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​​​​Instapage Pricing 2021 – With “Hidden” Costs You MUST Know

When it comes to landing page builders, very few know about Instapage. Instapage is useful for creating a captivating post-click experience.


However, many people wonder about the software’s pricing. Instapage is not an average platform like others.

I consider it an efficient landing page builder. It has features that offer end-to-end solutions which are optimized for conversions. Also, Instapage offers security features and much more.

In this Instapage pricing review today I am going to highlight some of the key pricing features. So, let’s break down the features and plans for a detailed review of this software.

What Is Instapage?

Instapage is the most popular software known to build landing pages. This status is given to Instapage by marketers and startup founders. With Instapage, you can build a landing page quickly. It has an easy drag-and-drop feature to support the same.

Instapage has many premium features besides being a landing page builder. It consists of A/B- testing, and conversion tracking.The heatmaps and AMP load speed for enterprise plans are also included in it. 

When it comes to Instapage pricing, it is simple to understand.

I personally love AMP-pages and the 1:1 ad-to-page personalization. It has shown promising results and has boosted conversions. This change is visible while running 100+ different ads.

Instapage also provides unique and customized design templates to users. It helps in the design individuality of the website.

Apart from landing pages, the software also features Instablocks. They provide prerequisites for site-building.

What Do Instapage Plans Offer?

Its high-end plans provide much dynamic results to the site. Adding unlimited personalization options for the user helps in differentiation. It provides an efficient editor and builder for the users.

The wide range of options for analytics allows you to measure data campaigns.

It gives users an area to improve and reflect upon the analytic metrics. There is freedom to experiment. In order to have uniqueness, one can experiment with the design.

Instapage Analytics

Instapage pricing offers a fixed fee plan. It rewards you with discounts if you commit to a year's use.

There are other plans about which we will learn in this blog in complete detail. This is to avoid any confusion that you might face.

Why Is Instapage One Solution?

Speaking about the features of Instapage, they are amazing. Instapage has very comprehensive features that are easy to utilize.

It is a perfect tool for startup geniuses and companies. By leveraging Instapage, you can start innovating.

Apart from being a landing page optimizer, it also offers a wide range of features.

The features include testing pages, a heat map and high-speed tracking. It is considered accurate for first-timers and small projects.

Instapage Features

Instapage also offers credibility to users. It has become a prerequisite to successful campaigns.

Instapage caters to the needs of every economic bracket. For doing this, it offers two plans to its users, excluding a trial plan of 14 days. The trial plan is viable for users to test out and understand the platform.

Its two plans provide the users with different variations in the features and targets to fulfil.

The trial plan is accurate for users who want to test the platform before investing in it. It is suitable for people who are working on a small project.

Let us discuss each plan in detail to understand which plan would be suitable for various different needs:

1. Trial Plan (14 Days)

The Trial Plan of Instapage provides users with a free trial period of 14 days. It's a simple way of making users aware of the features included in the platform.

The trial plan provides all the features present in the paid plan.

For starting the trial period, the users do not even need to give their card details (cc) for confirmation. The user can start their free plan by signing up on the platform.

It eliminates the obligation to pay for the plan after the trial period ends.

With this plan, the user can access every feature - except it can provide for only 2400 visitors. This number increases with the other pricing plans.

Advantages of the Plan

  • This plan is suitable for users who have small projects.
  • It provides all the features for free.
  • The trial plan gives you the ability to test out the features and feasibility for no extra cost.

Disadvantages of the Plan

  • It only provides the features for 14 days.
  • Instapage automatically has to unpublish the content from your site after the trial period ends.
  • The data is accessible and can be deleted by the platform without taking permission.

2. Main (Core) Plan

The core plan is the best plan for Instapage. It charges $99 yearly whereas, $199 monthly for the features. It provides the best experience to the users.

The core Instapage pricing plan provides the users with access to 3000 visitors each month and 30,000 landing pages.

It also provides the users with extra features, such as, examples of heatmaps to measure the traffic of the site. It comes in handy when the user is serious about arranging his business campaigns.

The core Instapage pricing plan carries most of the features the custom plan has (discussed below). But the only limitation in this plan is the restriction on its usage.

It restricts the landing pages and visitors per session. Everything else is monotonous with other plans.

Users can easily shift to this plan after availing the free trial plan. After understanding the basics, it is easy for the user to operate on the core Instapage pricing plan.

It also includes ease of conducting the same work as its competitors but with provided ease. A/B testing and many more interactive features are also the part of the plan which makes it a hit among customers.

Advantages of the plan

  • The core Instapage pricing plan provides vast features for efficient working of the site.
  • It provides you with SL certification and load speed.
  • This plan helps in gaining additional customers because it provides reports of competitor's features.

Disadvantages of the Plan

  • The core Instapage pricing plan is on the expensive side as $98 monthly can be costly for small and medium businesses.
  • It still has a certain restriction on the number of visitors and landing pages.
  • There is a limit on the number of visitors (5).
  • The core plan does not provide AMP readings which form a crucial part of the campaign.

3. Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Instapage pricing plan is the most expensive. If you are serious about your campaign, you should invest in this plan. It is the most suitable for big businesses and organizations.

In the Enterprise Instapage pricing plan, you need to send a request for the bid of the price and feature you want to have.

The average bid price stated by the platform is $2,200/month, which is quite expensive. Due to this feature, Instapage only provides efficiency for big businesses.

This plan costs approx $99k yearly depending upon the business. On the brighter side, it provides massive performance and infinite features.

It proves to be the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the platform for the entire campaign of the business.

It also allows immediate collaboration between the managers for easy transitioning.

Advantages of Using the Customizable Plan

  • You can adjust and create your interface catering to your needs.
  • Enterprise Instapage pricing plan allows you the freedom to choose between features and dashboards.
  • It equips you with a different manager option.
  • Enterprise plan allows the free flow of information in the least response time.
  • It allows you to have custom fonts and real-time AMP checks.
  • It is capable of handling 40+ landing pages at the same time.

Disadvantages of the Plan

  • Enterprise Instapage pricing plans sometimes include extra charges in the form of hidden costs which are visible only at checkout.
  • It is quite expensive. It cannot be used by small businesses who are serious about expanding.
  • It can only be used by those experts who have prior information about Instapage.
  • This plan can be a severe waste of money if you don't know how to make proper use of it.

Now we understand that before investing, we need to have a proper working plan. We also need to address our needs and requirements before selecting a plan which is best suited to our needs.

Before selecting and investing in a plan, you also need to consider the factor of the hidden costs. These costs are complimentary.

They are sometimes the cost of things which are a prerequisite to using Instapage.

Some Of The ABSORBENT OR HIDDEN COSTS For Using Instapage Are

  1. Domain name costs – Before investing in a page optimization tool, it is essential to have a domain name. The domain name provided by Instapage seems amateur on the professional front. An average domain name costs between $15 to $50, which is a high cost to consider.
  2. Refund period- After mentioning the card details (CC) and taking the plan, you can only apply for a refund in the next 24 hours. After that, the amount will be frozen, and you cannot get it back. A trial plan is thus considered necessary before taking a decision. Due to the huge amount, small businesses cannot afford to bear such losses. Here, businesses need to remain cautious to avoid losses.
  3. No free plan other than trial plan- After exhausting the 14-day trial plan, you are applicable to pay charges. You cannot subdue the charges after using the trial plan. You will also be restricted from accessing the server from a different account.

While keeping in mind all the hidden costs (which are compulsory) to operate Instapage, you need to select the right plan for your use.

Let us compare all the three plans with each other to get a clear view of the features provided-





Number of visitors

2500 allowed each month

30000 allowed

Unlimited visitors

Number of pages for landing

10 pages in each session

30 pages in each session

Unlimited pages in each session

Number of members allowed

5 members maximum allowed

10 members maximum allowed

Unlimited members allowed

Accessing AMP pages

Not allowed

Not allowed


Accessing special font designs

Not available

Not available


Conversion rate tracking




Access of integration algorithms





Not Available

Not Available


Bucket testing




Customizable dashboard




Price Range

Free (For 14 days)



Depends on customer bid



I would recommend Instapage to everybody. However, you need to understand the software to work efficiently.

After discussing in depth about all the features available in different plans, you can now easily choose the plans that will be best for you.

Instapage Products

Instapage has all the solutions that are needed to provide a push to your site. It curates solutions and caters to the business needs. It secures the database and provides credibility.

Depending on how many pages you can build, you can choose any of the plans I have mentioned above. It is advisable that you should go for a trial plan if you do not have any prior knowledge.

It will help you in getting an idea about the platform. It provides insights into the scope of the platform.

After getting well versed with Instapage, you can choose either of the two plans depending on your needs.

You should choose the core plan if -

  • You require more landing pages and visitors. It has got features, to begin with at a reasonable price. You can start with a core plan for landing pages.
    Although if you run more than 30 paid campaigns, I would say, drop it! The problem rises on landing over maximum landing pages.
  • If the core plan is not able to fit in your design, you should choose the custom plan as- It gives you a wide range of features. Starting with unlimited access to customizable pages. It helps to broaden the horizon. It is an ideal plan for big businesses.

The only problem with an Enterprise Instapage pricing plan is its high price. I recommend this highly if you want paid marketing and landing page features. The investment against the returns can be very beneficial.

Choosing the right plan can be overwhelming at times, but you can invest easily with the right knowledge and experience.


Is There Any Free Plan in Instapage Pricing?

Instapage pricing plan comprises paid plans and one free trial plan. The trial plan can be used for 14 days only.

Not many know that Instapage has a free trial plan. If you are someone who didn't already know about it, you know it now!

How to Use a Free Trial Plan?

Using the free trial plan in Instapage is extremely simple. Just provide the login details. For 14 days, you can explore the platform and judge its usability yourself.

If you like the platform, you can opt for a long-term paid Instapage pricing plans.

Does Free Trial Require Monetary Details(CC)?

Instapage will never ask you for credit card details for a free trial.

You only need to add in some details for a free trial account. After your free trial is activated, it will descend after expiry. However, the card details are not necessary if you discontinue.

Can I Upgrade or Degrade My Plans?

I am not very sure if that system exists in Instapage. One thing you can do is upgrade from a free trial to the core plan—the first basic.

If you still want to change from the core plan to an enterprise Instapage pricing plan, a quote request to the sales team has to be sent.

So similarly, if you want to change from an enterprise plan to a core plan, you will need to talk to salespeople.

That's the only wise way to switch between plans.

How Can I Cancel My Instapage Account?

Termination of the contract or plan has to be informed to the team. You can contact or email Instapage on their help mail from your associated email account. Fees, in any case, are non-refundable

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