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​​​​8 Best Unbounce Alternatives & Competitors In 2021


Unbounce is one of the best landing page builders and lead capturing tools that helps the marketers boost their conversion rate significantly.

Other than enabling building professional looking landing pages, Unbounce also enables building popups, sticky bars etc. With this tool, you can build highly converting landing pages, with no expertise in coding.

It was because of this software that the facet of online marketing was revolutionized. Initially, the task of building landing pages was hectic.

It used to take a dozen of hours to get everything in place. Also, earlier you need to know advanced level coding to build a landing page from scratch.

But, with the introduction of tools like Unbounce, has made the task easy. With Unbounce, you can incorporate as many features as you want, and make your pages highly converting .

This tool also optimizes the developed landing pages developed, to boost conversion rates.

Unbounce is one of the most powerful lead capturing tools that works like a charm for a few. However, there are instances when it doesn’t work the same way for others.

Unbounce has always been cited as one of the top tools when it comes to building landing pages.

However, here is no denying the fact that Unbounce is an expensive choice, as compared to the other landing page builders.

 Hence, if you are looking for the alternatives of Unbounce to build a comparatively similar landing page, then this article has got you covered.

Unbounce Alternatives:

1. Instapage

Instapage is one of the leading competitors of Unbounce. It possesses the strength to convert your landing page visitors into subscribers or prospects.

With Instapage you can design wonderful landing pages, and also integrate pop-ups and sticky bars in them.

It also comprises a drag and drop builder that can be conveniently used to design the landing page as per your requirements.

Also, it allows you to design web pages that are compelling enough to attract visitors. This tool is dedicated entirely to the development of landing pages, and hence with this you get beautifully crafted landing pages that are highly converting.


  • Split Testing: Build two versions of the same page, and split test both the versions with A/B testing features of this tool. It will enable you to see which version is performing better. Instapage allows you to do unlimited split testing so that you can come up with the best option.
  • Responsive Pages: It allows building mobile responsive pages, so that your landing page performs well on mobile devices as well.
  • Email Marketing Integration: Instapage allows Integration of Email Marketing platforms on your landing page, so that you can reach maximum people, with the help of emails.

2. ClickFunnels


ClickFunnels is one of the best Unbounce alternatives that allow its users to build highly converting sales funnels to market, and sell products online. This tool is very simple to use and is efficient enough to make the entire process of marketing and selling look like a piece of cake.

There are several pre-built funnels that businesses can employ to obtain maximum benefits. All they need to do is customize these funnels as per their requirements.


  • Several Funnels: You can use this tool to build different kinds of funnels that include webinar funnels, membership funnels, and hangout funnels.
  • Email Integration: This tool allows embedding several email integration tools to make the most of your funnels and landing pages.
  • Variety of Pages: Clickfunnels allows the establishment of a wide variety of pages, so that the marketers can make the most of their marketing campaigns. You can build Downsell Pages, Upsell Pages, Order Pages, etc with this tool.

3. Hubspot Landing Pages


With Hubspot, you can effortlessly create professional looking landing pages that are powerful enough to convert your visitors successfully into leads.

There are plenty of modules offered by the platform for its users to choose from. You can incorporate several modules including rich text, forms, video, and also a meetings module. Hubspot also allows you the benefit of nurturing your leads, throughout their journey as a buyer.


  • Drag and Drop Builder:  The drag and drop builder of this tool is easy to use and lets you build landing pages with maximum ease.
  • Customer Support: Hubspot provides excellent customer support for all your prospects, and documentation is offered as well.
  • Vast Library of templates: With Hubspot you get a vast library of templates with which you can easily create highly converting landing pages.
  • Meetings Tool: Hubspot allows seamless integration of its meetings tool on your landing page with which your users can directly book meetings with you on your calendar.

4. LeadPages 

LeadPages is another leading landing page builder that helps you to build professional looking landing pages.

You can also create appealing and attractive popups using this tool. LeadPages has a pretty straightforward approach.

One of the outstanding features of LeadPages is that you can pick the templates based on the conversion rates.


  • A/B Split Test-  With A/B Split Test, you can easily compare the different versions of a landing page. As per the result of the split test, you can finalize the version of your landing page.
  • Email Service Providers- LeadPages allows integration with leading Email Service Providers.
  • Mobile Responsive Landing Pages-With this tool, you can build mobile friendly landing pages that are fully responsive.
  • Built-in Templates- You can choose from a wide range of built-in templates for the landing pages. Also, you can customize these landing pages as per your requirement.

5. Sleeknote 

Sleeknote Popup Builder

Sleeknote is yet another excellent product that fulfills the purpose of lead generation.  

You can expand your business by increasing the amount of leads generated and conversion rate using appealing and beautiful landing pages offered by Sleeknote.

It also provides you with a drag and drop builder, enabling you to make appropriate changes to your landing page easily.

It implies that you can build landing pages without knowing how to code. The tool makes it easy for non programmer entrepreneurs.

Note- Every element that has been designed by Sleeknote is customizable, i.e., you can inject or delete the elements as per your need to suit your brand’s style and design.


  • Real-time Analytics- Equipped with real-time analytics, this tool allows the marketers and solo-entrepreneurs to track the performance of their campaigns and do the needful to make it optimal.
  • A/B Testing Feature- With the A/B Testing feature, you can create and test two different versions of your landing page. Then, as per the results you can choose the version that suits your requirement.
  • Personalize your Brand Messages- It allows you to personalize the brand messages according to various parameters such as visitors' behavior, traffic, and device, etc.
  • Mobile Editor Feature- It also comes with a mobile editor that helps you design mobile-friendly landing pages.

6. Thrive Architect 

Thrive themes

Thrive Architect has been specially designed to enhance lead generation and conversion rates of visitors on websites and landing pages.

The Thrive Architect Tool offers an enormous number of template options for the landing page.  

This plugin comes with a simple and easy-to-use drag and drop builder, allowing the users to modify their landing pages as per their requirement. 


  • Drag and Drop Feature- This feature allows you to easily drag and drop the elements to your landing pages.  Thus, you can build professional looking landing pages without any coding knowledge.
  • Prebuilt Elements- Includes prebuilt elements that enhances the conversion rates, such as testimonials, buttons, timers, etc.
  • Large number of Templates- This tool offers around two hundred and thirty-six attractive, gorgeous, and appealing templates for landing pages to increase your conversion rates.

7. OptimizePress

Optimizepress home

OptimizePress may be described as a complete marketing tool. It is an advanced marketing plugin integrated with WordPress.

It is used to create professional looking landing pages, sales funnel, sales pages and so much more.

Dozens of pre-built templates are available in this tool. You can choose your desired template and then customize it as per your requirements.

The landing pages developed by this tool are visually stunning. It has an option  that permits users to create and edit pages on a real-time basis.

OptimizePress may also be considered a powerful solution for converting WordPress into the ideal platform to market sites.


  • Registration pages: OptimizePress allows the users to create effective registration pages. These pages ensure that the registration process is seamless for the users.
  • User-friendly:-  This web tool is extremely user-friendly and people who do not possess any coding language can use it too.
  • Customizable templates: It has more than twenty-five customizable templates. Each of them can be edited as per your needs and requirements. Apart from the templates, it offers several other elements, like multimedia, feature boxes, arrows and buttons. You can integrate these elements to develop professional looking templates.
  • Mobile-friendly: The landing pages built using OptimizePress are mobile-friendly and hence, it helps to convert mobile users as well.
  • Real-time editor: The Live Editor lets the users make changes to their webpages on a real-time basis.
  • Simple theme: OptimizePress is available in WP theme and Plugin format. It is a drag and drop WordPress builder which is extremely easy to use.
  • Membership Portals:- The USP of Optimize press is to create attractive and secure membership portals. The membership portals of any business help increase the value of its content.
  • Pocket-friendly: OptimizePress doesn’t charge any monthly fees from customers. Club Membership is the only exception. The users will have to avail a traditional perpetual license for it.
  • Independence to create pages: It allows people to create full-fledged marketing sites and sales pages. OptimizePress helps create pages that sell the products and services on autopilot. The pages act like digital salesmen.
  • Economic way of selling services: Optimize press has everything needed to sell the services and products online. People are free to build marketing funnels in WordPress. They do not have to burn a hole in their pocket for investments.

8. Sumo


Sumo is one of the best alternatives to Unbounce. It is a moderately priced alternative and is the ideal tool for marketers who wish to boost their conversion rates without investing much.

It allows people to build their email list and generate more website traffic. Sumo has all the solutions to make a website attractive to visitors.

The attraction quotient generates more traffic and convinces people to spend some time on the website.

Build robust email lists with this email marketing tool. With this tool, you can strategically place email capture forms on your landing page.

A majority of the leading brands, use this tool to do email marketing.


  • Presence of online analytics: It has onsite analytics such as Heatmaps and Google analytics. The heat map allows the viewers to follow the trends and  have a clear visibility of the traffic. Since Sumo is integrated with Google Analytics, the users do not need to invest extra time analysing trends. The owners get the required data on visitors on a real time basis.
  • Content-sharing: The features of Sumo make content-sharing much simpler. It ensures that the process of sharing is streamlined via social media. Sumo has several share buttons that convert the customers into loyal ambassadors of the brand. Image sharer is an integral part of Sumo.
  • Attractive pop-ups:  Sumo has a significant contribution towards preparing attractive pop-ups.  The pop-ups are configured in such a way that they appear at strategic touch-points.
  • Welcome mat: Sumo has a welcome mat which you can easily turn into a landing page.


Unbounce is undoubtedly the best landing page builder. It is popular among the marketers who use it to capture leads and boost their conversion rates.

While Unbounce works like a charm for some people, it fails to produce similar results for others. There are numerous alternatives to Unbounce available in the market.

All of them offer different features at different prices. We hope that the above compiled list of the best alternatives to Unbounce helps you make an informed choice.

Build professional looking landing pages with the chosen tool and Boost your conversion rates .

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