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​​​​Thrive vs ClickFunnels | Who’s Right Fit for You?

The first and foremost step to grow your business online is to do online marketing correctly.

Digital Marketing is the future for online businesses, and Sales Funnel plays an integral part in it. Sales Funnel, when generated successfully, can help you generate several leads.

ClickFunnels is one such software which deals entirely with the generation and the management of a sales funnel.  

With several templates to choose from, it bestows the users with the liberty to generate their own sales funnel and then customize it accordingly.

Thrive Themes; on the other hand, are a pack of conversion-focused themes and plugins from WordPress.

From A/B testing tools to page builders and from landing page builders to scarcity marketing times, Thrive Themes contain it all.

Most marketers and entrepreneurs often struggle to choose between the two in terms of creation of the best sales funnel, which will actively do the conversions.

Thrive Themes and ClickFunnels are two different software which have a similar focus. To help you make an informed choice, we have provided you with a detailed comparison of Thrive vs ClickFunnels.





No specific plans, monthly charges paid that are fixed

2 varied plans

Trial Period

No trial period

14-days trial


Marketing tool suite

Sales Funnel builder tool

Payment Integration

Third party Integration


Hosting Service

Third party hosting

Own hosting

Pre-built Templates



Page Builder



Upselling Tool

Doesn’t allow order bumps or upsells

Allows Order bumps and upsells

Drag and drop Editor



Email Autoresponder

Not Included, needs a third-party integration

Included in the application

Affiliate Management Program

Not Included



Let us get a general idea of the two tools and know about their features. Both the applications are successful sales funnel builders. Sales funnel is believed to generate more leads, more revenue, and more clients.

We will start with the introduction of both ClickFunnels and Thrive Themes.

What is ClickFunnels?


ClickFunnels is a famous tool for building robust sales funnels. A sales funnel a series of webpages that track the visitors to your website. Visitors are guided with the help of a sales funnel, and they are conveniently converted.

On ClickFunnels, you will find dozens of pre-built templates that are used to sell anything you want. It also contains several tools with which you can effortlessly measure the performance of your sales funnel.

ClickFunnels offers a pro version, which is the advanced version with which you get access to the CRM system. An email responder tool is provided along.


Thrive themes

Thrive has a collection of tools and plugins; they are designed to be used correctly with WordPress. The tools help its users to build a sales funnel with which you can convert your visitors quickly.

You can also measure the performance of your funnels. It has landing page templates that are pre-built.

It is also a website builder tool that you can use to create an entire sales funnel. It also has several plugins, such as testimonials, quizzes, etc. You can add them either to your sales funnel or website.

To conclude about the two applications, Clickfunnels provides an all-in-one solution to build robust sales funnels. Use sales funnels to sell products and services.

On the contrary, Thrive is a website building tool that is used to create all kinds of websites, including the sales funnel.

Which Tool is Better When it Comes to the Creation of a Sales Funnel?

Honestly, both tools have their advantages and disadvantages. Let us dive more into the differences between the two.

  • Free Hosting - ClickFunnels hosts your website. Therefore, you are not required to pay the charges for hosting. Thrive doesn't have this facility available. There is a drawback with ClickFunnels, which is that you only own the webpages as long as you are a member. But, with thrive you own the themes even if you opt-out of its subscription.
  • CRM System - With Thrive, you can collect numerous via the opt-in option, but there is no way you can store those leads. On the contrary, ClickFunnels allows the storage of leads, and you can also segment them depending on the type of actions they take. If you want the same functionality in Thrive, you will have to integrate Thrive with a third-party CRM.
  • Inbuilt-payment Integrations - ClickFunnels allows setting up of payments for your customers without searching for a third-party solution. When it comes to Thrive Themes, you can only do so with the help of a third-party solution.
Payment integrations
  • On click upsell or down-sell - You can choose to promote your products to the customers based on their interests. You can choose to promote even after the checkout page in ClickFunnels. Thrive doesn't allow this, and you will need the help of a third-party solution.
  • Email Autoresponder - With ClickFunnels, you can send numerous emails to your leads after they opt-in to your sales funnel or visit your website. An email autoresponder is not available in thrive themes, and you cannot do this.

By now, you must have understood that with Thrive, you will only need a lot of integrations to build a robust sales funnel.

Right from hosting, payment integration, lead management, marketing solutions, etc. For everything, you will require a third-party integration.

You will not get access to several tools like hosting, CRM system, or email autoresponder. You will have to pay additional dollars to use them. Thus, all of these add up to a significant amount.

However, Thrive has a collection of several unique tools that help create a business website focused on conversions.

Thrive dashboard

Instead of adding a basic opt-in form to your page, you can choose to add either a ribbon opt-in form or a slider opt-in form.

Add a form that pops up when a visitor is closing a website or more. You can also add several things that include comments, blog posts, headline analyzer, and much more. Thrive is your ultimate choice to build a great website.

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder that boasts about its "A-level" players. The tool is packed with some excellent features and has the entire concept of building sales funnels.

Clicfunnels funnel builder

This platform offers extensive functionalities that include membership options; customized pre-built sales funnel templates, split testing features, etc.

Moreover, access some of the best-prebuilt sales funnel templates and customize it according to your preferences. Get a marketing funnel for everything you desire for. Also, measure the accomplishments handily.

On the contrary, Thrive is a suite of WordPress plugins that are conversion-focused. It also has a collection of several tools that include scarcity marketing timers, page builders, landing page templates, and A/B testing tools.

You will find templates for building a sales funnel that is specific. Integrate several plugins on your website or sales funnel.

Thrive is a collection of a variety of plugins and tools that are designed to use along with WordPress. Moreover, you can also use the tool to build a robust sales funnel as well.

ClickFunnels is a tool that provides all-in-one solutions for digital marketing services. Develop one of the best sales funnels for your business. Promote your products and services among your prospects successfully.

Thrive vs. ClickFunnels - Integrations

You will be overwhelmed by looking at the options of integrations available in both Thrive and ClickFunnels. They are nothing short of impressive and have one of the best features included.

The main difference between the two is that ClickFunnels boasts its integrations, whereas Thrive boasts third-party integrations. ClickFunnels has its email marketing services known as the Actionetics, but Thrive uses third-party integrations.

As far as other integrations are concerned, both the platforms have a lot to offer. Several integrations offered by Thrive include Amazon Web, MailerLite, MailRelay, Google, Convertkit, WebinarJam, InfusionSoft, etc. These services provided are awe-inspiring, and you can do a lot more with this single application. Skyrocket your business with the best possible tool for building a sales funnel.

Thrive integrations

Thrive Themes Integrations

Integrations offered by ClickFunnels include GoTo Webinar, ClickBank, Constant Contact, Macropost, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, Ever Webinar, Stripe, etc. Hence, you can see that both platforms provide overwhelming integrations.

Clickfunnels integrations

Clickfunnels Integrations

You can create responsive pages for mobile devices as well with the help of both applications. The split testing feature is offered for you to test between different versions of the sales template and landing pages built.

Own Everything You Build on Thrive Themes

Own every page you build on Thrive themes.

This means that even if you terminate the subscription with Thrive, you will have access to every webpage or sales funnel created. You will find all your marketing materials since they are available on the website that is hosted by you.

But, with ClickFunnels, even after you build your sales funnel or webpage, it is owned by the platform. After you cancel its monthly subscription, you will lose access to the domain associated with it. Hence, you will lose all your sales funnels and web pages as well.

If you want to keep your marketing materials and the web pages, then you will have to opt to keep the subscription.

Pay a minimum amount monthly to keep the domain that has all your webpages. Remember that they will not be live, and you cannot use them for marketing.

Trial Period

Unlike Thrive, the trial period is offered by ClickFunnels. The trial period is crucial for several marketers and entrepreneurs. You can make the most of this trial period and obtain the benefits to a great extent.

You will get risk-free time to use all the features of ClickFunnels. You can make an informed decision on whether the platform is for you or not. Decide whether the platform will help you achieve your objectives or not.

Drag and Drop Editor

clickfunnles drag & drop step by step procedure

Source: goto.clickfunnels.com

Thrive and ClickFunnels, both have drag and drop editors. You can use this editor to include several elements in your web pages. However, it is believed that the drop and drop editor of Thrive is more versatile than ClickFunnels has.

Drag and drop

With Thrive, you can revise the pre-built template while dropping elements, but ClickFunnels has only the basic functionality. If you make a mistake while working on ClickFunnels, then you will have to delete it.

Then create again what you originally wanted to. On the contrary, while working on Thrive, you can go to the previous layout and start working still.


ClickFunnels offers two major pricing plans: The Basic plan and the Etison Suite plan.

Clickfunnels pricing plans

The Basic plan costs $97 for a month. You will get access only to the standard features and not to the high-end features.

To access all the features offered by ClickFunnels, you will have to opt for its advanced plan that costs $297 per month.

Get to use the email autoresponder, CRM and Affiliate System, etc. Use all the features and build the best sales funnel that converts.

Thrive membership is offered at $30 per month. However, you are required to pay its subscription charges quarterly. When you opt for this membership plan, you will get the entire toolset and plugins along.

Thrive themes pricing

The limit that comes in with this subscription plan is that you can use the features in only 25 websites.

Furthermore, if you want to use the features in more than 25 websites, you will have to choose its agency membership. The agency membership is offered at $69 per month, which is again paid quarterly.

To conclude, Thrive is a cheaper option as compared to ClickFunnels.

Even if ClickFunnels is expensive, you will get every integration in the same application. But, with thrive, you will have to choose third-party integrations.

Thrive may seem cheaper initially, but you should remember that you will have to opt for third-party integrations. Using external integrations will ultimately push the cost up.

To grow your business, you need to do online marketing the right way. Businesses who are giving their best in online marketing are eventually succeeding.

With sales funnel, you can generate more leads and as a result, make more sales and fetch profits. Hence, we have compared Thrive and ClickFunnels, the two sales funnel builders.

You will be able to find which one will work for you better.

Thrive vs. ClickFunnels - Pros and Cons



  1. Being a feature-rich platform, you get access to a lot of features. It is an unmatched software and has a full suite of tools available. You can enjoy some of the best capabilities of the platform.
  2. Email lead generation capabilities, aka options, and pop-ups.
  3. It has themes for all kinds of sites.
  4. Ultimatum - It is an evergreen sales funnel that adds scarcity.
  5. You can manage comments through its comment management system.
  6. The tools and all its features work together very well.


  1. There are too many features included, and sometimes it is complicated to use all such features.
  2. Its customer support is terrible. It has a support system that is forum based and is very slow. This is possibly the worst issue.
  3. The speed of the application is quite slow if you use the features available on it. It is a bloated piece of software.
  4. You will have to pay for third party integrations separately, and as a result, its monthly charges are pushed significantly from what is being displayed.



  1. You can easily create the complete funnel workflows.
  2. Several templates that have a great look, and you will find all different kinds of templates.
  3. Editor balances ease of use with flexibility.
  4. You can integrate it easily with several payments and email providers.
  5. News features are added consistently.
  6. The training materials provided are excellent, and it has ongoing weekly webinars.
  7. 2-tier affiliate program.
  8. A trial period of 14 days is provided.


  1. While opting for the standard plan, there are limits on the number of pages, funnels, visitors, etc. However, the quota provided is enough unless you create funnels for money in the industry.
  2. The Etison Suite plan is comparatively expensive as compared to other applications.
  3. It can seem overwhelming initially, but if you try to do the simple things and take necessary action, you will do fine.


You can conclude that when it comes to internet marketing, both Thrive and ClickFunnels are great. 

Why Thrive?

Thrive is a tool that has everything needed to optimize a WordPress website. Both applications help to convert visitors into customers.

No doubt, Thrive is a cheaper sales funnel builder, but then, that is the only thing you can do.
With Thrive, the integration of other services is chargeable.

Some may like the freedom of picking their choice of tools and services for managing their funnel. While others may find the process lengthy of signing up and paying for additional third-party tools.

Why Clickfunnels?

ClickFunnels stands out in the competition if someone is looking for a sales funnel builder.

If you are a marketer who wishes to promote an event, sell his product, or market any of your services, ClickFunnels will show you the easy route to achieving it all.

It will help you to create a functioning sales funnel. This application makes the entire sales process extremely simple..

Get everything under one roof and skyrocket your business eventually.

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