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Unbounce Alternatives


Unbounce is one of the best landing page builders and lead capturing tools that helps the marketers boost their conversion rate significantly.

Other than enabling building professional looking landing pages, Unbounce also enables building popups, sticky bars etc. With this tool, you can build highly converting landing pages, with no expertise in coding.

It was because of this software that the facet of online marketing was revolutionized. Initially, the task of building landing pages was hectic.

It used to take a dozen of hours to get everything in place. Also, earlier you need to know advanced level coding to build a landing page from scratch.

But, with the introduction of tools like Unbounce, has made the task easy. With Unbounce, you can incorporate as many features as you want, and make your pages highly converting .

This tool also optimizes the developed landing pages developed, to boost conversion rates.

Unbounce is one of the most powerful lead capturing tools that works like a charm for a few. However, there are instances when it doesn’t work the same way for others.

Unbounce has always been cited as one of the top tools when it comes to building landing pages.

However, here is no denying the fact that Unbounce is an expensive choice, as compared to the other landing page builders.

 Hence, if you are looking for the alternatives of Unbounce to build a comparatively similar landing page, then this article has got you covered.

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Unbounce Alternatives:

1. Instapage

Instapage is one of the leading competitors of Unbounce. It possesses the strength to convert your landing page visitors into subscribers or prospects.

With Instapage you can design wonderful landing pages, and also integrate pop-ups and sticky bars in them.

It also comprises a drag and drop builder that can be conveniently used to design the landing page as per your requirements.

Also, it allows you to design web pages that are compelling enough to attract visitors. This tool is dedicated entirely to the development of landing pages, and hence with this you get beautifully crafted landing pages that are highly converting.


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2. ClickFunnels


ClickFunnels is one of the best Unbounce alternatives that allow its users to build highly converting sales funnels to market, and sell products online. This tool is very simple to use and is efficient enough to make the entire process of marketing and selling look like a piece of cake.

There are several pre-built funnels that businesses can employ to obtain maximum benefits. All they need to do is customize these funnels as per their requirements.


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3. Hubspot Landing Pages


With Hubspot, you can effortlessly create professional looking landing pages that are powerful enough to convert your visitors successfully into leads.

There are plenty of modules offered by the platform for its users to choose from. You can incorporate several modules including rich text, forms, video, and also a meetings module. Hubspot also allows you the benefit of nurturing your leads, throughout their journey as a buyer.


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4. LeadPages 

LeadPages is another leading landing page builder that helps you to build professional looking landing pages.

You can also create appealing and attractive popups using this tool. LeadPages has a pretty straightforward approach.

One of the outstanding features of LeadPages is that you can pick the templates based on the conversion rates.


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5. Sleeknote 

Sleeknote Popup Builder

Sleeknote is yet another excellent product that fulfills the purpose of lead generation.  

You can expand your business by increasing the amount of leads generated and conversion rate using appealing and beautiful landing pages offered by Sleeknote.

It also provides you with a drag and drop builder, enabling you to make appropriate changes to your landing page easily.

It implies that you can build landing pages without knowing how to code. The tool makes it easy for non programmer entrepreneurs.

Note- Every element that has been designed by Sleeknote is customizable, i.e., you can inject or delete the elements as per your need to suit your brand’s style and design.


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6. Thrive Architect 

Thrive themes

Thrive Architect has been specially designed to enhance lead generation and conversion rates of visitors on websites and landing pages.

The Thrive Architect Tool offers an enormous number of template options for the landing page.  

This plugin comes with a simple and easy-to-use drag and drop builder, allowing the users to modify their landing pages as per their requirement. 


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7. OptimizePress

Optimizepress home

OptimizePress may be described as a complete marketing tool. It is an advanced marketing plugin integrated with WordPress.

It is used to create professional looking landing pages, sales funnel, sales pages and so much more.

Dozens of pre-built templates are available in this tool. You can choose your desired template and then customize it as per your requirements.

The landing pages developed by this tool are visually stunning. It has an option  that permits users to create and edit pages on a real-time basis.

OptimizePress may also be considered a powerful solution for converting WordPress into the ideal platform to market sites.


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8. Sumo


Sumo is one of the best alternatives to Unbounce. It is a moderately priced alternative and is the ideal tool for marketers who wish to boost their conversion rates without investing much.

It allows people to build their email list and generate more website traffic. Sumo has all the solutions to make a website attractive to visitors.

The attraction quotient generates more traffic and convinces people to spend some time on the website.

Build robust email lists with this email marketing tool. With this tool, you can strategically place email capture forms on your landing page.

A majority of the leading brands, use this tool to do email marketing.


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Unbounce is undoubtedly the best landing page builder. It is popular among the marketers who use it to capture leads and boost their conversion rates.

While Unbounce works like a charm for some people, it fails to produce similar results for others. There are numerous alternatives to Unbounce available in the market.

All of them offer different features at different prices. We hope that the above compiled list of the best alternatives to Unbounce helps you make an informed choice.

Build professional looking landing pages with the chosen tool and Boost your conversion rates .

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]]> Unbounce

Unbounce Pricing Plans

Unbounce is a powerful tool which is used for building highly professional landing pages that are optimized for maximum conversions. It is also used to increase the sales by converting leads into customers.

Also, it is one of the world's leading landing page builder platforms that enable substantial conversions.

More than 15,000 brands are using this platform to build robust landing pages and utilize them to increase sales.

With this tool, you can build landing pages from scratch by utilizing the ready-made templates offered by the platform.

Without possessing any knowledge of coding, you can customize them as per your requirement. It has a gallery of over 100 templates for the convenience of its users.

You can either use these templates as it is or can also customize them according to your preferences.

If you are looking to buy a membership of this landing page builder tool but are confused about which pricing plan to choose, then this article will help you make an informed choice.

We have compared distinct plans to provide you an idea about the various pricing plans. Unbounce has a plan for all types of business owners.

Let us have a look at a brief breakdown of the pricing plans of Unbounce.

Unbounce pricing

Unbounce offers three different pricing plan alternatives for biz owners to choose from. They are namely, the Essential Plan, the Premium Plan, and the Enterprise Plan.

The cost of each pricing plan is different from that of the other, and is based on the components proposed. You also get the option of choosing a plan of your choice after trying its 30-day trial pack for free.  

You can also go for the yearly option of each pricing plan where you get a 20% discount on the cost of each plan.

Let us take a quick recap of what Unbounce is before we dive into each pricing plan's details.

Recap on Unbounce

Unbounce is one of the most popular landing page builder tools which is utilized by marketers to make the most of their marketing campaigns.

It is a robust tool for building professional looking landing pages. With Unbounce, you can easily optimize these landing pages to get maximum conversions, enhance sales, and boost lead generation.

Build landing pages without any coding knowledge with the help of Unbounce. The best part? You get highly converting landing pages.

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Unbounce Pricing and Plan Costs

Unbounce offers 3 pricing plans for business owners, as stated above. Different plans offer distinct features based on the specific needs of business owners.

Be sure that you will get value for your money even if you choose the lowest pricing plan.  

Let us start with the details and information about each pricing plan. We will go from the lowest to the highest.

Unbounce Essential Plan

The pricing plans for Unbounce start from 99$/month. If you choose to avail of its annual subscription, you will get the same plan for 79$/month.

However, you will have to pay the entire amount at once to save 20$/month.

Even in the essential plan of Unbounce, you get a bunch of tools to enable the users to build highly converting landing pages.

You can optimize your pages using this tool to get maximum conversions. This plan is the perfect pick for small business owners or people who are just starting with their business.  

By getting subscribed to the essential plan, you get the following features.

8 Popups and Sticky Bars

You get the most of your investment with these additional features.

Sticky Bar and Popups

It is a professional need for a brand to display relevant messages to their visitors and blog readers in several strategic places on the website and at the right time.

To do that, they need to use pop ups and sticky bars. The essential plan of Unbounce provides the option of using 8 popups and sticky bars.

75 Landing Pages 

You get the option of creating up to 75 landing pages with this plan. After creating the landing pages, you can easily twirl things on readymade templates to make them suit your preferences.

Unbounce landing page templates

Without writing a single line of code, you can customize the templates for your landing page. Do it with the help of the drag and drop editor of Unbounce.

WordPress Integration

You can easily publish the landing pages that you have created on any WordPress site. With this plan, you can easily integrate your landing pages with your WordPress website.

You can easily accomplish this by utilizing the WordPress Plugin for Unbounce.

Customizable Templates

The Essential Plan of Unbounce provides more than 100 templates for marketers to choose from.

Page editor

You can decide which one suits your needs best and can also customize them according to your preference. Without any coding knowledge, develop professional-looking landing pages.

Dynamic Text Replacement

It is among the most loved features of a landing page. With DTR, you can enhance the relevancy of your PPC Campaigns and add phrases that users are searching for more. It leads to more conversions.

Dynamic text replacement

SSL Encryption

Unbounce is aware of the significance of protecting your landing page data, and hence, it goes that extra mile to automatically generate one encrypted link.

HTTPs version of the link is created between the browser and the server. The landing pages will have a security padlock and an HTTPs address when created with Unbounce.

Recommended for- 

Unbounce Premium Plan 

The Unbounce Premium Plan comes with a lot more features as compared to the Essential Plan.  The pricing plans for Unbounce start from 199$/month.

If you choose to avail of its annual subscription, you will get the same plan for 159$/month.

The Premium Plan is scaled up with double the sticky bars, pop ups, and landing pages of the Essential Plan. To summarize-

Premium Plan = 2 x Essential Plan 

The special features in this plan are-

AMP Landing Page 

Accelerated Mobile Page (abbreviated as AMP) increases mobile UI and decreases the bounce rate by reducing the mobile page time and load.

Every second is important when you are into business. You can easily convert an impatient visitor to a customer with the AMP landing page feature of the Unbounce Premium Plan.

This feature is highly recommended for non programmer entrepreneurs as it allows you to create optimized mobile pages without the knowledge of coding.

Thus, it is an essential feature needed to boost your sales and profits.

Client Sub-Accounts 

This feature allows you to manage your customers from a single account by-

Page Redirect 

With the help of the Page Redirect Feature, you can easily redirect traffic to any URL from your landing page. You won’t get this top-notch feature in the Unbounce Essential Plan.

Page Redirect

For instance- Your existing campaign has ended. Thus you can redirect your traffic to your new landing page hassle-free to reap the benefit from your existing traffic.

This can be beneficial if you no longer want to use your current landing page and want to keep pace with the search engine ranking.

The redirection types include 301, 302, or 307.

Salesforce Integration 

As the name implies, the Salesforce Integration feature allows you to transfer your Unbounce leads to Salesforce automatically. The Premium Plan includes every other feature and integration of the Essential Plan.

Marketo Integration

It allows you to send your Unbounce leads to Marketo. The plan allows integration of Marketo in the essential plan for maximum convenience of the users. Organize and Optimize your landing pages with such integrations.

Launch Scheduling 

The Launch Scheduling feature allows you to schedule and organize bars, pop ups, and landing pages in advance to ease the process of launching at a specific time.

This can be done with this feature help, even when you aren't online or are at work.

Advanced Sticky Bar and Popup Targeting 

This feature provides you with options to show or hide the sticky bars and popups like-

  1. Cookie Targeting.
  2. Location Targeting.
  3. Referral Targeting.

Recommended for- 

Note- This is the most recommended and used plan.

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Unbounce Enterprise Plan

Enterprise plans are built for large business owners with maximized benefits. Corporations can choose this plan to make the most of their landing pages.

Get all the tools that you will need to maximize your business goals. This plan costs 499$/month, but when you opt for its annual package, you will pay only 399$/month.  

The Enterprise Plan is custom-designed to suit your needs. You can avail of the Enterprise Plan to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI). To summarize-

Enterprise Plan = Premium Plan + Some Advanced Features 

The special features of the Enterprise Plan are-

Page Migration Service 

The Page Migration Service will allow you to transfer your existing page to another landing page service. The stats like the likes, conversions, and visitors aren’t altered during the transfer.

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The Launch team of Unbounce aids and supports you to rebuild everything and that too within a short period of time.

Customer Success Manager

Unbounce ensures that you accomplish a bunch of things when you choose this plan, such as-

Your assigned Customer Success Manager will-

Audit Logs 

With the Audit Logs feature, you can-

Dedicated Launch Specialist 

Dedicated Launch Specialists will help you through the early training sessions and whole setup and will be responsible for helping you see value easily and quickly.

Call to Action Conference Ticket Included 

Unbounce Call to Action Conferences is the event where one can gain detailed insights from the market's leading conversion and marketing optimization experts.

The Enterprise Plan gives you access to discounted or special tickets to such events.

Recommended For- 

You also get a fourteen-day free trial with the Premium and the Enterprise Plan.

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How to choose the best pricing plan?

Many people are confused about choosing the best Unbounce pricing plan. There is nothing called the universally perfect plan. Different price plans are suitable for different organizations.

You need to choose a plan that is best suited to your business. 

The Unbounce Accelerate plan is perfect for people whose business is growing at a fast pace. The landing page of the mobile version of this plan loads at a lightning-fast speed.

It offers value for money. This plan allows users to schedule everything in advance.

On the other hand, the Unbounce Optimize Plan allows the customers to utilize Smart traffic features. It is the best plan for people who offer more features as well as perks.

It offers A/B testing. A/B testing increases the conversion rate of the landing page. People who own reputed business houses should go for the Accelerate plan.

Whereas, people who own gradually developing organizations should opt for the Optimize plan. All the payment plans offer attractive payment plans and sticky pops. All of them have a trial period of a fortnight.

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Is the cost of Unbounce justified?

With so many features offered, the cost of all the pricing plans are justified. We understand that you are worried because of the hefty sum involved.

But, the features offered in each pricing plan repays each penny spent on purchasing the plan.

Numerous other landing page creators are available in the market at a more economical rate. However, they do not provide half the services that Unbounce does. Remember that good things do not come cheap.

Businessmen strive to create attractive landing pages employing impressive features.

They all know that a landing page is the most crucial factor in generating traffic and hence it should be quite appealing to the visitors. 

So, Unbounce concentrates on making the landing page as attractive as possible. Not only are the landing pages attractive, but they are equally converting as well.

The landing pages developed using Unbounce help to boost sales greatly.

This landing page generating software also offers amazing after-sales service. The customer care executives offer prompt service and can be reached 24/7.

The impressive host of features provided in each plan rightfully justifies the price charged on them. If the customers choose an annual subscription, they save an additional 20 percent off on all these pricing plans.


Well, nobody cares about the daily attendance; students are judged by how well they score in the exam sheet. Similarly, at the end of the day, a landing page should be professional looking and highly converting.

Unbounce does just that! It is the most sought-after landing page builder that is used by thousands of businessmen.

The pricing plans of Unbounce are affordable and the services provided by plans are worth the money spent. You can choose any one of the three pricing plans that is best suited for your business needs.

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]]> 0 Unbounce Review 2021 – Best & Most Versatile Landing Page Builder? Wed, 20 Jan 2021 06:22:10 +0000 You can generate leads by utilizing several techniques. However, out of all the methods used by businesses, developing converting landing pages is a full-proof solution. These landing pages are capable of capturing your audience's attention comprehensively. They further convert the leads into prospects.  That being said, are you looking to build robust landing pages? Well, your hunt […]

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You can generate leads by utilizing several techniques. However, out of all the methods used by businesses, developing converting landing pages is a full-proof solution.

These landing pages are capable of capturing your audience's attention comprehensively. They further convert the leads into prospects. 

That being said, are you looking to build robust landing pages? Well, your hunt for the best landing page builder ends with Unbounce.

In case you are wondering what Unbounce is, let us understand what this tool is all about.

Simply Put, Unbounce is a famous lead conversion platform. This tool enhances the marketing experience of the customers by creating landing pages that boosts conversions.

Since 2009, this tool has been helping people in the creation and publishing of highly converting landing pages. Over the last few years, Unbounce has revolutionized the experience of building landing pages. With that, it has also made a great name for itself in the industry.

The pages developed by this tool are also optimized for maximum conversions. Even without possessing any coding knowledge, you can conveniently build a landing page with this tool.

With Unbounce, you can also embed sticky bars and deploy pop-ups to boost the conversion rates. In this article, we will do a thorough review of this tool.

How Unbounce Helps? 


It is a one-stop platform for all your needs related to the creation and deployment of landing pages.

This tool's features mainly help people in the creation, conversion, integration, and optimization of the landing pages.

Unbounce enables businesses to create exquisite and fully functional landing pages that are ideal for converting your leads into consumers.

This tool has a super easy user-interface that allows the smooth creation of landing pages.

With its drag and drop editor's help, users can conveniently create any vision that they have dreamt of.

A wide range of other support features is also available that you can add to your landing pages and boost your conversion rates.

All the landing pages created by this tool are 100% mobile responsive. With this tool, you can easily place convertibles on any pages to capture leads and boost your sales.

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Unbounce Review: Main Features

Unbounce comprises every tool that biz owners and marketers require to create highly converting landing pages.

You can incorporate everything on your pages, ranging from social widgets to videos, with this tool's help. You can pick any element present in the template and customize it according to your preferences.

With this tool, you can change the font style, adjust its size, change the color of texts, and insert links.

Landing Page Builder

Thanks to Unbounce’s advanced and smart tools, non-programmer entrepreneurs and individuals can also create highly converting landing pages with ease.

Page editor

This platform comprises time-saving and easy-to-use features. The Unbounce library consists of 100+ designs that can be either used as they are or can be altered to suit your brand’s style.

There also exists an option for duplicating an entire page instead of building a page from scratch. Copy, paste options are also available.

The other options that you can resort to are-

Additional functionalities include adding pixels and custom script to your page.

Tip- Use the 'Script Manager Tool' to apply all scripts across different pages in a single click.

Use the Mobile Layout Assistant Tool to transform the template of the desktop version of your landing page to a mobile-friendly and mobile-responsive page.


The customization process is quite simple and easy too. You have two options:

Landing page templates

Pixel-Perfect Tool 

The Pixel-Perfect Tool makes Unbounce stand out of the crowd as it allows a user to make adjustments in their pages freely instead of following rulers and grids.

You can use the following two methods to add pictures-

Unbounce pixel perfect tool

You can use the Auto Image Optimizer Tool to fine-tune your images and prevent the landing page from slowing down. Also, you can add video graphics to your landing pages with the help of this tool.

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Ensuring a continuous flow of leads, Unbounce provides tools for optimization purposes such as-  

A/B Split Tool 

You can test and compare more than two variations of the same landing page with this tool. This allows you to validate that which version resonates more with your targeted audience.

AB Testing

Smart Traffic 

This AI-powered feature directly connects your readers to the page where they are more likely to convert. It also comes with a real-time data dashboard to track, manage, and supervise business owners and entrepreneurs' pages.

Smart Traffic Feature

Note- This tool is still in the BETA phase.

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The conversion tools of Unbounce are focused on customer satisfaction and lead generation.  

Gated-Content Options 

This option allows you to grab your audience's attention by giving away valuable content such as EBooks and Whitepapers. Employing this method, you can easily get the customer’s contact information.

Lead-Gen Form Builder 

It includes radio buttons, checkboxes, and drop-downs into your pages to make the content more engaging and interesting.

There are tools and options available to-

All of these are excellent strategic tools to help and improve your customer's buying journey.  

Sticky Bars and Popups

Integrate these elements for better call-to-action and convert as many visitors as possible. That being said, Unbounce has built-in features like the sticky bars and popups. You can conveniently deploy them without the knowledge of coding.

Sticky Bar and Popups

Headers and Sticky Bars stay at the top of landing pages; on the contrary, popups are displays that can appear anywhere on the landing page and depend on the triggers.

You can utilize these elements either for advertising or a call-to-action. These are flexible approaches provided by Unbounce to display targeted offers.

Target and Trigger

Users have the convenience of selecting the trigger by which the elements will appear on the page. Let us know a few triggers that you can use on your landing page.

URL Target and Triggers
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of using Unbounce:

Unbounce offers an impressive range of services. It seems that Unbounce has become an important part of our daily lives. Unbounce provides certain advantages, which have made it so important to us. So, let us find out the advantages of Unbounce. They are as follows:

Disadvantages of Unbounce: 

However, nothing is without its flaws. Similarly, Unbounce has a few disadvantages. So, let us find out the disadvantages of this awesome product:

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Unbounce Pricing List

Unbounce offers numerous pricing plans for you to choose from depending upon the requirements of your business. The four different proposed plans are as follows:

Unbounce pricing

Unbounce Free Trial

Yes, Unbounce offers a free trial period.

In case you are still contemplating whether or not Unbounce is the perfect choice for you, you can opt for a 14-days trial period.

The Bottom Line

With so many landing page builders out there in the market, Unbounce is recognized as the best and the most versatile one. This tool is user-friendly, affordable, and results-driven.

It is a recommendable feature of Unbounce that it has not simply prioritized the landing page builder, but it has also given importance to the security of its clients and has boosted the entire performance of the software.

With such benefits, the users can easily protect their customers’ payment information from getting hacked. Unbounce is the best platform for marketers. It is an easy to use tool with which business owners can easily boost the conversion rates.

Biz owners looking to maximize their conversions can opt for Unbounce to get the most out of their marketing campaigns.

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