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​​​​Instapage Review 2021 – Unbiased & Detailed | With Alternatives

The online market witnesses a cut-throat competition among businesses. In such a scenario, professional landing pages help to drive conversions and promote the brand online.

Hence, choosing the right landing page builder is of utmost importance.

Instapage has gained massive popularity as a high-powered landing page builder in the market. It is a cloud-hosted tool that comes with enriched features.

Such traits of this platform help it to stand ahead in the competition.

It has a drag and drops editor with the help of which even the novice marketers can create professional-looking landing pages. The functionalities of this tool are outstanding.

Instapage helps in the creation of highly converting landing pages for your online marketing campaigns. It is mainly a landing page builder and aims to create full pages that boost conversions.

The landing pages developed using this tool are optimized to maximize conversions. Know what all is offered by Instapage to help you grow your business online and capture more leads.

Instapage templates

To help you increase conversions, Instapage provides you with more than 100 pre-designed templates. You can edit and customize these templates according to the style that suits your brand.

It also allows you to import page templates easily. You can further modify these imported templates as per your convenience.

You can also download up to 100 premium themes from ThemeForest. All the themes available here are mobile-friendly and mobile responsive.

This ensures explicitly that your conversions do not drop on tablets and smartphones.  

Landing Page Builder 

This tool has gained its reputation primarily for its landing page building capabilities. Some of its users even claim that Instapage is the best landing page builder in the industry.

Its drag and drop functionality easily allows you to edit and add page elements like social buttons, timers, shapes, forms, maps, buttons, videos, images, paragraphs, and headlines.


Widgets provide you with enhanced functionality such as adding videos, CTA buttons, countdown timers, or even custom code.

Countdown timers help to establish urgency and encourage your potential customers to take advantage of the offer at that very moment.

They also prove to be extremely beneficial in the event of a live product launch or when an event is scheduled, or when you want to drive webinars signups.

Even non-programmer entrepreneurs can customize their landing pages as per their needs as the editing and customization of these pages do not require any coding skills.


The pre-designed block templates which can be reused to build hundreds and thousands of post-click landing pages are known as Instablocks.

Before Instablocks came into existence, users used to duplicate the landing pages and then manually make the changes to it.

With this tool, you can create dozens of post-click templates within just a second. This makes the entire advertising as well as marketing process simpler and faster.

All you need to do is create standard page blocks with specific layouts, including customer reviews, footers, headers, etc. and save them.

These blocks can later be modified as per your brand and campaign and reused to save effort and time. Hence, you no longer need to upload new elements to the duplicated landing pages.

Just select the desired block and insert it into your landing page.

Parallax Scrolling 

Parallax Scrolling

Source: www.help.instapage.com

The Parallax scrolling tool of Instapage is used to create an illusion of immersion and depth. This technique involves moving background images at a slower rate than the images in the foreground.

This contributes to a better user experience and helps in engaging customers.  

BigStock Image Library 

Instapage now offers access to more than 31 million royalty-free stock vectors, photos, and videos to its users. This has been possible due to the integration of BigStock with Instapage.

Instapage is the only landing page platform that can give you access to stock images for one flat price, and that too from the web's leading royalty-free stock image community.

You can place the selected images directly on your landing page.

Follow the steps below to get access to these royalty-free images

  1. Click on Settings -> Background.
  2. Then tap on Background Image.
  3. Now either you can choose from the free images that are available on this portal or purchase the premium photographs directly from the BigStock platform.

You can either browse the categories or search by keywords to find the appropriate image for your landing page.

The Image Manager 

The Image Manager of Instapage facilitates you to upload your pictures with a maximum size of 10 Mb.

Tip- You should upload small size image files so that your landing page loads faster.

The Image Manager gives you options of uploading the images directly from your device (PC, Laptop, etc.) or an URL.  

The images are stored on the platform, and you can even organize them in folders. This helps in locating a particular image when you have tons of images stored on the portal.

You can also crop the images when you upload them directly on the landing page. Therefore, you need not worry about the correct size of the images while uploading them.


The Heatmaps of Instapage provide a color-coded visual representation of the user trend. People gain precise information about the most visited areas or the least visited areas through Heatmaps.

They also gain insight into the most clicked elements and the least clicked elements of the website. Such insight helps people understand what features they need to optimize for superior performance.

Heatmaps also help people find out how far the visitors have scrolled or at which point they left the website.

A/B Testing

Instapage A/B testing

With this feature, you can check the different versions of the landing page. It allows the Instapage users to duplicate the existing versions of the landing page, followed by testing a chief version variation.

This way, they may check which version provides the best results, and ultimately, they may use the version that provides the best result. 

Generates Real-time Reports

Instapage allows the users to check the data report on a real-time basis. As a result, the users may adjust their campaigns as per the reports provided.

Instapage Support

Instapage has dedicated staff to provide prompt support. There is an excellent support system in place for Instapage users through

  • Help center
  • Phone support
  • Email and chat support

Let us check how each of them helps the users.


Help Center

The help center supplies the users with all the required information for building their landing page through Instapage.

Multiple video tutorials are available to guide them as they begin working with Instapage.

It also provides access to a host of relevant articles that they may read up before beginning their journey with Instapage. The users may learn the following information through the help center of Instapage-

  • How to work with a landing page builder?
  • How to create a landing page
  • How to work with an image manager and BigStock
  • The procedure of implementing parallax scrolling background
  • How to view and work with the user's data
  • How to use the CSSR editor module
  • The process of implement ting Twitter cards code on the landing page.
  • How to create and edit forms
  • How to publish the landing page on a variety of domains and platforms
  • How to assign a 404 page
  • How to integrate third-party tracking solutions
  • How to work in a compatible manner with users and clients
  • How to do A/B testing
  • How to edit background, images, and text
  • How to integrate third-party tracking solutions
  • How to view data and work with data
  • The procedure of managing custom domains
  • How to group several landing pages together
  • The procedure for using the page sections.
  • Managing the account
  • Improving the features that are mobile responsive.

It also contains an onboarding webinar that teaches the users the fundamental steps of using Instapage within half-an-hour.

A dedicated community forum also exists, where the users are free to post their queries and seek help from other Instapage users.

Email and Chat Support

Round-the-clock customer support can be availed through email and chat. The executives respond to support emails and tickets incredibly fast.

The support team's specialty lies in the fact that they can resolve any issue within record time. The executives are also trained to provide A/B testing tips or suggest an appropriate landing page design.

They are capable enough to guide the users through troubleshooting while setting up a new domain.

The premium users have an added advantage of getting their template page reviewed. Some conversion specialists of Instapage check out the landing page in question and suggest the necessary changes to improve conversions.

Only customers who subscribe to the premium plan have access to phone support.

Form Builder

Instapage allows the users to add and customize forms on how they want them to look on their website. The procedure for adding and customizing the forms is easy.

Users are free to include multiple fields, such as radio buttons, drop-down lists, multiple checkboxes. In short, they have access to everything that is required for gathering the needed data.

Compatibility with PPC

Instapage was designed to keep Adwords and PPC Marketers in mind. This tool allows people to use dynamic text replacement. Thus, it actively matches the landing page to the visitors' keywords.

It also permits the users to include the landing pages to ad groups according to the target demographics, features, ad channels, and products. 


Instapage integrations

Instapage provides a host of third-party integration options. With this tool, you can integrate your landing pages with social media sites such as Facebook and Workflow such as Zapier.

Instapage also allows the integration of data with companies such as Infusionsoft and Salesforce.

Confirmation Messages May Be Customized

The moment visitors fill-up the form on the landing page, they are greeted with a message. Instapage allows users to customize the message.

They may use Instapage to deliver their lead magnets automatically after people have subscribed to their list.

Managing client and user

Instapage safeguards the users from sharing their account details with other people. A user may share the account with the team members.

It is possible to set up a read-only mode for people who just want to see the landing page. However, they will not be allowed to make any changes to it.

On the other hand, full access can also be granted to people who wish to make changes to the landing page. This way, the entire team of designers, copywriters may collaborate on a project.

Collaborative Solution

The clients and the team members may design the landing page together on a real-time basis using Instapage. The feedback may be shared among the members instantly.

Three Instapage Alternatives 

Let us now compare Instapage with three of its competitors.



The first alternative to Instapage on our list is Leadpages. It is a landing page builder that is super easy to use.

Leadpages consists of more than 350 pre-designed templates (which is much more as compared to Instapage).

You can either edit or customize these templates to suit your brand's design or use them without making any changes.  

However, Leadpages lacks advanced features such as PPC compatibility and parallax scrolling.

It also lacks an image manager, the BigStock Image Library, and has collaboration features. All these features are offered by Instapage, which helps it have the edge over Leadpages.

Pricing Plans

The pricing is directly proportional to the number and type of features that you wish to avail of. The minimum pricing payout is $27 per month, and the maximum payout is $239 per month.

There are three paid plans offered by Leadpages, which are billed as follows:

  • Standard plan- $27 per month
  • Pro Plan- $59 per month
  • Advanced plan- $239 per month



Another strong competitor to Leadpages is Unbounce. It is a more advanced landing page platform. However, it is not as easy to use as Leadpages or Instapage.

The complexity of using it takes a lot of time to design beautiful, attractive, and appealing landing pages.

Its status as a more advanced platform brings along features such as full-screen backgrounds, dynamic text replacement, parallax scrolling, etc.

Caution: Designing landing pages on Unbounce is more challenging than on other platforms.

You get more built-in templates as compared to Instapage. In case you still need more themes and templates, you can purchase them from Themeforest Marketplace.

Unbounce is highly suitable for agencies as it allows them to easily manage and organize multiple potential customers from a single account.

Pricing Plans

Do keep in mind that the pricing plans of this platform are more expensive than Instapage. Depending on the features you wish to avail, the plans can range from $80 per month to $300 per month.

After 14 days of a free trial, you need to choose one plan from four options, which are billed as follows-

  • Launch Plan- $80 per month
  • Optimize Plan- $120 per month
  • Accelerate plan- $200 per month
  • Scale Plan- $300 per month


Optimizepress home

Last on our list is a tool that you can easily use to build professional looking landing pages easily- OptimizePress.

This easy-to-use platform offers more than 40 different elements which can be integrated to enhance your landing page's functionality.

You can use elements such as Video and Audio Players, Countdown Timers, Progress Bars, Testimonial Blocks, Order Boxes, Headlines, etc.

However, the number of built-in templates (30) is lesser than that offered by Instapage (more than 100).

This tool also lacks many features that Instapage offers, such as the BigStock Image library, image manager and parallax scrolling, etc.

You also won't have options for sub-accounts, team collaboration, and managing multiple profiles from one account.

On the other hand, OptimizePress can help you build sales pages and secure membership sites, deliver online training and courses, integrate payment gateways, and get paid.

Thus, it is much more than a landing page platform.

Pricing Plans

Its pricing plans are simple as compared to its competitors. You are only required to pay a one-time fee. These plans are billed annually.

The three plans offered by this platform are billed as follows:

Instapage Pricing

Now, let us take a look at the pricing plans of Instapage:

Instapage has two pricing tiers 

Let us now discuss the plans individually. 

Business Plan- 

The users need to pay $199 every month for it. If they opt for the annual version of this plan, they need to pay $149 each month.

They may test this plan by availing of the free trial for fourteen days. The users do not need a credit card for signing up with Instapage. 

This plan aims for small business people who are just starting out and are looking for an all in one marketing tool. The Business Plan offers the following features:

  • Thirty team members
  • Thirty thousand visitors every month
  • Five Sub-accounts
  • Five team members
  • Collaborating on a real-time basis
  • Options for Advanced Publishing
  • Professional services
  • Multi-step form
  • Dynamic replacement of text
  • Mobile-friendly page builder
  • Custom Code editing
  • Customizable landing page templates
  • More than forty native integrations
  • Heatmaps
  • Unlimited A/B testing
  • Sign on with Google
  • Implementing custom features
  • SEO capability
  • Drop-in pixel tracking
  • Integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, and Zapier

Enterprise Tier

This pricing tier is not intended for budding people in the business. It is appropriate for business people who have more than 30 thousand unique visitors to their landing page every month.

The landing pages built using this plan can be highly customized.

Every user claims that this pricing plan offers enhanced features at a nominal rate.

By availing of this plan, you can easily create engaging, contextual, and highly professional landing pages. As a result, the conversion rate is higher with this plan.

This tier offers more hands-on support from the Instapage team to build their business.

This tier has a dedicated customer care service and professional migration services. It does not impose any conversion limits. Also, you can avail of a Thor Render Engine with this plan. 

The Enterprise tier offers the following features-

  • SSO with Onelogin or Okla
  • Collaboration on a real-time basis
  • Implementing custom features
  • Insights into Google Analytics Variation
  • Migration services
  • The dedicated customer success manager
  • AMP pages and experience
  • Enterprise SLA
  • The landing page templates are customizable
  • SEO capability

Is Instapage Worth It? 

Yes! Signup for the free trial of Instapage today and avail of all features in the business plan. The best part? There are no limitations to the features of the business plan during your trial period. 

Utilize this time to explore the tool completely, play around with the various tools available, and see what will and will not work for your business.

Choose to cancel its subscription plan anytime during the trial period. You can either wait until the trial period is over or subscribe to the paid plans at any point in time.


Being an excellent landing page builder, Instapage aims to automate marketing campaigns. The company aspires to provide a post-click experience for every person who interacts with online ads.

Instapage is very popular among internet marketers and is a terrific choice for marketers of all levels, right from beginners to advanced levels. Because of the great flexibility offered, no other tool can compete with the functionalities of Instapage.

While creating landing pages, you get diverse options to choose from. You also get a chance to personalize a user's post-click experience with the help of this platform. Track the performance of your marketing campaigns using robust analytics features available. Working with your team is seamless with Instapage, as it offers team collaboration features as well.

In a dilemma, whether to opt for Instapage or not?

Choose to avail of a free trial period of 14-days to decide whether this tool is the right fit for you or not. During this time, access all features available in the business plan, which makes it effortless to decide whether it is for you or not.

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