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​​​​Wishpond Review 2021 – Is It Worth The Investment?

With Wishpond, you can easily automate all your digital marketing campaigns. This platform enables you to nurture visitors, and convert them into leads.


With this tool, you can easily score and segment your leads into lists.  Depending on your leads' activities and demographics, you can do these segmentations and then send customized emails to the members of these segmented lists.

Wishpond allows users to set up varied email campaigns based on the information you have about your visitors.  

It is focused on both large and small business owners as well as the marketers that wish to offer an affordable marketing platform to their clients.

The highlight of Wishpond is its lead scoring feature and its analytical process. This tool’s features help to build highly interactive landing pages.

Also, with this tool you can easily design contests, send emails to the segregated lis

With this tool, you can easily identify the hot leads and then forward these hot leads to the sales teams. It also allows automating actions for the apps that you are already using.

Wishpond offers a wide range of platforms for integrations. With this tool, you can automate interactions between several other marketing apps.

It furnishes some robust features that enable users to grow their audience, generate and nurture leads, and then convert them into sales. This marketing software allows creating popups and forms, landing pages that you can effortlessly place anywhere on your website, and grow your marketing list.

The best part? You can also create promos and contests on social media sites to get more reach.

We are reviewing Wishpond today and everything that this marketing software has to offer to better understand how it will be beneficial for your small business.

This marketing tool lets even non-technical users create landing pages and online forms.

Wishpond - Built To Grow Your Business

With this software, you can also analyze the data behind your marketing endeavors to gauge how effective your marketing campaigns are.

Let us find out if Wishpond is worth your time and money. Test the platform's functionalities by signing up for its free trial of 14 days and finding out whether it is the right fit for you.

The major intent of using marketing software for lead generation, such as Wishpond, is to gain better insights about your audience and how they interact with your brand online.

Wishpond helps to create marketing assets that help you to make the world aware of your brand.

You get every information that is required to reach out to your audience in a very engaging way. It is one of the best marketing tools.

Before we dive into the features of Wishpond, we will talk about how it works. You will first have to set your goals and decide how you want to use the automation software.

If you are confident about your technological capabilities, you should go for the "Do it for Yourself" option, which is cheaper and more interactive.

Wishpond is the go-to software for all non-techies who are looking for just the right software to manage your large business.

However, it also provides a "Done for you" solution that can also be the right fit for you.

The "Do it Yourself" package provides access to the all-in-one marketing suite that includes all required tools so that you can effortlessly create a custom-tailored marketing campaign for your business.

You get the ability to create contests, landing pages, email marketing templates, and much more by using this software.

For people who generally scratch their heads and wonder how to create, manage and execute a marketing campaign on their own, the "Done for you" option is the right fit for you.

This option allows for the creation and execution of marketing campaigns to generate leads. Hence, sales for your marketing campaigns increase as well.

It is more like hiring a local digital marketing agency to manage your digital marketing campaigns.

Wishpond Website Popup Features:

Wishpond allows the creation of welcome mat and opt-in bars in just a few seconds.

Wishpond Popups

When you start with the creation, you will realize that you can customize the color, background, style, text size, and other things that perfectly reflect your brand and style.

However, if you are looking for unconditional customization, create a pop-up from scratch using a blank template.

Online Forms

Wishpond helps you to manage and gather leads. However, what does that mean? Leads are referred to the customers.

Wishpond online forms

Obtain information about your leads so that they get to know your business more. Through marketing, you can also explain why your prospects should love you.

More than a dozen responsive form templates are offered by Wishpond so that you can gather valuable information about your consumers.

It offers a drag and drop builder that enables users to create online forms without any coding experience. You can also create custom fields to collect every information about your leads that you need.

Wishpond allows its users to create varied test variations of your online forms, which are also known as A/B testing so that you can judge which version is working best for you.

It also calculates the data you want to analyze the working of this tool, and you can, at the same time, decide which version is working best for you.

With Wishpond, you can also customize the text and color of your templates. This feature is often limited to other tools, regarding how you can personalize the font and style to jives with your website.

But, Wishpond offers this feature for you to create the required look of your forms to express your business more.

Leads Database

You can generate information about your leads through online forms, but what to do with them.

Wishpond Lead Database

With Leads' Database provided by Wishpond enables its users to create varied segments of all your leads depending on the activities they undertake.

You get information about the forms through which they come in and the marketing initiatives to which they have responded to increase your sales.

The tracking technology of Wishpond is robust. It tells you about the pages of your website in which your visitors are interested.

Also, know about the pages that are compelling your visitors to buy from your brand.

This information enables you to personalize the marketing messages you create and develop a relationship with your prospects.

Free Trial

If you are planning to opt for this service, it is highly recommended that you should first opt for the free trial period of this platform. The test drive will surely convince you to go for its paid subscription.

Why Choose Wishpond?

Let us know a few reasons why you will be ascertained to opt for the platform of Wishpond to automate your marketing campaigns.

Makes Your Brand Look Good 

There is no denying that owners always want their brands to look good. They are always on the lookout for a cost-effective solution that provides value for money.

Wishpond makes it possible. For just $50 a month, an illusion of having an entire marketing team is created that supports your entire website with little to no human intervention.

You are just required to customize your ad campaigns' text and colors and get everything done.

Easy-To-Use User Interface

If you are not an IT professional but are looking to create robust marketing campaigns, we have good news for you.

While learning to use the software, you will get several technical things, but not with Wishpond. With no coding, you can quickly create landing pages, popup ads, and more with this software.

Wishpond easy to use interface

Wishpond has an easy to use user interface.

With this tool, you can create more ads and pages for fun and try different things. It supports your marketing team entirely and is also helpful and user-friendly.

Helps You Manage Your Leads 

Several business owners want to spend their time writing rather than managing their leads. When it comes to lead management, you will have to micromanage it by automating it further.

With Wishpond, you can effectively manage your current clients and, at the same time, recognize potential ones. Its lead management is robust and better than its counterparts.

It has the marketing automation option that allows customization of marketing plans without micromanaging every information.

Good Customer Support 

You will need a marketing plan to tell the world about your brand and about the product you are selling. 

Wishpond support

We currently live in a Facebook-live, Google Searching, Insta-world, where potential customers and clients are looking for brands online to see what they offer. Are you proud of the storefront that you have to show to your clients?

If you are looking for a new and professional looking pop-up advertisement for your brand, Wishpond can make it happen.

Elevate your marketing game with Wishpond, and it will look like you have spent a huge amount on it. Create the image of a hi-fi brand just by spending a few bucks every month.

Landing Pages

When you are directed to a landing page from a link in a website, an email, or an advertisement, there is no irrelevant information (such as a navigation toolbar) present to divert you from the motive and goal of that particular landing page.

Therefore, a landing page refers to a single webpage that has a specific purpose with a single call-to-action. These are an important element of the sales funnel.

Wishpond Landing Page

The purpose can be to sell a service or product, register for a webinar, collect leads, etc.

Examples of Landing Pages

  1. Say, you come across, a single webpage convincing you to enter your details for providing you with a free coffee sample.
  2. Please do not get confused as this company isn’t doing this of generosity in their hearts.
  3. Instead, this is the beginning of a lifetime engagement by the marketers who are in search of your details and information.
  4. This courtship will involve these marketers telling you about things, and you pay them out for their services or products in return. This is pure marketing!
  5. Say, you are a content writer and wish to design a landing page but are unable to do so because of the lack of coding knowledge. 

Then, you can go through the landing page builder and build a landing page that can attract potential customers who are searching for a website narrative.

Generally, the purpose of a landing page is to collect details about potential customers. The users who submit their email addresses and name are interested in your brand.

Your potential client can also initiate a conversation with you via the fantastic messaging feature. It also provides you with an option to add multiple choice questions.

You can also add a ‘Thank You' page after the users submit their details on the landing page.

The most significant advantage of a landing page builder is that even non programmer entrepreneurs or even content writers can design their landing pages and that too in a few minutes.

It lets you build your landing page with no coding skills and is very easy to use.

Wishpond provides you with a wide range of landing page themes and templates. You also can import your template or design one if you wish and have design skills.

It also consists of many block elements that can be dragged and dropped on your landing page.

Features of Wishpond Landing Page

Contests and Promotions

The Wishpond Contests & Promotions will help you spread the positive word about your business/company online.  

Contests & Promotions

This will invite potential customers and loyal followers to ‘Claim Reward', which they recognize as precious and valuable.

Moreover, these contests and promotions are extremely easy to create.

You are also provided with many well-designed themes for contests and promotions. You can also edit and customize these templates according to marketing needs.

It is advisable to run contests and promotions on various social media platforms via Wishpond. People provide their emails when they click to vote on these promotions. You can then use these details in your marketing campaigns.

Tip - Use Social Media Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to generate shares, likes, and source leads.

Wishpond provides you with ten applications for making your contest exciting and lively.

These are video contests, photo caption contests, leaderboard contests, vote contests, referral contests, coupons, Instagram hashtag contests, bonus entry contests, photo contests, and sweepstakes.

You can publish these contests on any social media platform like Twitter, Facebook, or your website as these are mobile responsive. You can also add Twitter buttons, and Facebook likes to gain more followers.

Referral Suite

Referral Suite of Wishpond offers a wide variety of lead generation and lead capture options.

This includes the sharing of referral links, 'coming soon,' a contest of bonus entry, and waitlist and leaderboard possibilities.

Rferral suite

It helps you to increase your brand/company visibility and get faithfulness from your consumers.

This useful feature will allow your loyal customers to invite other people into a courtship with your business/company. Such customers will be rewarded for endorsing and promoting your business.

For instance,- When customers share or promote your site on social media platforms, then you can award them with ten bonus points in a contest.

You can also award five bonus points to your followers on Instagram and Twitter.   

Marketing automation

Wishpond Marketing Automation

The marketing automation of Wishpond identifies hot leads. Then, the leads are emailed to the sales team.

The sales team nurtures and contacts the leads at a suitable time for maximizing conversions. As a result, sales are boosted up.

Wishpond has specific information about visitors. The marketing automation uses this information about visitors to send segmented email campaigns. These emails may be customized according to the lead actors.

Marketing automation allows Wishpond users to send emails when they want. The marketing automation of Wishpond is easy-to-use.

It allows the customers to nurture leads automatically. It is ideal for retaining customers.

The marketing automation simplifies marketing the business. As a result, users have more free time to invest in closing deals.

They know who is engaging with their brand and which prospect is not suitable. So, it prepares them to send the right email to the right audience at the right time.

The marketing automation option lets the users customize a marketing plan without micromanaging the information.


Wishpond integrates with several tools to provide fantastic results. It connects with 2,000 apps. Zapier facilitates the integration of Wishpond with several other apps. Seamlessly, to boost productivity.

Wishpond Integrations

Facebook Lead Ads

It is easy to integrate Facebook Zero Cost Leads with Wishpond. The users need to follow a few simple steps-

  • Authenticate Facebook Leads ad and Wishpond
  • Pick an app as a trigger that will kickstart the automation.
  • Select a resulting option from the other app
  • Choose the data that needs to be sent from one app to the other.

Google Sheets

 Zapier lets the users send information automatically between Google Sheets and Wishpond within a few seconds.

The users do not need any coding knowledge for this integration. Connecting Google Sheets with Wishpond is easy.


Gmail may also be integrated with Wishpond. It needs no coding knowledge. People may now send emails to the team members via Gmail.

The emails may contain marketing leads. So, Wishpond may integrate with the payment apps, sales apps, and analytics apps.

It may integrate with Base CRM, the all-in-one customer management, and sales platform.

Small-scale law firms and single lawyers may manage their practice via the web through Clio.

Wishpond may integrate with it. Emma is a collection of intuitive marketing tools that provides successful results. GetResponse is an email marketing software that has an easy-to-use interface.

GoToWebinar provides a video conferencing solution for any business. Insightly is a project management software.

LiveChat is a support page that needs to be added to any Wishpond campaign page. It lets the businessmen speak to the visitors directly.

Wishpond is focused on business owners of medium and small scale businesses and marketing agencies looking to automate their marketing campaigns.

If you are a marketing agency, you can offer a robust automated marketing platform to your clients.

Affiliate Programs

If you are a small business website owner, Wishpond also provides affiliate benefits to all online marketers and bloggers.

Wishpond affiliate

You are offered a commission of 30% without paying anything for customer support. You can track all your payments through GetAmbassador, and you will get consistent payouts.

After joining Wishpond as an Affiliate, you will get a unique Affiliate Tracking link.  

Whenever a visitor comes in through your tracking link, it automatically gets associated with your Affiliate Account.

If the visitor buys a subscription either on the same visit or later, you will get a commission of 30%. Interesting, isn't it?

You will not only spend on Wishpond, will earn as well. The best part? The commission is renewed if the subscription is renewed either on the annual or monthly plan.

Wishpond offers more than margin access to its users through ingenious marketing tools such as the Tracking Dashboard, GetAmbassador, etc.

These tools enable easy tracking of every detail that includes commission, clicks, and revenue.

You can also effortlessly use banner ads on your website or blogs. You can also use Testimonials, Case Studies on your landing pages, websites, and blogs.

Get HTML codes for your banner ads from the platform on the affiliate page. For the banner ads of marketing automation, you will have to wait for a while.

Some Special Perks

Wishpond offers some perks in a maximum of their other customer support. Being a client, there are several advantages offered that include:

Wishpond special perks
  • Free trial and discount in ads that are of comprehensive display and advertising research tools of PPV that analyze competitors' and strategies.
  • Use Appointlet for 30 days for free that helps in booking appointments with Leads straight.
  • Ninety days trial for Groove.
  • Free trial of Aweber for 60 days.
  • $50/discount on Grasshopper.
  • Free trial of Crazy Eggs for 60 days.
  • An expert team for reliable customer support.

Wishpond is an all-in-one marketing tool that manages and generates leads with excellent customer service.

Wishpond allows the creation of contests and promotions, pop-up forms, impressive landing pages, and much more to effective lead generation.

Wishpond Pricing

We consider many factors while choosing a suitable marketing platform to grow our business. Price is the most important factor among them.

Wishpond has three pricing tiers. Irrespective of the preferred tier, a trial period is available for fourteen days. After the free trial period is over, people need to opt for any of these plans.

The pricing plans are as follows:

Wishpond Pricing Monthly
  • Starting Out
  • Everything You Need
  • Rapid Growth

All of these three plans offer a monthly as well as yearly payment scheme.

Each of the three tiers allows the customers to develop and deploy unlimited landing pages. Apart from that, it is of vital importance to be aware of the features of this plan. The features are as follows:

Starting Out Plan

This plan costs $588 per month. This plan offers a set of tools for building a page optimized for a higher conversion rate. This plan is the right choice for small-scale and new businesses. A few essential features of this plan

are as follows:

  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • 1,000 leads at the most
  • Unlimited Pop Ups
  • Marketing automation
  • Good customer support
  • Email drip campaigns
  • Unlimited social contests
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Email drip campaigns

Everything You Need 

This is the most popular plan of Wishpond. Everything You Need is the best choice for fast-growing businesses.

This pricing plan costs $99 per month. However, billing is done annually. All the features of the Starting Out plan are incorporated in it. Now, let us check out the exclusive features it offers-

  • Maximum of 2500 leads
  • Custom Javascript
  • A/B testing
  • API access
  • Unlimited user accounts

Rapid Growth

This plan costs $199 every month. The billing is done annually. It includes all the features of the Everything You Need Plan. The exclusive features of this plan are as follows:

  • 10,000 leads
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Free Implementation coaching at an additional cost of $1,500
  • First-in-line customer support

The Bottom Line

All your dilemmas regarding whether to choose Wishpond or not must have been cleared by now.

This detailed review talks about every feature offered by the platform that enables robust marketing campaigns.

If this tool fulfills all your requirements, then there is no reason that you should keep procrastinating.  

As compared to the other lead page building platforms, Wishpond is an all-inclusive solution for all your needs related to digital marketing.

Along with the creation of landing pages, you can also run promotions, social media contests, forms, web page pop-ups, and do marketing automation.

Wishpond is a go-to platform that is specifically made to suit the needs and requirements of both big and small business owners.

Also, marketers who are looking for landing page builders to offer to their clients can avail the services of this tool. Its pricing plans are cost-effective and offer value for money.

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