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​​​​Leadpages vs. Unbounce | Who’s Best Fit for You?

Leadpages vs Unbounce - Websites use several ways to convert their leads into customers, and various channels are used in the process. However, landing pages are the most popular because of their efficiency.

It is a practice of digital marketers to set up a different landing page for their every campaign. They like to have a separate landing page for every campaign they engage in.

Sadly, subsequent results turn disappointing sometimes for several individuals.  

Going by the statistics, you will see that only 22% of businesses are satisfied by their conversion rates. They also claim that they achieve what they target.

Rest are still struggling to build a framework that is solid enough to generate high-quality leads. It will also ensure a steady flow of conversions over a more extended period.  

Moreover, a lot of marketers agree to the fact that building and testing landing pages are the most significant challenges faced by marketers.

Even after realizing the importance of landing pages, several marketers are yet to find an effective solution for building landing pages. They are still looking for a system through which highly converting landing pages are created.  

There are two principal approaches to building landing pages -  

  1. 1
    You can either choose to develop it the hard way 
  2. 2
    create it using a simplified option.  

The hard way is building everything on your own through coding and getting everything from the ground up. Well, you are already aware of the fact that the marketers nowadays are not that skilled.

So, you can also build landing pages through a dynamically flexible method. Very marketers know the language of coding and can handle related tasks.

So, there are solutions available even for those who are not well-versed with coding.  

The market is nowadays full of several tools that provide a straightforward framework for the development and creation of landing pages.

The platform itself manages underlying codes, but the user can modify several elements right from the graphical interface.  

Usage of these tools has a drawback. This approach is not able to provide the same level of flexibility. But still, the method is pretty simple and convenient.

The capabilities are proportionally related to functionalities. Moreover, you cannot compromise while choosing a tool for the development of your landing pages.  

Today we are going to have a look at the difference between Leadpages and Unbounce  (Leadpages vs Unbounce) to understand which one is better...

Leadpages vs Unbounce




Pricing Plans 



Trial period 

14 Days

14 Days

Landing page Editors 




Builds high converting landing pages and also other website pages

Only has templates for building landing pages


Unlimited landing pages, pop ups, alert bars etc with all plans

There limitations in the number of pages created on the subscription plan


Drag and Drop and Static Editor

Only drag and drop editor


Third party integration allowed in all plans

Best For 

Beginner marketers. Sole businesses, freelancers, etc.

Advanced and established marketing companies


Less Flexible

More Flexible


Leadpages vs Unbounce - Features by Feature Comparison

Let us know the significant differences between Leadpages and Unbounce based on their features.  


1. Leadpages

Leadpages provides more than 500 templates for landing pages that are pre-formatted with several design options and websites.

However, if you have a strict budget, you will get access to almost 200 variations of landing pages provided based on categories. But if you are looking for high converting template options, then you will have to choose its premium plan

  • You cannot modify the templates on the editors provided by Leadpages. Each template provided by Leadpages is designed to be edited by a specific editor.
  • For instance, if you consider the free templates, you can only customize 76 templates on the drag and drop editor. The rest of the templates are built and edited on the standard editor.  
  • However, all templates are mobile-friendly no matter which category of templates you choose.

The templates of leadpages are developed in such a way that they adjust their layout according to the device display. You can filter different templates based on several parameters.

You can start the process by selecting a preferred page type. Some options include thank you, newsletter, sales, webinar, checkout, and several different types. You can also sort them based on the category of industries to have more specific choices.   

Focus more on the overall design of the landing pages while using Leadpages. Leadpages provide a significant number of well-styled options that you can edit dynamically with the help of its drag and drop editor.

The attractive drag and drop templates are not available for free. Such templates are developed in modern style with minimalist layouts, neat designs, full image backgrounds, design variances, etc.  

The free standard templates offered by Leadpages seems a bit bland and cluttered.  

2. Unbounce

The number of templates offered by Unbounce is not as much as provided by Leadpages to beginners. It is 25% of what the users get on Leadpages. However, don't just get blown away by the number.

Even if Unbounce offers lesser templates, each one of them comes with features that are optimized especially for maximum conversions.  

The designers of Unbounce have analyzed a massive number of landing pages and have also considered corresponding responses from several website visitors.

Hence, you can conclude that they have a great idea of what will work and whatnot. Unbounce tries to provide templates for businesses from all major industry categories.

It gives pretty much every page type as what is provided by Leadpages.  

Unbounce has a unique parameter of special features. You are allowed to Zero-in on almost all templates. They have several specific inbuilt elements, such as video backgrounds, lightboxes, etc.  

Moreover, Unbounce is not only famous for building landing pages, but the users can also do a lot more. Several Unbounce templates are also meant for sticky bars and popups.

Their sticky bars and popups also have stylish and elegant designs just as their landing pages. The templates of Unbounce are well-designed and optimized adequately.

They provide maximum conversions and too flexible customization through its drag and drop editor.  

Both Leadpages and Unbounce provide a host of several templates. However, the number of templates offered by Leadpages is way more than what is supplied by Unbounce.

With Leadpages, you can develop 500 templates, whereas, with Unbounce, you can only customize 125 templates. 

 Landing page templates are provided by both Leadpages and Unbounce. However, Leadpages deals with website pages as well, but Unbounce offers additional templates with pop ups and sticky bars.

Ease of Use

1. Leadpages

Leadpages has one particular thing that makes it one of the best landing page builders. Leadpages has a 2-page editor. You will see that several landing page builders offer only drag and drop editors.

But, Leadpages has gone way beyond and offers something interesting. Moreover, the drag and drop editor provided by Leadpages is elegant and has a simple user interface.  

Some design experience is an added advantage while working with Leadpages, and no coding experience is required. Hence, you don't need to have technical knowledge.

You just require a few minutes to understand the working of the application. Although the drag and drop editor is pretty simple to use, Leadpages has tried to make things more simple.

It has an alternate landing page editor for standard templates. With it, you can edit the page templates more straightforwardly. Leadpages also come with other supplementary elements such as lead boxes, countdown timer, etc. See more about that here: https://support.leadpages.com/hc/en-us/articles/217415887-Build-a-landing-page

All such factors are meant to make your work easy. However, if you plan to use the popup of the launch mailing list, be aware that sometimes it turns the visitors away from your website.  

You can send emails to your visitors with the help of Leadpages, and they can opt-in your mailing list without being redirected to your website.  

Hunt for new subscribers using its Leaddigits feature. The conversion capabilities are leveraged by engaging leads with the help of text messages.  

2. Unbounce  

Unbounce comes with a single page editor, unlike Leadpages. It means that you will not have an alternative option. There is a perfect balance between dynamic customization and simplicity provided by Unbounce.   

Unbounce has a drag and drops editor that is pixel-precise. After combining it with a rich array of templates provided by Unbounce, you will have strong marketing campaigns.


Drag & Drop Landing Page Builder & Editor

Use the features and develop robust pages and have them running in no time. The entire customization process of Unbounce is straightforward, and you will just have to drag elements and drop them. You can also choose to move the details around the layout and define its properties.  

A beginner may take some time to learn everything about the editing tools. But, once they do, they can capitalize on the whole Unbounce system and build sturdy landing pages.  

If you face any issues along the process, then you can simply turn to the Unbounce community for help. The city is very active and always ready to help when it comes to handling technical matters such as coding. 

The drag and drop editor of both Leadpages and Unbounce support a wide variety of customization options. However, their original layout is different.  

Page Editor  

1. Leadpages

We have already stated that Leadpages provide two different landing page editors for the ease of its users. The standard editor and the drag and drop editor.  

Standard Editor - The standard editor for starters is the original lead pages editor. This was introduced long before its counterpart drag, and drop editor was added. Being the classic option, this editor is compatible with most of the templates of Leadpages.

Leadpages landing page templates
  • Several users also opt to use its standard editor and oppose the dynamic Drag and Drop editor. On the contrary, the static editor is suitable for people who want a straightforward and quick customization process. 
  • You will not have to put in a lot of effort to learn the tweaks and attributes of the layout.
  • With the standard editor, you can create a landing page in just a few minutes. Unfortunately, you will have to pay a cost to use its simple standard editor. Static customization framework with limited flexibility.
  • Moreover, the design capabilities are limited to necessary adjustments in the templates. You cannot introduce new elements in the layout or replace anything.

Drag and Drop Editor - The drag and drop editor of Leadpages acts like any other drag and drop editor. Hence, if you have already handled the interface of an editor, you will have a convenient time with this one. The drag and drop editor of lead pages offers extensive customization.

Drag and drop landing page
  • With this editor, you can adjust several site attributes than the Standard editor at a more advanced level. You can integrate a wide range of elements on your page with the help of the widgets tab. 
  • The page layout is also customizable in rows and columns. From the page styles tab available, you can adjust just the right set of tweaks.
  • With it, you can also define other excellent attributes such as background images, fonts, etc. Hence, the drag and drop editor of lead pages is systematic and intuitive.
  • You can easily create your landing page or even the entire website without having to edit even a single line of code.  

2. Unbounce

Unbounce has only one editor that has a drag and drop interface. The functionality of its editor might be similar to any other pull and drop editor, but the editor of Unbounce has an entirely different approach.  

Drag and drop
  • Several builders, including Leadpages Landing page builder, are optimized for simplicity.
  • Unbounce goes beyond what is offered by several landing page builders and attempts to combine pretty much critical functionalities in a single interface
  • The structure of Unbounce pages is straightforward, and even non-coders can develop secure pages. The drag and drop editor dive in deeper to offer a wide range of editing functionalities.
  • The customization provided by Unbounce drag and drop editor is more than what is provided by other tools.

However, learning the application may take quite some time by the beginner; by once they do, accomplishing customization results is very easy.

You can then set up pages, the designs of which are aligned very well with your brand. 

The drag and drop editor of Unbounce is more potent than that of Leadpages.

It is superior to the editor of Leadpages but is also corresponding to it. You can decide based on your preferences. 

Pros and Cons



  •  You can develop landing pages quickly and efficiently in less time consumed than you actually think. It has an easy to use interface. Enhance your sales and revenue with the help of high converting landing pages.
  •  The prices offered for the creation of beautiful landing pages is worth every penny spent, and you will always get better ROI with Leadpages. Attract your visitors with the help of best pages developed.
  • Easy assistance and answer to the questions in quick turnaround time. The community is quite helpful in solving several problems.
  • They will have a look at the pages developed and offer a valuable suggestion that will work for sure. You will have the best landing page experience with Leadpages.  


  • The drag and drop editor of Leadpages is not so strong. Also, it doesn't allow you to modify each element present on the template.
  • The analytics of Leadpages is often misleading. Tracking of leads and revenue reports is sometimes not accurate. Integrations of the third-party services are also reported to fail sometimes.
  • The pages sometimes lag while loading.



  • Unbounce allows you to set up detailed marketing funnels with which you can follow the journey of your prospects. The creation of landing pages is effortless and straightforward. You can also create great-looking landing pages.  
  •  Access to metric is provided by Unbounce. With this feature, you can easily experiment to observe which layout and texts work. Hence, you can earn more money and have better insight into your consumers.  
  • The templates are straightforward to use. You can rapidly make a landing page live and have it running. This is all because of a wide variety of templates available that are highly available.
  • You can quickly and more flexibly customize them as per needs.  


  • Unbounce sometimes faces terrible uptimes that are quite damaging to the users. 
  • You can export the landing pages in a separate file that you can access that file only on Unbounce. The data is not accessible outside Unbounce. It merely means that you will lose access after leaving its premium subscription.
  • The elements of the landing page, if set up in the desktop view, things get messed up for the mobile view. It requires some patience to alter the landing page elements again for mobile devices.
  • You by now have a head to head comparison of Leadpages and Unbounce. Let us dig more in deep by having a look at the pricing plans offered so that you can have a clear picture.
  • Know which applications provide cost-effective strategies to their users. Different price plans have varied features included. Know them all.

Leadpages vs Unbounce - Overview Leadpages


  • Leadpages was launched in 2012 and has provided a great landing page creation process. A user-friendly, smooth system is provided by this landing page builder tool that helps you create great landing pages.
  • You can set them and also choose to modify them according to your preferences.   
  • Leadpages has a graphical editor, and hence, you are not required to have any technical knowledge to create unique landing pages.
  • You will just have to choose a template according to your product. Then you can customize it according to your preferences.
  • Leadpages has a drag and drop editor with which users can easily drag and drop elements while defining variables.  
  • The growth of Leadpages is accelerated with the help of several features included in it. The application has also managed to secure a good position among one of the best landing page builders.
  • Along with building pages, there are several other things that Leadpages can handle.  
  • Numerous advanced modules are provided along with landing page templates. You can integrate these modules with your landing pages.
  • Choose to capitalize on the countdown timers, video backgrounds, call to action buttons, and other similar components.  
  • You can also create Facebook Ads on Leadpages to allow its users to promote their landing pages. It also allows you to accept payments through landing pages, once traffic starts to flow in.  


  • Unbounce is about a decade old application and is famous for building landing pages. It helps marketers grow their business via active conversion elements.
  • Unbounce has specialized design and marketing automation tools with which Unbounce manages to live up itself.
  • On top is a systematic landing page builder and editor, Unbounce. Unbounce has managed to provide users with excellent designing experience without the use of any form of coding.
  • Like Leadpages, Unbounce provides several other webpage elements along with page templates. You can also set-up and customize onsite popups, and complete with a defined targeting framework.   
  • After developing the pages successfully, you can roll them out. When you ultimately roll them out, relevant parameters are tested by Unbounce.
  • It is done to provide insight into performance analytics. The analytics is way beyond primary data provided by Google Analytics.
  • You can review the information provided and based on that optimize your conversion system, i.e. your landing pages to make them perform better. Significant points of difference between Leadpages and Unbounce. 

There are a few features that differentiate Leadpages and Unbounce

  • The subscription is way cheaper for Leadpages than Unbounce. The entry point price for
  • Leadpages is $37 per month. Whereas, the subscription of Unbounce starts at $99 per month.  
  • The drag and drop editor of Unbounce has an easy to use interface as compared to that of Leadpages.  
  • Leadpages provide quite flexible integrations even in your existing site. On the contrary, you will need webmasters to use a subdomain on your website.  
  • Complete integration with Facebook is provided by Leadpages, whereas Unbounce doesn't integrate with Facebook.  
  • With Leadpages, you can create unlimited web pages, but with Unbounce, you can create unlimited web pages. There are restrictions based on subscription pricing tiers offered by Unbounce.  
  • Unbounce enables A/B testing on all its plans, so no matter which plans you choose, you can test different versions of your landing pages. While Leadpages limits A/B testing features to its high tier plans only.   

Pricing Plans  


Leadpages pricing

Standard Plan - Leadpages offer the approved plan for beginners so that they can get started with the development of their landing pages. Get the standard idea provided for $25 per month. The features included in this plan are over 40 standard integrations are provided, all features are available for the startup plan, creating unlimited pages with sticky bars and popup alerts, And Facebook and Instagram ad builder included.  

Pro Plan - The pro plan is offered for $48 per month. It includes all features provided by Leadpages, and the site builder supports three different sites. Unlimited landing pages created with A/B split testing, Email trigger links, online payments and sales option included etc.  

Advanced Plan - This plan is available for $199 a month. You can quickly build up to 50 websites and also have the benefits of advanced integrations in them. In this plan, 50 new opt-in test campaigns are provided along with one on one quick start calls. Chat tech support is also offered if you are stuck anywhere in between.  


Unbounce pricing

Essential Plan

  • Offered for $79 a month several features are provided by the application.  
  • Seventy-five landing pages, eight popups and sticky bars.  
  • Unlimited domains provided along with Dynamic text replacement.  
  • The visitor limit is up to 50,000 for unique visitors.  
  • A/B split testing for the landing pages.  
  • Other features include smart traffic, unlimited user, speed boost, SSL encryption, etc.  

Premium Plan

  • Consider this plan for just $159 a month. This plan is helpful with a lot of features included along.  
  • The essential plan includes all features.  
  • One hundred fifty landing pages are provided along with 16 popups and sticky bars.  
  • The monthly traffic limit for this plan is 500,000 per month.  
  • Other features provided are redirects, AMP landing pages, launch schedule, etc.  

Enterprise Plan - 

  • Large companies opt for this plan that is available for $399 a month.   
  • The customized plan provided along with the option to build over 375 landing pages. You can also incorporate 40+ sticky bars and popups.  
  • There is no limit on the monthly traffic.  
  • Manage over 15 client sub-accounts.  
  • A dedicated launch specialist.  
  • Other features like page migration services, customer success manager, audit logs, etc. are included.  

When it comes to comparison based on pricing plans, Leadpages offer cheaper beginner plans as compared to Unbounce.

The startup plan is available for $25 a month and contains everything that is required by an individual to get started. This plan allows you to build one site with unlimited traffic and numerous leads.  

Whereas, the startup plan of Unbounce is available for $99 a month when you pay the subscription charges every month.

 With an annual bill, you can save almost 20% on the total cost spent. Hence, when billed annually, you will have to pay $79 per month.   

Both the tools offer landing pages building convenience that are highly converting. You will get all the essential tools that are required to enhance sales and revenue. This comparison will help you decide which one is better for you.  

Hard Time Deciding - Leadpages or Unbounce

Leadpages is an easy to use software that helps to boost the marketing skills of individuals. This application is ideal for businesses who are looking forward to expanding their conversion rates using beautiful landing pages.

If you are looking for a simple tool that will publish your landing page in no time and get it running, then Leadpages is the ultimate choice. Consider Leadpages and build high converting marketing campaigns.   

Unbounce has gained the trust of veteran marketers for years. It was one of the oldest landing page builders. Initially, it was a small platform, but gradually it started to feature advanced tools for online marketers.  

Unbounce is an ideal choice for people who are looking to get more flexibility in designing landing pages. The editor of Unbounce is better as compared to Leadpages, and it also has more features.

Marketers have a lot more to say in their eventual turn-out of landing pages. You can also choose to build your pages from scratch with the help of this software.   

Final Verdict

 You first need to identify the needs and goals of your business so that you can choose an application to go with. The monthly cost of leadpages is less than that of Unbounce.

But, at the same time, the editor of Unbounce is more reliable than that of Leadpages 

Why Leadpages?

Leadpages is an excellent choice if you are looking for an easy to use, and simple platform to help businesses build their landing pages.

The attractive landing pages created by using Leadpages will skyrocket your conversion rates like never before.

However, if you are looking for more customization options in your landing pages, then Leadpages is not what you want. 

Why Unbounce?

Unbounce offers more flexibility when it comes to customization of landing pages as preferences. 

The editor of Unbounce is powerful, and it loses some points when it comes to simplicity of landing pages. But it is an ideal choice for users who are looking for more customized designs.

But, if price is your concern then you should go for the cheaper one: Leadpages.

To decide which one is the best landing page builder, it depends on the customer. What are they trying to achieve? It is based on their goals that they will be able to decide which application is for them.  

Unbounce is more of a high-end solution that comes with advanced functionalities to ease down the task of building landing pages.

Hence, it suits established businesses and experiences in marketing agencies. On the other hand, Leadpages is a simple solution with not much flexibility to customize landing pages as per preference.

So, That's it for Unbounce vs Leadpages. Hope you got needed insights out of this to choose what you need.

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