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​​​​LeadPages Review: Best in the Town? Detailed Review

Do you want to create landing pages for your business that are highly converting? Leadpages is the solution.

If you are looking to create sales pages for your products or services, you should go with Leadpages. Back in the time, building landing pages required a lot of effort.

Developers and designers were needed to do so. But now you can do it yourself without having any coding knowledge.

When it comes to Leadpages features, a lot is packed into the platform to ensure that users don't have to face difficulties.

The creation of landing pages is now something you can do from your computer sitting peacefully at home. However, to do all of these, you will need an application that can develop landing pages for you.

Leadpages is a tool that will help you with everything required. Let us dig into whether Leadpages is what you need.

This Leadpages review will also help you with the capabilities of the software. Know about the functions of Leadpages to decide if it has everything. Read further to know more.

What is Leadpages?

Leadpages is a tool that helps its users to design landing pages that are really great and highly converting. With the help of landing pages created, you can enhance sales and revenue.

You will not require any coding or design experience to do so. Without any technical knowledge, you can build a landing page of your choice.

These landing pages will help businesses collect emails from their visitors. Through the landing pages, businesses can prompt their website visitors to fill in their emails and other relevant information.

Leadpages editor is one of the best features included. It is an easy to use tool with which the users can work on the templates more, and also edit them as per needs.

In this article, you will know the workings of the editor. Several other features are provided by the application with which the development of high-quality landing pages is guaranteed.

With other features provided, users can obtain the maximum benefits of their landing pages. They can make the most of their marketing campaigns.

Honestly, there is a lot that will make users like Leadpages. Know the features to understand the operations better.

What Will Leadpages Do? Features of Leadpages

The core functionality of Leadpages is to build landing pages. A few features offered by the landing page builder to make your pages highly converting and powerful.

Leadpages is the perfect choice for people who have the money to spend on an application that can develop landing pages. You can create beautiful landing pages that will fetch more sales and high revenue for your business.

Drag and drop Editing:

Leadpages completely redesigned the editor that was initially offered. It started using a drag and drop editor, and the newly developed tool is free of glitches and intuitive.

Tons of Marketing Integrations:

You can easily connect Leadpages account to several other combinations that will make the marketing of your products and services accessible. Integrate it with CRM, payment gateway, marketing service, webinar tool, etc.

130+ Free Templates:

Building landing pages will be a matter of just a few minutes. All you need to do is just play around with the text, edit it, and hit publish. Your landing page is ready to go live.

See all available templates here.

Website Integrations:

You can easily hookup leadpages to your website. Leadpages has a dedicated plugin for WordPress and other sites as well Joomla, Squarespace, and more.

Hosting of Landing Pages:

Leadpages will host all your landing pages on your behalf. You can also choose to use your domain name.

A/B Testing:

Leadpages allow users to test different landing pages variations to decide which one is the best. Spin a new split test to choose the best version of the landing page developed from your end. Detailed guide on A/B Testing, any kid can do this.

Credit: Leadpages

Detailed Analytics: 

Leadpages provide in-dashboard analytics. You can also get up your landing pages to run with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.These were the standard features included in the application to smooth out the process of building landing pages.

 However, Leadages also has some Lead branded features to add up more strength to the landing pages. They are listed below:

Lead Boxes:

These boxes are custom designed popup forms that you can choose to display automatically or based on your visitors. There is an option with which you can create a button with your landing page creator. It will help you quickly create a conversion-boosting two steps opt-in.


This one is more dedicated to the niche. Users can use this feature to opt into your email list or webinars. They can do so from their mobile devices or automated text messages.


With this feature, you can sign up to existing subscribers to an offer in one click. For instance, you can choose to sign them up for a webinar or a sublist. This is done by sending a link to them.

Building landing pages is, however, the core function of lead pages. These smaller additions will help you enhance your pages more by giving neat additions.

You can integrate them very well to any version of your landing pages. Customize them as per your wish or can also develop from scratch.

We have just explained the features in brief yet. If you want to know the features in detail, then read on. The features are described below thoroughly so that the users can make an informed choice based on the capabilities.

Leadpages Review: Know Every Feature in Detail

Landing Page Creator:

The creator has a drag and drops functionality with which it is easy for customers to develop landing pages as per their needs.


They can create one that suits their needs correctly, which is highly converting as well. You can start by choosing a ready template and then modifying it.

Here's 18 neat things you can do with drag & drop builder.

There are more than 100 templates available for different industries. Users will have to select one based on their industry.

Conversion rates sort the templates. Users can also pick a template that has proven opportunity based on the data provided by Leadpages.

However, several factors together affect conversion rates. Since the templates are customizable, it is challenging to associate conversions only to the template.

Leadpages have unique templates that are powerful and have sorting features.

You will find a mix of in-house integrations and that of third party offerings as well. This helps Leadpages to provide the most sorted landing pages solutions.

Moreover, to use any template that is not initially developed by Leadpages is to be paid. The subscription amount paid for Leadpages includes hosting as well.

Users can also perform A/B testing between different versions of their landing pages. Evaluation of performance is also handy with the built-in analytics available.

It will give all the required data with which you can enhance your landing pages. Integration with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics is also allowed.

The templates available are appropriate for mobile devices as well. Users can access the landing pages from their mobile phones. Let us see how different tools help in the smooth functioning of the software.

Users can also perform A/B testing between different versions of their landing pages. Evaluation of performance is also handy with the built-in analytics available.

It will give all the required data with which you can enhance your landing pages. Integration with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics is also allowed.

The templates available are appropriate for mobile devices as well. Users can access the landing pages from their mobile phones. Let us see how different tools help in the smooth functioning of the software.


Leadlinks are the links that are inserted in the broadcast emails sent by businesses through email service providers.

The links work in such a way that if the email recipient clicks on the links contained in the email thread, then they are instantly registered. The users will not have to enter any extra information.

The required information is captured automatically. This is especially useful for registration of webinar programs and other things alike.


You have encountered popup boxes before in your life.

They generally appear when you are about to leave a website. The boxes that appear are known as leadboxes, and you have encountered them without knowing.

You can choose to set the functionality in such a way that either they appear automatically or according to a set condition.

The most popular condition set is a 2-step opt-in where the visitor on your website will have to click a button, and then the popup will appear.

When Leadboxes are used the right way, it will help your business capture more leads, and enhanced engagement. The drag and drop editor for lead boxes will make it easier for the users to get up and have the website working in minutes.

You can also choose to edit the leadbox at bidding. There is a drag and drop editor present with which you can quickly come up with a design for your very easy. Edit your leadboxes in just a few minutes.

With the leadbox layout, you can also fix the overall design of the opt-in form that you are using on your landing page. Edit according to your preferences, change the background image, timing control, etc., to obtain the maximum benefits.

You can analyze data of the opt-in forms with the help of leadbox tracking. Observe the performance as it would perform over time.

Choose to connect Google Analytics or Visual website optimizer. Gather information with its support to make more sense of your boxes.  


Leaddigits is another significant feature of leadpages that you will require in your landing pages. With leaddigits, you can let your audience opt-in for your email list through texting.

The objective of this feature is to build a text list. So, you will not have to collect email addresses separately, and you can create a list with many people from their phone numbers.

This feature is of more value when working with the younger generation since this generation refers to texting more than calls.

Using Leadpages:

You will first have to register an account with Leadpages. After the registration process, you are directed to the dashboard of Leadpages.

Here you will get inspiration to start creating your first campaign on Leadpages. With a default function, users are taken to leadpages where they can create landing pages. Through the navigation bar, access other features of the website.

To start creating your landing page, you will have to click on the Let's do it button. You will be walked down the process of developing landing pages.

The site will ask you questions based on the nature of landing pages that you want to create. Initially, you will not have access to all templates, but gradually access will be granted.

Alternatively, you access the templates through the navigation bar.

Also, understand the fact that there are two different kinds of templates available. First, is the drag and drop editor templates that are more flexible and modern.

You can customize those templates the way you like. Then there are the standard templates that are already tried and tested. They also come with a guarantee of high conversion rates.

The process of creation of landing pages depends on the templates that you choose.

Standard Templates:

Standard templates are used straightforwardly with little or no room for modification. You will be able to edit the text and also replace the sample images only.

However, you cannot move any elements here and there on the landing pages. You can opt to hide any element present on the landing page that you don't want to use. Moreover, you should do this with caution.

Hiding the elements from landing pages will leave empty spaces in them. To preview the version of your landing page, you can choose to toggle the navigation buttons. Have a look at what your pages would look like.

Add tracking information and SEO by merely clicking on the options button of Leadpages located on the left-hand sidebar. From this feature, you can add metadata information as well as tracking codes.

After doing everything, you can go ahead and save your work and publish it.

However, if you have not connected your leadpages account to the email service provider, then you are prompted to do so. Without connecting, you cannot save the emails that you collect.

Drag and Drop Templates:

The drag and drop templates work differently.

You will notice that there are plenty of options available to customize the templates according to your wish. There are four buttons in the sidebar page layout, widgets, page tracking, and page styles.

After you drag and drop widgets on the landing pages, you can insert new elements to edit. You can add text images, headlines, videos, buttons, and much more.

You will encounter several leadpages kinks with this feature. The drag and drop functionality is believed to be flawed.

The process of locating elements where you want them is callous. For beginners, they can only place them in spaces allowed by the editor.

To place widgets, the template has grids, whereas other areas are off-limits. The widgets sometimes end being nowhere near their intended destination. However, the process of editing texts and images is straightforward.

  • You can simply click on any placeholder text and edit as needed. You can also conveniently move elements around and resize them.
  • Page layout allows you to make changes to every section of your landing pages. Fine-tune the look of your pages and make them attractive.
  • By clicking on the page layout icons, you can look at the different sections of the page. The templates generally have two parts: the footer and the content body.
  • By clicking on the section style, you can change the background and make necessary changes. You can add custom CSS and also edit your fonts with the help of Page Styles.
  • By clicking on the section style, you can change the background and make necessary changes. You can add custom CSS and also edit your fonts with the help of Page Styles.

Page Tracking works the same way as it does for standard templates. You can also integrate with Facebook and Google Analytics.

Publish your landing pages after building it the way you want.


You can publish landing pages either in your domain name or their name.

However, a subdomain is not recommended, and it can turn off your audience.

Hence, it is advised that you should publish it under your domain name.

You should click on the user icon on the top-right part to open the drop-down menu.

To load the option when you can connect the domain, you will have to click on Domains. You are guided through the entire process of connecting your domain on Leadpages.

There are dynamic HTML options with the help of which you can publish the landing pages on any website. You can also integrate tools in other CMS such as Squarespace, WordPress, or any other content management system.

Leadpages Pricing:

Different plans are offered by Leadpages depending on the time period that the users choose to opt the subscription for. They can subscribe to a monthly, annually, or two-years plan as per need.

The two-year plan is the most cost-efficient, and you will get access to a long haul before you have to pay for the subscription again. Three varied tiers are offered to the users that are mainly standard, pro, and advanced.

At the rate of just $25/month, Leadpages is a quite affordable choice for startups and businesses that are run by solo showrunners.

Several benefits are offered with which you can design and deploy landing pages. These pages are further used for generating leads to make up the cost expended on Leadpages.

Another plan is offered for $48/month that can prove to be a steep price to pay, given that the users get to unlock small perks provided at this level.

Unless the users require online sales and payments, or the A/B testing features, then choosing the basic plan is highly recommended.

This plan is enough to make more money through your blog or website. Leadpages is a great tool that helps to attain business objectives efficiently.

The basic plan will not provide access to the use of Leadlinks and Leaddigits. These features are unavailable as well until and unless the user subscribes to the pro or advanced plan.

Leadpages are an excellent deal since startups and beginners can opt to get started with the creation of a marketing campaign.

Leadpages offers a trial period of 14-days so that the users can decide whether the software is suitable for them. If you are looking to design responsive, sleek landing pages rapidly choose Leadpages.

Create compelling landing pages and earn more money.

However, a lot of alternatives are available on the market that pretty much do the same thing. They may not be of the same level, but still, options persist.

Leadpages Review: Pros and Cons of Leadpages


  1. 1
    Leadpages has a tremendous selection of widgets that you can add to your landing pages.
  2. 2
    It has a powerful email marketing service provider, and several integrations are available. Along with it, webinars and other services are also offered to provide convenience to the users.
  3. 3
    The drag and drop editor is beginner-friendly and very easy to use. Starters will not take much time to learn the steps to create customized landing pages.
  4. 4
    Easy two-step opt-ins are available.
  5. 5
    Added functionalities of Leaddigits, Leadboxes, Leadlinks, is beneficial for the users.
  6. 6
    Leadpages offer more than 200 free templates. Additionally, several paid templates are also available with which you can create a landing page in just a few minutes.
  7. 7
    Take up A/B tests easily to test the performance of different landing pages.
  8. 8
    Built-in Analytics
  9. 9
    Build entire conversion-optimized websites in just a few clicks. You will not require a separate website builder to carry out the process.
  10. 10
    Alert bars allow the users to add notification style forms and call to action buttons to the website
  11. 11
    .Lead magnet functionality available for the delivery of assets.


  1. 1
    Even if the responsive preview is available in Leadpages, sometimes it is challenging to create a responsive version of your landing pages.
  2. 2
    The cheapest tier doesn't have all the features offered by the application. Hence, to use all features, you will have to opt for a different pricing plan that can prove costly for some.
  3. 3
    Features like A/B tests, etc. are not provided in the basic plan.
  4. 4
    The price at which entire features of the application are available can exclude Leadpages out from the options available for several casual users.
  5. 5
    Primarily, several landing page templates are provided by the application to make the process easy. However, the quality of templates is not high-end as compared to that offered by Instapage and Unbounce.
  6. 6
    Moreover, this wouldn't be a significant issue if Leadpages provided the option of modifying its standard templates extensively.
  7. 7
    Sadly, also with the Leadpages drag and drop editor, you don't get enough customized results. The landing pages created are not highly customizable, and sometimes issues are modifying them.
  8. 8
     Though some excellent features are also included, such as filtering the landing pages, etc. Optional popups and alert bars too add up to the functionality of landing pages

Is Leadpages the Perfect Choice to Build Landing Pages?

Functionality wise, Leadpages is one of the best applications that can do wonders and provide a tremendous experience to the users.

Leadpages is more potent than several other similar applications. It is better than the WordPress page builder.

The only devastating factor is the subscription charges of Leadpages, which is quite generous as compared to the charges of WordPress page builders. Well, Leadpages offer solutions that are provided by no other application.

Create excellent and compelling landing pages across several websites and incorporate advanced features as well. Use Leadboxes, A/B testing, tons of integrations, etc. A/B testing, Leadpages, and other features will not let the users down.

You will have to check and make sure that you can generate a good ROI with the help of such landing pages. You will encounter increased revenue and also will save a lot of time and costs of hiring developers and designers.

You will not have to guess whether Leadpages is for you or not. Simply take-up its free trial of 14 days to decide whether it is something for you or not.

Register for an account, log in, and see if extra added features are worth the additional costs or not.


Large scale businesses have in-house options with which they can create high landing pages for their marketing campaigns. With the landing pages developed, they can generate more leads.

The advanced plan offered by Leadpages for $199/month , for big organizations.

The good thing about Leadpages is that it has the option of trying the features for 14 days. Based on that, the users can decide if they want to opt for its subscription or not.

Moreover, three different plans are provided for users to choose according to their needs. While opting for Leadpages trial, the credit card information is not required

Hence, you see that you can simply just register an account and start using it.

As you are already aware that the market has an abundance of landing page builder tools. Even if Leadpages have several benefits, it also has some quirks in its builder tool.

This is why recommending particular software for your business is quite challenging. The decision depends entirely on the users based on what they are looking for.

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