordPress. Cleaver Widgets helps for the creation of widget targeted content.

ThriveThemes vs. ClickFunnels

Just as other alternatives of ClickFunnels available, ThriveThemes is also an ideal solution for salespeople.

 With ThriveThemes, they can have simple conversion optimization solutions. ThriveThemes is a perfect choice for people who sell digital products. Other marketing tools are also offered, which include countdown timers.

No inbuilt payment processing feature is offered by ThriveThemes, unlike ClickFunnels. Hence, while using ThriveThemes, integrations for payments is required.

ThriveThemes Pricing

ThriveThemes offer unlimited pages, unlimited simple funnels, 25 websites, and unlimited access to unlimited visitors. You will have to pay less than $20 per month to get access to all such functionalities.

There is no trial period offered by ThriveThemes, just as ClickFunnels. But, it has a 30-days money-back guarantee program for its users to try the platform.

 See if the platform matches your specific needs and if it has everything that you are looking for.


Wishpond has all the necessary tools that are needed to build powerful sales funnels. Build an entire sales funnel with the help of tools offered by Wishpond.

The prices at which its plans are offered are affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Features of Wishpond

  1. Customized Campaigns: 400+ fully customized landing pages and website pop-up templates. 100+ pre-built campaigns that are industry-specific. The feature makes it easy to launch sales funnels in less time.
  2. Helpful Marketing Team: A marketing team that helps you along the way. Everything is assisted right from getting from the sales funnel up and ready to running or optimizing it for an excellent performance.
  3. Easy to Optimize: Powerful marketing automation, integrated, lead management, lead generation tools, and email marketing. With Wishpond, you can conveniently optimize several areas of your sales funnel.
  4. Ten different contest apps: These apps along with Instagram hashtag competition, viral contests, sweepstakes help with the generation of leads, and enhance email lists.

Wishpond vs. ClickFunnels

Wishpond was built to develop simple yet powerful sales funnels at affordable rates. Hence, it is an ideal choice for businesses that are small or medium-sized. They can easily kick start their online marketing campaigns.

Wishpond has a combination of features offered by other landing page builders. The features of Instapage and Unbounce are included.

 It also can run advanced campaigns for marketing its products and services. Mailchimp and Sendinblue are included as well.

Wishing has several positive qualities but has one drawback as well. You will have to create a sales funnel on your own to start.

Other applications, such as ClickFunnels, take its users down the procedure of building a sales funnel. Hence, the learning curve of Wishpond is steeper.

Wishpond Pricing

Just like ClickFunnels, Wishpond also offers a trial period of 14 days for its users to try the software and decide. All the plans offered have access to email marketing and lead generation features.

 However, the significant difference in the plans offered is with the number of contacts that the users can store in their accounts.

The startup plan is offered for either $75/month or $588/year. Have access to 1,000 contacts.

Everything you need a plan is offered for $149/month or $1,188/year. It has access to store 2,500 contacts.

The rapid growth plan is offered for $199/month or $2,388/year. You can store 10,000 contacts with it.


LeadPages is one of the oldest website building software available in the market. As a result, the competition between Clickfunnels and Leadpages is serious.

 Veteran businessmen say that it is better to choose Leadpages over Clickfunnels if the business is focused on essential landing pages.

Features of LeadPages

  1. Webinar Platforms: It has a strong capability to integrate webinar platforms, email service providers, and tools for shopping carts. This helps them stay linked to many browsers. As a result, they become leads and generate prospective customers.
  2. Easy Converting: It is helpful for webinar hosting, capturing leads, and converting the leads into sales, and it creates pop-ups so that their list may have additions.
  3. Two different landing page editors: One of them is for beginners, while the other is for advanced users. The former offers more help. On the contrary, the advanced edition offers more features for customization.
  4. A/B testing: The A/B tests may be performed on the landing pages in LeadPages.
  5. Easy Sign Up: It offers the option of signing up through SMS to users. It sends a message to the phone of the user. The user responds with an email address. This way, they have signed up.

ClickFunnels vs LeadPages

Like ClickFunnels, Leadpages offers a trial period of 14 days. After 14 days are over, the user needs to pay a nominal charge.

It offers a variety of templates at a nominal rate. If none of them fit the bill, the user is free to create his template.

The pre-built templates of LeadPages give the users an edge over Clickfunnels. It offers both free and premium templates.

It excels in the creation of beautiful pages which can be easily customized. ClickFunnel, on the other hand, is more custom-oriented.

The user has to put in a little more effort to convert the sales funnel in this platform than in ClickFunnel. However, it helps the users create an impressive landing page. LeadPages is more of a landing page than a sales funnel service.

LeadPages Pricings

LeadPages help to convert the leads to sales. It has three tiers of pricing. All of them are reasonable. It helps the user save steep monthly costs. However, people also need to pay for email sequencing capability as well as online sales.

Leadpages is ideal for beginners who have a shoestring budget. It collaborates with all-important email service providers. Thus, this software helps to collect the emails at a place and nurture leads who have signed up through the landing page.

  1. Standard: This plan can be availed for $25 per month. It allows you to build one website and tech support is available via email.
  2. Pro: To avail this plan, you need to pay $48 per month. You can build three websites with this plan and tech support is available via chat as well as email.
  3. Advanced: This plan is available for $199 per month. You can build up to fifty websites with this plan and priority phone tech support is available.


Do I Need a Website to Use ClickFunnels?

An excellent WordPress website, along with ClickFunnels, will offer powerful sales funnels along with outstanding brand presence.

Start with developing a website first, then work on the organic traffic from a search engine, and then offer them upsell with the help of ClickFunnels.

Is ClickFunnels Worth it?

It was initially developed to solve a particular problem, and everyone can use it.

It works best when the users have a great offer, but other similar tools do the same thing as ClickFunnels at low costs. They are also straightforward to use.

The bottom line

Deciding an alternative to ClickFunnels is not at all easy. Moreover, the decision depends majorly on the objectives of a business, technical know-how, and, most importantly, the budget.

This list of alternatives will help you gauge the difference better and land on a practical decision.

Users use different tools based on their preferences and budget. You can choose to decide based on the features offered so that you will get what is required.

Create compelling landing pages and sales funnels with one of the best tools available to rapidly scale your business. New businesses can also obtain maximum advantages.

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